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1.5mm lining and clomid...?!?

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oneyeartrying Tue 14-Jun-11 14:11:20

Hello, given that I am not getting anywhere on google, I thought i would post this and see whether you have views or experiences to share.

I have been ttc-ing for ages now (14 months, I am 32, dh 34), unexplained infertility, one failed iui, 3 months on clomid. I am still on clomid and this month, on day 15 (day of ovulation I think) my lining was 1.5mm which is very very thin. On previous cycles it was 9 or so. My doctor says that this is apparently 'fine' and that I shouldnt worry but I really dont believe that thats the case. Any views?

dont you hate the lack of clarity and info that goes with trying for a baby...?!?!

Thanks everyone!!

helenlouisey Tue 14-Jun-11 14:23:13

hi, are you sure it isn't 1.5 cm? 1.5mm is very very thin, even straight after you have finished menstruating the lining is usually 2-4mm. I have suffered with Asherman's Syndrome which is scarring in the uterus, and causes thin lining, after successful treatment they would expect you to have a lining of at least 7mm for it to be sufficient for a successful pregnancy, although i have heard of ladies with linings of just 4-5mm being successful.

Clomid can cause the lining of the uterus to thin , which is why it usually isn't recommended for ladies like myself that have had AS, and already have lining problems. It sounds to me that the clomid has caused thin lining in your case, and if it really has thinned to 1.5mm it definitely isn't ok, and very very unlikely I would have thought that you'd get pregnant, so kind of defeats the object of taking it. I agree with you that it really isn't fine and awful that your dr has said its ok. Are you able to speak to him again or get a second opinion? Is this a fertility specialist you are seeing or just a general gynae?


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