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IVF Norway - unsure please help! :(

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Any stories please feel free _ just had a nightmarre time everything went wrong, flight delayed 26 hours, general info, painful exam - then oh if we weren't shut for the summer u cud have started 2day - next cycle wud mean we need 2 be in Norway on our wedding day!

loads of qu's please help - totally new to IVF, Jon suggested 300ul for ov dose, is that high?

just need stories good or bad just when we got there I was surprised that it wasn't what I had imagined from posts here and other sites!


BagofHolly Sun 19-Jun-11 22:05:36

Sorry but your post doesn't make much sense! If you're new to IVF, why have you gone to Norway? And what are you saying is 300ul?
Apologies if I've missed earlier posts/threads from you.

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