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symptoms or imagination

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lauraloo09 Tue 21-Jun-11 11:24:48

hiya all not sure if i am imagining symptoms as my DH and I decided to ttc our second baby. I havent had a period since coming off the pill 2 over 2 months ago but I have been experiencing on off cramping as if period was just about to start.

I have been suffering disturbed sleep for about a week now, and when I do sleep I'm having very vivid dreams, and this morning I woke to the most uncomfortable feeling in my stomach and feel quite bloated. I feel that my breasts have grown as feel like Im bursting out my bra and Ive now had to put it onto the lowest fixing on the straps and i still feel very tight around that area. I took a cheapie test this morning and it was negative.

I'm not sure if this is anything or if I am imagining this now that we are actively ttc...god only started ttc and i'm already going out my mind!!!

Aworryingtrend Tue 21-Jun-11 13:19:57

I had very similar symptoms like this when I came off the pill last year. I think it is to do with the change in hormones. Just keep testing every vouple of weeks if your period doesn't come.

Gymdodger Tue 21-Jun-11 14:46:21

I am symptom spotting after first ttc too - had implant removed few months ago & used ovusticks for first time this cycle - af due friday but breasts have been tender since ovu have increased discharge, mild cramping & am peeing all the time, mouth feels strange - a bit cotton woolly & am also having disturbed sleep - I have 2 already - DD took 3 yrs & DS took a couple of tries so not like I don't know what to look out for! Just keep thinking it can't happen already on first time of "proper" trying!! Wishful thinking or the real thing ???????

shellmc Wed 22-Jun-11 16:23:55

Hiya, lauraloo09 im soo glad i have found someone in same boat as me!!
only came off the pill last month 11th May and had a 1 day bleed very light ?withdrawl bleed.
The past 2 weeks or so iv had cramping pains on and off as if my period is going to start, bloating which makes me look 6 months pregnant!! Weird taste in my mouth not sure if it metal taste like people say you get but its different, and fuller boobs! Which im not complaining about ha ha.
Its now been over 5 weeks and still no period i went to doctors yesterday to mention how iv been feeling, she said to give it another 3 weeks and if still no period i should go back as your period should return within 2 months of stopping the pil ???!!

Im having some blood tests done on friday just to check my hormone levels and to recheck my TSH as i have an underactive thyroid. She did a urine pregnancy test there and then....NEGATIVE!!

Iv to keep testing between now and 3 weeks time if no period returns, its 9*-driing round the bend though not knowing. I also think i ovulated on the 12th June and im feeling the same and had a lot of dicharge 2 days ago ?? Its awful not knowing.

shellmc Wed 22-Jun-11 16:24:40

Im now 10dpo meant to say.

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