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Fantastic 40+ thread - part 4

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hippychick66 Wed 15-Jun-11 20:13:10

Come on ladies - you know who you are grin.......

hippychick66 Wed 15-Jun-11 20:14:56

Hope no one minds me starting the new one. I checked a few times and no-one else seems to have done it.

Just ate some wispa chocolate ice-cream and it tasted weird and made me feel sick. DS said it was fine hmm Can someone please stop me from symptom spotting shock

herecomesthsun Wed 15-Jun-11 21:13:57

hello again grin

Curlylox Wed 15-Jun-11 22:03:23

Just popping in to mark my place off to watch Desperate Housewives

AngelGeorgie Wed 15-Jun-11 22:23:49

Oh new thread. Nice wink

nicole333 Wed 15-Jun-11 22:30:37

Good evening!

How the flippin 'eck do you expect me to know what's going if a new thread has to be made?! grin

Lots of congrats in pleased your scan went well for you gum Also the other new lady blush so sorry I can't remember your name, but congrats on getting your BFP at 47. There was also someone else who came on and announced 15 weeks!!! I know, I'm so crap at this.

Hippy It must be hard keeping the house so show home like. I dread the day I come to do it! Good luck for testing!!

TTT does 'term' mean anytime now? As apposed to due date being quite self explanatory? Good luck, hope it all goes well for you with your home birth.

My AF consisted of one proper day and the usual spotting for 2 days before and one day after. I suppose if I bled through my 43 day cycle on two occasions for a few days, then there wouldn't be a lot to come out now? I'm just guessing. I do feel icky and my brain hasn't been functioning properly. Who knows what's going on!

A big hello to everyone else smile

BeattieBow Thu 16-Jun-11 08:40:23

oops I didn't see this - ignore the other thread!

temperature drop for me this morning and now cramping, so I'm guessing I'm out for this month. Feel a bit shit about it, but no doubt will move on in a day or 2.

It's all down to you hippy now....

hippychick66 Thu 16-Jun-11 09:17:51

Sorry to hear that Bb - was it much of a temp drop (you do take your temp at very odd hours though don't you hmm

I have myself convinced that AF is coming - don't know why just that horrid feeling.

My temp was still up higher than my usual LP this morning,not quite as high as the day when it went over 37 but still high enough that I should be encouraged and yet..... I am sick of getting my hopes up and then being let down - prefer to think it hasn't worked.

Sorry we moved and didn't let you know nicole - I also had no idea that we were right near the end of the last thread. Was reading all about italian and her hubbie and then BANG - this thread is too large to add a message to - how bloody rude shock

BeattieBow Thu 16-Jun-11 09:24:48

yes I have slept badly the last few days, but still temp was quite alot lower. and I have cramping which usually heralds the beginning of the end.

never mind - have decided to keep on trying despite the growing age gap between ds2 and unconceived one, at least for the time being, but am abandoning fertility aids apart from progesterone. dh might get himself tested though too and then at least if it is his issue, we can have closure from the whole thing.

I can't remember what all of the vitamins are meant to do? Vit b6? etc. anyone still taking all of these?

nicole333 Thu 16-Jun-11 09:49:34

Morning! I know, two days in a row. I've virtually moved back in! grin

Sorry to hear AF might be on it's way BB I take B6 because it's meant to compliment Magnesium, which in turn keeps me from feeling murderous in the luteal phase (not face grin ). I can't remember any other benefits, sorry.

Hippy I understand why you want to keep a lid on it, but you never know, this time it might come and bite you on the bum! I don't know much about Clomid, but it obviously increases your chances. It aint over till the fat lady sings as they say! When is she due to perform?

Apologies to herecomesthesun I forgot your name earlier. Big congrats to you. I wish more ladies would join our thread and share their wonderful news (hint hint!)

Lou You have the scan today don't you? What time can we expect the announcement? grin

Hello to everybody else x

Curlylox Thu 16-Jun-11 09:53:56

BB ((())) it's shit isnt it, I detest the 2ww - no chance cramping could be for another reason as I had early cramping, period like pains in my last 2 pregnancies before I got a bfp? I'm still taking a Vitamin B50 complex.

BeattieBow Thu 16-Jun-11 10:58:39

I don't think so curly - being realistic (of course you can't help a tiny little thought creeping in that maybe the temp dip and pains are implantation!) - I have for a while got cramping just before my period turns up, and temp had gone down about 0.3 which is quite alot - although still above coverline.

I can't remember which vitamins are meant to help womb lining and luteal phase which I think are my issues. I'm pretty sure none can help on old eggs unfortunately.

shandybass Thu 16-Jun-11 11:49:33

Hi all
I meant to post yesterday, but every time I tried the dcs were after my iPhone! Dh has one now but they still go for mine first. He's addicted to angry birds and Dd is getting that way and she's only 4. V bad parents.

I had my follow up scan yesterday. I was thinking of you gum and holding my breath. Thank goodness for good news from you. And big Congrats to spotty and herecomesthesun.

As I said I had my scan and there is a bit of tissue left but the consultant thought it would just come away naturally or re-absorb. So I asked her to check my ovaries and she said they were fine and then got excited about a large follicle in my left ovary. I asked if there was more left and she said plenty and to just keep trying.

I wish I was braver and was able to ask more direct questions as I find the health professionals only answer what you ask directly, but then I'm afraid of what they will say so it is hard. For example I'm wondering if I should have pushed for a d&c or asked how I would know if the tissue did not go naturally or when it is a problem. Also I wish I'd asked how many are 'plenty' of eggs as I think it's probably the answer is the same as you * Tina* but I thought it was ok. I also asked my gp for help as I was worried about not conceiving and she just said try swi every other night from cd9-19, after I told her I've been using opk, ecm watch and temping for over a year.

Sorry I'm rambling and don't know what I'm trying to say. It's just frustrating and I feel like it's like a jigsaw if only I could find the missing link stopping us from conceiving and carrying.

It sounds like Beattie, hippy and you curly are going throughout the monthly roller coaster.

Hi to Italian you sound so wise and calm,*panache*, lol you minx, angel and diege and Nicole and anyone else.

Diege Thu 16-Jun-11 12:40:17

Hello! Phew, thought I'd lost you for a minute there; had no idea we were full up grin
Good luck for today Lou, have been thinking of you. My scan would also have been at 3.30 today if I hadn't got muddled and rearranged. Looking forward to hearing your news smile
BB hmm let's hope your temp rises again, but I suppose if it's not to, in a way you are prepared. I think you are right to keep on trying, regardless of growing age gap x
Hippy still sounding positive for you - what cd are you on now?
Shandy fwiw I think you asked pretty good questions, and got some encouraging answers. I do know what you mean about wishing you;d asked, but then being worried what they might say though. Looking good for you though, and I'm sure all will be well re: any retained tissue.
Hi nicole, curly, Italian and anyone else I may have forgotten x

hippychick66 Thu 16-Jun-11 16:18:57

diege I am 11 days post ov today. I have very odd pains (almost like hunger pains) which is probably not a good sign.

Fortunately I don't have much time to think about the ifs and maybes as the buyers are coming tomorrow and I have to make my house look like the estate agents pictures again hmm...

Thinking of lou and waiting patiently.......grin

hippychick66 Thu 16-Jun-11 16:23:25

shandy I know what you mean about asking questions. I keep thinking they're just gonna say - "Well you are 44 you know!" and I'm a bit fed up of being reminded of that fact! Wishing you all the best with your quest. I agree though, how will you know when the last bit of material has been absorbed hmm

Someone was asking about vitamins - i do know that B6 is meant to extend a short LP. Mine was only about 10/11 days when i first had the coil removed I tried B6 for a while but gave up and it seems to have stretched to 13/14 without any vits. BEWARE the B6 makes your pee bright green a bit of ashock the first time you see it!

Diege Thu 16-Jun-11 16:24:27

Ahh Hippy I remember 'fondly' the buyers' the end we just did the minimal and hoped they wouldn't notice.
Pains you're getting don't seem that worrying (in terms of approaching af); hold on in there!
Come on Lou, we're all waiting! wink

AngelGeorgie Thu 16-Jun-11 18:06:00

All fine it's a girl!!! GBOS now known as GILS Georgies ickle little sister!!! All measurements good all organs looking good. Pheewee!!! Sonographer was lovely I cried, she welled up!!!! She said " hopefully some of those lovely pink clothes you ce got can be worn now" !!! Will name check later
* Diege* my scan was 3.30 shame you didn t have yours then xx

hippychick66 Thu 16-Jun-11 18:19:56

grin - Lou - now I'm welling up!!!! I knew she was another girl.(well obviously I didn't KNOW but I did predict!)

Georgie will be smiling and pleased that you get to use all the stuff. Maybe you can just keep a few things forever that were for her alone and not for her little sis.

Want to just hug hug hug you, Mrs!

AlbaDeTamble Thu 16-Jun-11 18:29:52

fantabulous news Lou grin. They're still pacing up and down waiting for news over on the postgrads thread btw... Just sayin'...

Lovely to see everyone else, hurrah for gum and fingers crossed for hippy!

Diege Thu 16-Jun-11 18:32:14

Brilliant news Lou I'm so pleased for you grin grin grin. I was sure it would be a girl too, though not sure how much that was down to Hippy's hypnotic powers of prediction. Wish I'd had mine today now (and how spooky it would have been at the same time grin).

AngelGeorgie Thu 16-Jun-11 18:34:17

Thanks * Hippy* your message has made me well up!! Yes will keep some of "Georgies" clothes I think.
Hi Alba ok going over to post there!!!! Thanks hope u re ok? Xxgrin

AngelGeorgie Thu 16-Jun-11 18:37:30

Diege. yes shame you didn t have your scan today. When is it??? Funny you and * hippy.* thought I wAs having a girl I secretly did too. As far as I m aware I ve never been pregnant with a boy!! Ant was convinced GBOS was a boy but hey ho !!! In our family girls are everywhere and we re very scare on boys.

Diege Thu 16-Jun-11 18:56:07

Scan on Monday at 11am smile Girls dominate here too (I had 3 dds before ds, sister has 3 dds, I'm one of 3 dds) so ds was a big surprise! Have a lovely, relaxing evening!

AngelGeorgie Thu 16-Jun-11 19:14:07

Thanks.Monday what time? Not long , I m
Seeing my consultant on Monday x

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