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positive ovulation tests for the last 5 days

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loobylou13 Fri 17-Jun-11 13:52:33

Has anyone had a positive ovulation test for more than one day?

I have a 29 day cycle and from monday (day 11) i have had very strong positive lines on the cheap ovulation tests, ive tested every day since including today (day 15) and still have a strong positive.

We have dtd on tues, thurs and planning to on saturday as well

Getting frustrated as its really hard to pinpoint which day ovulation has occured and were not entirely sure when the best times are to try and conceive

shellmc Fri 17-Jun-11 14:55:34

Not sure how long it should show up for. But at least you had DTD whilst having the dark lines there!! Good Luck xxx

eurochick Fri 17-Jun-11 15:30:03

I usually just get one day of a smiley face on the CB digi tests but one month (just after I started acupuncture so I think my hormones were a bit shaken up) I got 3 days in a row. I have heard on these boards a lot of people saying they have problems with the cheapies.

mrsshears Fri 17-Jun-11 15:54:10

are you certain your not pregnant? ov tests will also show 2 lines when pregnant as well as when ovulating.

eurochick Fri 17-Jun-11 16:01:26

BTW, don't the cheap tests always show a second line and it is only positive if it is darker than the control line? I don't use them but i recall reading that.

mrsshears Fri 17-Jun-11 16:11:27

thats true eurochick,i should have put that in my post really.
yes as eurochick said the 2 lines should be as dark as each other i.e not one faint and one dark.

pommedechocolat Fri 17-Jun-11 16:17:27

Yep when ov tests have a control the other one has to be darker or the same.

This cycle I had over 24 hours of + opk (neg tues pm, + weds am and pm and + thurs am) on cb digi and then neg today and I think that's annoying for pinpointing ov but 5 days is a bit insane.

PCOS sufferers get + opk all the time I think - is there any chance you may have this?

loobylou13 Fri 17-Jun-11 16:24:14

Its only this month where ive got them for a long period of time, normally get a line one day then the next line the line goes darker which means is a positive but this time the line has definately been darker than the control line since monday

Ive just looked at pcos and dont recognise any of the other systems and had neg opk tests up til monday so i dont think its that

I keep feeling a fluttering on my left side but i think thats just my mind playing tricks!!

Did a pregnancy test about 10 days ago and was neg, wanted to check af wasnt implementation bleed (wishful thinking!!)

loobylou13 Fri 17-Jun-11 16:35:27

just double checked and got a bfn on pregnancy test but still a + on the opk test

pommedechocolat Fri 17-Jun-11 16:52:32

I have had something about lh surge happening, body not ovulating due to stress and so surge going again to try and get ov going second time round. Might be this?

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