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TSH Levels and ttc

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blacktreaclecat Mon 20-Jun-11 16:24:41

Just had recent blood results. My TSH is 3, free T4 is 13. In March 2010 TSH was 2.3, T4 12. I think I have subclinical hypothyroidism. I have mild hypothyroid symptoms - feel the cold, can't loose weight, constipation, tiredness.
I have read that TSH should be 1-2 for ttc.
Anyone managed to persuade their GP to treat hypothyroidism at this level? I think I may have a fight on my hands

ciwi Mon 20-Jun-11 18:09:42

Hi, why do you think you have sub clinical hypothyroidism? Your tsh is fine, cant advise on your T4 as its measured on a different scale to mine. (mine is 74 last check). If your tsh is high and t4 low then you have sub clinical hypothyroidism. as your tsh is only 3 I really don't think you do though i am no expert.

shellmc Mon 20-Jun-11 20:31:50

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 2 years ago after i suffered a m/c and had to have bloods taken. My TSH was 13 then doubled 2 weeks later to 21. I was started on Thyroxine 75mcg.
I got sorted and got pregnant in 2008 with my DS at the time my TSH was 3.2 i was checked regulary throughout my pregnancy, they say it is recommended to have your TSH around the 2 mark but i was fine smile
I think your level is fine think it is meant to be between 0.5-4.5.

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