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Sterilisation - an end to TTC?

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OhFuckIt Wed 22-Jun-11 04:19:58

I have name changed for this.

I have been TTC for three years now - failed ICSI, blah, blah - and I've had enough.
It isn't going to work. I know it isn't. I've always 'known' I would never have a child with my husband.
The problem is moving on from this. How and when do you stop 'trying'? At this moment in time, I would be happy never to have sex again.

I'm thinking of enquiring about sterilisation, I'm sick of failing every month.

I'm wondering if it would a good way to put a final 'full stop' on things.

Not sure what i'm expecting by writing this here really. Maybe I just wanted to write it down.


AgathaPinchBottom Wed 22-Jun-11 12:10:44

Oh I really feel for you.... All I can say is that I was ttc for 2 years and it was only when I stopped 'trying' that it actualy happened. Why don't you and your partner put a ban on sex for a while. Concentrate on Enjoying each other for a bit and try to put baby plans out of your head. If you can enjoy sex for pleasure and just concentrate on rediscovering each other - then everything else might fall into place.

eurochick Wed 22-Jun-11 12:38:46

I feel for you but TTC does mess with your head so please don't do anything hasty. How about getting a coil or implant for a while and think things over?

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