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S2ww imaginary symptom spotting, who's in?

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nellie02 Sun 19-Jun-11 22:06:08

So, according to my phone's shag dictator app I'm nice and fertile, so OH and I did plenty of SWI this weekend. And true to form, already I'm symptom spotting.

now i know you sensible ladies out there will tell me it's far too early, but I say bah to modern science and clearly I'm already pregnant as my symptoms are totally conclusive...

1. Could only just finish my one glass of wine this evening wine

2. Turned down several alcoholic drinks earlier today, clearly mini bean telling me to be sensible from the womb!

3. Super strong sense of smell, I could tell you exactly what each of my neighbours had for dinner tonight

4. Unreasonably tired

5. Quite teary, almost cried on the tube when my soduko got a bit tricky

6. Had the sudden urge to clean my flat, clearly early nesting.

now who else will join me in some unreasonably early 2ww imaginary symptom spotting?! hmm

Imo1 Mon 20-Jun-11 11:54:37

haha - I love it Nellie!

I'm unable to think of anything except how many days past O I am and running to the loo to check AF isn't there...

My symptom spotting has been curtailed this month after a crappy month last month. I had full sore bbs, was tired, emotional, hungry etc etc then wham - there was AF.

This month I'm actively trying not to spot but I'm sure I have had some sore bbs and been very sleepy, also wanted to eat a mound of tomatos last night. Clearly in need of vitamins!!!

I'm on CD31 (average is 29) and 10DPO (very late ovulator) this month I've been trying to get a longer luteal phase with vitamins and acupuncture so really hoping this is it.

May engage in some more serious symptom spotting now! Is this your TTC #1?

backtotheplanet Mon 20-Jun-11 15:36:15

What a great thread - this is exactly how I intend to spend the next two weeks! I also spent the weekend SWI TTC#1 so nellie02 we are at similar stages!

My 'symptoms' today have been:

1) Feeling a bit sick (and then instantly hopeful!)

2) Realising I'm drinking lots of caffeine and switching to water / peppermint tea 'just in case'

3) Feeling very tired, which clearly a symptom and nothing to do with all the SWI that went on over the weekend I'm sure of it

Good luck Imo1! When are you planning on testing?!

Missgiraffe1 Mon 20-Jun-11 16:25:40

Hehe Imo1, had to laugh at "This month I'm trying not to spot but..." yet you were the first to respond!

It's impossible not to, isn't it?! The more you try to stop yourself analysing everything, the more you do!

I am not exactly in S2ww as such, as I had an ERPC for MMC mid May. But still no AF, so am in the wtf stage. Am very much symptom spotting, as could well be pg (as have been DTD) but equally may not be. Nearly freaked as got 2 BFPs last Wed (31 days after ERPC) but they've been BFN since, so guess those Wed tests picked up falling HcG rather than increasing.

But, as I had been DTD very recently before this, it is of course entirely possible (probable even) that mini-me in making is still en route to it's home for the next 8 months, and just hasn't quite settled in yet.

1. Tired (no, not because I'm up half the night googling implantation, luteal phase lengths etc)
2. Irritable (no, not because of 1 above)
3. Peeing a lot (definitely not psychological due to POAS every other bloody day!)
4. teary (definitely not related to 1,2 and 3 above)

all of which may mean I am pg. Why do the days have to feel sooooooooo long during this time??

If no AF by next Monday Saturday Thursday oh hell probably tomorrow, I will be POAS again. (costing a small fortune this is!)

Good luck!

Imo1 Mon 20-Jun-11 20:13:45

Sorry to hear about your MMC missgiraffe. I hope you are ok.

I have totally given up trying not to symptom spot, I think I was doing well until I saw this thread!!

Well today I have a really wet feeling down below, like AF is here but every time I race to the loo (a la Usain Bolt) there is nothing there at all, not even CM. Odd. I can't remember if that happened with DS.

Tomorrow is CD32, 11DPO so will consider testing in the morning if AF hasn't got me by then..

I wish someone could knock me out and wake me up once my body has decided which way it is going this month!

pommedechocolat Mon 20-Jun-11 20:32:16

I some twinges in my ovary on 4 dpo.
I also feel a bit wet downstairs.
I am being very silly as implantation wouldn't have even happened yet.

Katiekatiekatekate Mon 20-Jun-11 21:49:45

Ah I'm in.

Symptom 1: Got up twice to go the loo last night.

Symptom 2: I'm very tired. (This clearly has nothing to do with the above, or the fact that I have a 9mo who rarely sleeps.)

Symptom 3: I've just eaten a whole bar of chocolate. Craving, def.

Symptom 4: Feel fat. Nothing to do with above.

twolittlemonkeys Mon 20-Jun-11 21:54:46

Hahaha I'm around my fertile time now, so will also be symptom spotting over the next two weeks or so. I'm guilty of most of the above!

Imo1 Tue 21-Jun-11 09:48:08

Am now very bloated, nothing to do with the huge dinner and breakfast I seem to think I am allowed to eat in case there is another mouth to feed!

CD32 - 11 DPO: longest cycle in the last 9 months was 32 days so feeling a vrey slight glimmer of home. BFN today but still early days.

Working at home so I can spend the whole day SS and googling various pregnancy related sites.
1. Bloated
2. Dizzy on getting up too fast
3. Some slight bb pain but could be that my bra is too tight haha

Missgiraffe1 Tue 21-Jun-11 13:23:12


Any more symptoms?

I also just had a message from the womb. Amazing. Could almost hear it. Went to eat scrambled eggs, and changed my mind.

And, I also can't face cleaning out my DD's bearded dragon cage (which you should def avoid during pg). Nothing to do with fact that I just hate doing it, it's cleary related to sprouting bean telepathy.

"I wish some open could knock me out... " Imo1 you've hit the nail on the head there. Any news??????

pommedechocolat Tue 21-Jun-11 13:26:44

My boobs are tingly 5 dpo.
I do get sore boobs pre AF when ttc though (swear it doesn't happen at other times!).
I feel fat too.

Diclaimer: I have eaten lots of nutella on shortbread biscuits this am blush

nellie02 Tue 21-Jun-11 18:11:07

Hi fellow symptom spotters, well done on such a broad range of clear pregnancy symptoms! Clearly our bodies are far better at spotting a bfp than an early hpt! ;)

Some very exciting new symptoms yesterday and today.

Yesterday I almost fainted at the supermarket (of course not due to lack of food after the gym)...

And today I've been EXHAUSTED.

Clearly baby bean is v busy making itself home in me smile

Imo1 Tue 21-Jun-11 21:02:39

Pommedechocolat Nutella on shortbread biscuits - that sounds amazing, I must try!!!

Well after relying on the cheapie internet pregnancy tests recently and getting BFNs I decided to go to the supermarket and splash out - got a BFP this afternoon...I think I'm in too much shock to believe it and am concerned that seeing extra lines on the test is all part of the symptom spotting. Frankly am now terrified!!!

Fingers cross for us all.

nellie02 Tue 21-Jun-11 22:41:46

Wow, congratulations Imo1, that's amazing news! grin

how exciting to have someone on our thread whose symptoms are really real! Gives hope to us all [fingers crossed emoticon]


nellie02 Tue 21-Jun-11 22:44:33

Any news for you missgiraffe? Hoping your symptoms are very real too. [sends hopeful hugs and fairy cakes]

backtotheplanet Wed 22-Jun-11 09:16:30

Congratulations Imo1!!!!! Fantastic news!!!!!

The 2ww is so looooong! I'm certain I can feel the bean implanting already...

Pommedechocolat loving the idea of nutella and shortbread. I'm rather partial to it on cornflakes (clearly a pregnancy craving ....!)

pommedechocolat Wed 22-Jun-11 10:05:33

Woop Woop BFP!!! Congrats Imo1, great news smile
Also glad to see I am fattening you all up via the internet!

nellie02 Wed 22-Jun-11 15:27:58

Getting a little over excited about nutella, somehow that apple looks rather boring now!

I think my exhaustion might actually be a bug rather than a bean, boosad although still plenty of other symptoms to keep me going, such as feeling v cold today.

looking forward to a thread full of bfps grin xx

Missgiraffe1 Wed 22-Jun-11 15:58:43

Yeah! Imo1 That's fabulous news! BFN still for me, but not giving up! This has just motivated me to stay positive and believe that all feelings and symptoms are indeed real smile

Someone on another threat said that Boots were doing Buy1Get1Free on First Response, but not sure if offers still on.

pommedechocolat Wed 22-Jun-11 17:08:01

I am 6dpo and have some twinges and sore breasts. Get these before af but not normally this early. Also getting the 'undercarriage' pains I get when on my period now. Hoping this isn't some kind of weird short cycle or that I have to endure this for another 7 days!!!

jennypenney Fri 24-Jun-11 11:55:36

Can I join in please?
I'm due to test next weekend and the time is going sooooo slowly but I must be pg because:

1. I'm knackered (nothing to do with shimmying up ladders to help re-rig all week at work and doing loads of painting. Baby-growing obviously very draining)

2. Feeling nauseous (what do you mean it's the paint fumes?)

3. Permanently erect nipples (ok that one is a bit odd)

4. My cat has suddenly started to sit on my lap and purr loudly. He NEVER does this. He obviously Knows Something, like that cat in that nursing home. hmm

5. There are two weird round seed pod things stuck to each other and my sitting room window. It must be a Sign I'm going to have twins. grin

6. reading nonsense into everything. I'm usually much more sensible. Baby brain has started, clearly smile

modernvickyp Fri 24-Jun-11 16:40:17

Count me in! Wass determined not to symptom spot this month but have just succumbed to searching the internet for information on having sore boobs 5DPO! Am now chastising myself and planning this evenings trip to the pub followed by curry in determined effort to take my mind off it.

In the meantime.....
1. Sore boobs (when poked!)
2. Feels like AF is on way (not due until 5th July)
3. TMI WARNING....feels damp downstairs

I know that we SWi the day before I think I ovulated but OH got the hump for the next two days so had convinced myself (over several glasses of wine) that it wasn't going to happen this month.

Now though......!!!! Really need to get a grip (again).

pommedechocolat Fri 24-Jun-11 16:49:47

Vicky - am very similar both in symptoms and lack of action from dh (although he had the runs this month, last month was in a strop).
I am also exhausted.

wrinklyraisin Fri 24-Jun-11 17:39:28

Can I join in too? Am 5ish weeks (potentially) not tested yet as want to do it when I am back with my fella in 2 weeks... but am late, giganti-norked, beyond tired during the day but insomnia at night, feel car sick, crampy, damp undercarriage, loose stools (sorry TMI), bloated, farting like a trooper, peeing a little more frequently than usual... basically I seem to tick every box. Either that or I have a nasty gastro disease. I'm reluctant to test as I had a chemical pg in Feb and I don't want to know for sure until the bean has made its mind up. Plus if I am upduffed I have a bucketload of stuff to sort out in RL. So am kind of scared just in case. Am glad I work a 70 hour week, not much time to google!!!!!

babydust27 Fri 24-Jun-11 18:19:49

ive felt sick for the last 2 days and for the frist time in my life i was really excited to feel sick lol!!!

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