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SammyA86 Wed 22-Jun-11 08:56:30

Help! I have come off my pill (cerazette) 4 weeks ago & had unnprotected (planned) intercourse 2 weeks after doing so, have been having pregnant like symptoms such as nausea and tender breasts for the last week ago, (been about 5 weeks since I took my last pill) I am so keen to become a mother and these phantom signals with negative test results is so saddening to feel like this, I know it's a long process but all the things I've read are so mixed & was wondering if there's anyone else like me out there with these phantom signs & no periods x

LooloosMummy Wed 22-Jun-11 13:26:31

hi there i came off cerazette and didn't have a period for 6 weeks. was bloated, had tender nipples, felt sick, had all the symptoms of pregnancy but knew i wasn't pregnant, ended up going to the docs and asked what was wrong with me as i felt like i was pregnant but knew i wasn't, aparently it was my body settling down and the hormones wearing off. its a pain in the backside but your body will settle down after a few months and you might (if your lucky, i wasn't) fall back into a regular cycle! HTH

shellmc Wed 22-Jun-11 16:29:47

I have just stopped cerazette pill last month been off it 5 weeks now and could swear i am pregnant but had 4 negative results!!!
I was at doctors yesterday...just posted on a simular thread.
Iv to give it another 2-3 weeks to see if i get a period if i dont iv to go back im also have some blood tests done this friday just to check my hormone levels ect.
I have recently had bloatness, horrid cramps as if period is about to start, felt sick and been sick, strange taste in my mouth, headaches and fuller boobs smile
Its awful thinking you are after getting these signs but still getting BFN!!!! sad
I know exactly how you feel!! x

raspberrytipple Wed 22-Jun-11 18:17:01

Apparently coming off the pill can wreak havoc with your system, I also had a lot of pg symptoms when I came off the pill a year ago. Hopefully you are preggers but if not it will just be your body trying to sort itself out, my periods came back to normal almost straight away but others can take 6 or so months xx

SammyA86 Thu 23-Jun-11 17:53:21

Thank you all for writing back, nice to feel am not alone! So finally got my period today but am seeing it as a healthy positive and easier to track for a due date etc, good luck to you all x grin

KnittingKnots Fri 24-Jun-11 11:45:59

Hi Sammy, glad to hear your period showed up. I was (am) in the same position – came off the pill in Jan and my cycles are still all over the place, it's driving me crazy. Lots of weird pains and symptoms, I've had 78-day cycles, 2-week periods etc, and it's all totally unpredictable! It's put me right off the pill to be honest, if anyone asked me how far in advance to come off it before trying to concieve I would say YEARS!!
Sorry if this has put you on a bit of a downer, there's every chance that your cycles will settle down from now on. But don't panic if it takes a bit longer, that's all x

BrianKnowsAll Fri 24-Jun-11 12:38:15

i came off the pill last june and we started ttc last month, i came off because it was making me put on weight at the speed of knots but glad i came off it a year before ttc my cycle is somewhere between 28 - 30 days each month so can almost tell when i ov. i have always charted as nothing worse than being due on and wearing white trousers and especially not knowing af is due!!

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