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Ovulation Questions

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shellmc Wed 22-Jun-11 09:42:04

I think i may have ovulated on the 12th June, didnt use any OV kits or temps ect, just going by cramps and CM being very slippery, clear and stringy (sorry TMI).

The first question is when you get this stringey, slimey discharge at time of ovulation, is this the day you acually OV. Or leading up to it??

Plus how soon after OV would you start to get symptoms if you were pregnant, and how long should you wait to test??

At the minute i have been getting ALOT of thick Discharge, is this normal after OV?

Thankyou in advance x

pommedechocolat Wed 22-Jun-11 11:17:49

It is hard to pinpoint ov EXACTLY even with opks. I tend to get more discharge the day of first opk + and cramps either that day or the day after that. I assume I ov the day of the cramps.
Implantation happens around 7-10 dpo so you may get cramps or bleeding from that. Some people start to get nausea, tiredness etc around this time, some don't and it happens later in the pregnancy. It seems to kinda depend on how your body reacts!
I tend to carry on getting thick discharge post ov even when not upduffed but again, some people use it as a pregnancy sign. Depends on your body unfortunately!
In terms of waiting to test you can either test the day your period is due or wait until you're a few days late. Before this the hormone levels maybe too low to register on hpts.

shellmc Wed 22-Jun-11 11:22:14

Thanx for the reply.

I dont know when my next period will be due as i dont have regular cycles, have been having irregular bleeding for months while on the pill, came off the pill last month had a 1 day bleed ?(withdrawl bleed).
If i did ovulate the day i thought i did would i wait at least 2 weeks from that day so from 12th, the 26th would be 2 weeks. If i were pregnant would it show by then do you think?

pommedechocolat Wed 22-Jun-11 11:25:57

I think that probably yes it would. If it was bfn but no period came and you still got bfns then probably worth a trip to the docs to discuss your cycles and get a blood pg test done.

shellmc Wed 22-Jun-11 11:34:14

Thanks pommedechocolat
If i did ovulate then a period should follow shouldnt it if im not pregnant?
Sorry you wouldnt think iv been pregnant before would you!!!
Just all to pot because of irregular bleeding ect.

pommedechocolat Wed 22-Jun-11 11:36:07

yep. If you did ovulate then 10-16 days later a period should appear unless the egg has been fertilised.
Irreg bleeding sounds difficult to chart/calculate on definitely.

shellmc Wed 22-Jun-11 11:51:50

Okay i will wait and see what happens! smile
Yeh irregular bleeding is going to be hard to chart, as it is at the minute if you can class the 1 day bleed i had last month 13th May as a period?? And i did ovulate on the 12th of this month then its been 30 day gap!!
Not sure if this would happen, but i did definatly have lots of clear stringey discharge, which is supposed to be a good indicator of OV.
The only other way i can describe was that when i wiped myself the toilet paper just slid :O Sorry TMI!!!!

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