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Rather wet and slimey discharge when wiping ?? Ovulation nearly a month after last bleed :/

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shellmc Fri 17-Jun-11 11:09:07

Stopped pill on 11th MAy
Bled for 1 day on the 13th May
Sunday 12th June i noticed when i went to the loo that when i wiped it felt very wet and slimey, clear dicharge ?? Sorry if TMI- the toilet paper slid more easily.
Iv heard this can be a sign of ovulation could this be possible this long after last bleed? Altho it wasnt a proper period and only lasted a day i thought if i had, i would have ovulated earlier than this?

Levana Fri 17-Jun-11 11:29:16

That type of discharge sounds like a sign of ovulation but I think to know for sure if you ovulated you would have to be temping and using OPK's.

I think timing wise it's totally possible as cycles ofter don't run to 28 days.

Did you have any ovulation pain etc.

elliebelly82 Fri 17-Jun-11 11:29:46

It does sound like EWCM so you are probably ovulating. Coming off the pill can make your period irregular at first. i came off it in July 2010 and its taken me 11 months so far to get some kind of normality back and even now my cycles are 38 days. your bleed on 13th May wasnt a true period, it was a withdrawal bleed. i would be inclined to start working out how long your cycles are after your next period, then you might be able to better calculate when you are ovulating. Or try an OPK.
I've been to docs about my lack of regular periods after coming off the pill, and they say its pretty normal for irregular periods for the first year.
Hope this helps smile

shellmc Fri 17-Jun-11 11:39:30

Thankyou both for your replys smile
I have had cramps for past 2 weeks TBH. Iv also been sick a couple of times over past week prob a bug or sumthing.
I keep feeling like im going to start my period but i was feeling this before i had the Slimey, clear discharge! I honestly thought i was pregnant as i felt simular to when i was preg with DS. Had 3 negatives tho.
When i noticed this Discharge first thing i thought was Ovulation.
Bt wasnt sure if it would occur this long after the bleed i had, but like you say it could take a while for my cycles to get regular again, just dont know where i am.

Levana Fri 17-Jun-11 11:46:18

If you can be bothered I would recommend charting - where you take your temp everyday and record it. It really gives you a lot of info about your cycles once you've done it for about 2 months.

It is a bit of a hassle though, I only do it as I hate not knowing what's going on. OPK's are an easier way but if your cycles are all over the place it's a bit expensive as you'd end up testing a lot.

shellmc Fri 17-Jun-11 20:34:05

Yeh i used the ovuation kits when i was ttc with DS they are easy and i got pregnant first time.
Just wondered if i could tell myself when ovulation happens.

shellmc Tue 21-Jun-11 17:43:59

Can i just ask, when you get this slimey discharge, is this usually the day you ovulate or leading up to ovulation??
If i had sex on this day what are my chances of pregnancy?
I had this discharge not sunday gone but sunday before the 12th June.
If i was pregnant when would it show on a pregnancy test?

farfallarocks Wed 22-Jun-11 11:46:07

Hi Shellmc
its not an exact science unfortunately, it happens around ovulation but its difficuly to pinpoint exactly when.

You should be able to pick up a pregancy about 12 days post ovulation.
If you have just come off the pill I would recommend usuing OPKs or investing in a clearblue fertility monitor or charting just to get to know your cycle.

I tended to ovulate between days 12 and 15 but I liked being able to pinpoint it exactly! The important thing is to try and have sex just before ovulation as I haev read the sperm need to be there, lying in wait for your egg!

Also don't panic if it takes a while for your body to re-adjust after the pill
Good luck

sprinkles77 Wed 22-Jun-11 11:54:01

Do a preg test if no af after about 5 weeks off the pill. I got preg straight after coming off the pill, despite being on it for over 10 years.

shellmc Wed 22-Jun-11 11:57:31

Thankyou farfallarocks smile
If i did ovulate that day the 12th then im 10dpo now.
I have had cramps on and off for past 2 weeks, which i suppose looking back could have been the leading up to Ovulation too.
On sunday gone the 19th i had a lot of white discharge, more than im used to getting and then again on monday but now nothing.

I know its gonna take a while for my body to re adjust after stopping the pill, as iv had irregular bleeding for months whilst on it!! (god dam pill)!!

Thankyou for your advice the OPK are a must i think!

farfallarocks Wed 22-Jun-11 13:03:29

Good luck! It is reassuring as it least gives you confirmation that you are ovulatiing (or preparing to ovulate)

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