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My cycle has suddenly dropped from 28 to 24 days JUST as I start ttc#2!

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working9while5 Tue 21-Jun-11 21:34:21

Hi there

Ds is nearly 19 months, we have been trying for a few months but only on and off... but just as we were ready to get serious, my last two cycles have been only 24 days! Never had this before. Has been mainly 28 days this year, very occasionally 27 or 29. Used to be very regular before I had him.

What do I need to do next month? I feel a bit worried about it because I googled and they mentioned perimenopause. There isn't a family history of early menopause.

Could putting on weight have done it? I have randomly put on 8lbs this month! Is this going to be PCOS or something like that and how would I know that it's time to go to the doctor etc?

The only other relevant fact is that I am still bfing but very little am more like a human dummy really and I hadn't been concerned about it as my period came back when he was 7 months and were regular from the beginning. Also my grandmother conceived while exclusively bfing and had 10 months between her first and second so I have had it drilled into me since I was little that it isn't a contraceptive!

I was thinking of maybe OPKing next month as that's how I conceived first time.

Any thoughts?

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