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Periods suddenly gone very irregular

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DisparateSpousewife Thu 23-Jun-11 18:46:47

I'm planning to ttc within the next few months, but for the last 5 months my periods have been very irregular. My cycles have varied between 21 days and right now I am on day 42 which is the longest I have ever gone without a period when not pregnant. Before this started they were always every 28 days.

I had blood tests for thyroid problems last October and everything came back fine.

I'm nearly 39 so I'm wondering if this is an early menopause. I am slightly overweight, but I am losing weight in preparation for ttc. I'm also wondering if this could be PCOS.

I'm going to go to the GP next week, but I don't really know what I am expecting her to do. As I haven't started ttc yet, and I already have 2DC what can I expect her to do? I'd be very grateful if anybody could give me advice on things to ask. I'm very aware that time is running out for me, but now that I actively doing something in preparation for ttc (losing weight) I am suddenly feeling that time may already have run out.

heatherbee36 Fri 24-Jun-11 10:17:46

I would definitely go and talk to your GP and tell them you are planning to TTC and just share your concerns - I was concerned about the possibility of PCOS and my GP reffered me for an ultrasound scan - (it may be worth specifically asking for this) this came back normal and put my mind at ease. You could ask for blood tests too to check that you are ovulating. I think the key is to ask directly for any tests that are available that they would normally offer women with these type of concerns.

DisparateSpousewife Fri 24-Jun-11 13:44:48

Thanks Heatherbee. I am going to try to explain it all next week and hope I get referred. I even did a pregnancy test today, knowing that the chance of me being pregnant was pretty negligible. PCOS seems the most likely explanation.

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