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What did we just do??

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Islanzadi Tue 21-Jun-11 01:06:04

I am sooooo scared! We've decided to ttc.. It's the second time we've talked about it properly.. It was more like.. "i think we should have a baby" " yea we will at some point" "i think we should start trying now" "okay"

I am scared shitless, i know there's no guarantee it will work for us and it might take a long time goes nothing!

piprabbit Tue 21-Jun-11 01:09:34

Have you cemented the discussion with unprotected sex yet?
That's when it get seriously scary grin.

Good luck and I hope to hear about a little Islanzadi in, ooooooh, about April/May 2012.

PogoBaby Tue 21-Jun-11 01:10:58

congrats and good luck.

I remember when we first decided to start trying, really exciting.

Loads of good advice on these boards smile

Islanzadi Tue 21-Jun-11 01:15:53

Piprabbit, blush it was quite funny really, my dh was very amused by my reaction. I'm the "organiser" so i was like. Ok what now. Do i move? Wait i'm gonna go on mumsnet on my phone and read about ttc!! "WHAT AM I GONNA EAT???"

Ahhhh!! My birthday is in may :-)

xiaoqss Tue 21-Jun-11 01:16:35

Message deleted

Islanzadi Tue 21-Jun-11 01:18:32

Thank you Pogo. I'm not feeling great about work and other bits so my dh thought it would be a good idea to start now. And well, i would lie if i'd say i wasn't secretly hoping he'd initiate it. I'm a chicken - been lurking on mumsnet fir months!!

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