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Not feelin very hopeful :(

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goingmadtrying Tue 14-Jun-11 11:39:57

Morning all well the title says it all, I've tried to stay relaxed and calm about things and have purposly not been on a bus or obsessing on mn anywhere near as much. Until the 2ww not really had ewcm this month a little around cd10/11 and that's it, and no surge to want to jump on hubby and completely a grump for the last week sad

only dtd 4 times and not really around the right time, cd 6,9,14,16
currently on cd17, having strange feelings dry mouth, feeling sick and tired so not sure what's going on, all I
know is feeling down about it today sad not looking for answers just needed to write it down

goingmadtrying Tue 14-Jun-11 11:41:15

Oh and I cried at coronation street last night sad

goingmadtrying Tue 14-Jun-11 14:29:32

And I've got a breakout of zits!!!

lalabaloo Tue 14-Jun-11 20:09:06

Awww you sound like you need a hug! Emotionally i'm not doing well either, late AF (5 days overdue) but no BFP. I'm exhausted and fed up and convinced i'm not pregnant sad

goingmadtrying Tue 14-Jun-11 21:34:33

Argh thanks, I've been there had relatively regular cycles and then was 5 days late really thought I'd cracked it but wasn't to be sad have been to the dr's as I'm 35 and now on cycle 7 other than losing weight she wasn't concerned as periods regular.

dh took me out for dinner tonight which was lovely

goingmadtrying Tue 14-Jun-11 21:36:02

Fx crossed your lucky have you tested yet?

How long you been trying?

lalabaloo Tue 14-Jun-11 22:33:57

Aww your DH sounds lovely! Have tested a few times and BFN, this is cycle 5 for me. I wrongly assumed it would be easy as I'm 21 and most other people I know got pregnant by accident or first month of trying. I know 5 months isn't very long really, just seems much longer to me! x

MissLHoneychurch Wed 15-Jun-11 02:29:43 it ok that I join? I am new to the site, as well as discussion groups in general. Your topic describes exactly how I'm feeling. And however much I try to be positive and optimistic, I end up feeling hopeless. And I've been crying a big hug to you. Who knew this would be so stressful! I would love some advice....and best of luck to everyone trying.
My BF and I just started TTC. We have never had issues with DTD, but ever since we decided to have a baby, there are performance issues only when I'm ovulating. No problems any other time of the month. We live apart during the week due to work, so the weekends are when we see each other. We do have a spot to meet in between the two towns where we work, so when my LH surge happens we can DTD. I'm over 35 and I just know time is not on my side. The BF is wonderful and wants a baby. We are able to talk openly and he is of the mindset that it will happen when it happens. But, that is easier said than done! I've tried a bunch of things to try to help, but nothing has worked. I just feel sad. Any thoughts? Has any body gone through this?

goingmadtrying Wed 15-Jun-11 07:23:58

lala each month seems like forever doesn't it, you've got so much positive on your side your 21 which will definately help, the dr told me 95% of couple concieve in their first year and of the remaining 5% 90% of them concieve in the 2nd year, maybe this month it isn't to be but let's think positive for next month, although I don't think constantly looking to the next month helps slow the speed in which we are getting through this year smile

welcome misshoney how difficult living apart, try not to obsess too much and if the performance issues are from you bf maybe don't let him know when it's the right time and try to
make it as normal as possible and the best advice would be enjoy it grin if however nothing has happened in 6 cycles make an appointment with your gp as they will start investigations early because of your age, fx you won't need it though smile

Liliana1 Wed 15-Jun-11 07:58:19

Sorry to hear you are down going. I was hoping you were pg as hadn't seem you on the bus sad. My very regular cycle suddenly seems against me - I usually ov on CD14 and all goes like clockwork. Temp dipped CD 12 but only rose back to what it was before, then dipped again cd17 and today (cd18) has risen back to what it was, waiting for tomorrow to see if it keeps going up. Very confused and worried I have not ov'd this month.

Misshoney we live apart during the week too and it sucks, no hope of dtd to cover unknown ov so hoping his sperm are sleeping and still around!

I cried at the Fairy jobmother last night!! Couldn't believe myself.

((Hugs)) to all the ladies who are finding ttc tough atm and fx that all these signs are because we are actually all pg! xxx

goingmadtrying Wed 15-Jun-11 08:55:07

Argh thank you liliana unfortunately not, sorry to hear your ov is messing you around how difficult when you need to time things right, my dh has been on perm nights for 6 weeks which I
know hasn't helped! I too am confused with ov I think I had ewcm yesterday and very wet today sorry tmi!!

HorseyGirl1 Wed 15-Jun-11 08:55:17

Sending you some kindness today. Feeling a bit hopeless this week as well. AF due on Friday and just know it's going to come. I started weeping in the car to Kylie today. Accoustic version of 'I Believe in You' - fraid I don't believe very much in myself at the moment. xx

goingmadtrying Wed 15-Jun-11 10:27:40

Big hugs horsey bless I so wish u just got a rash or spots when u was so u knew for sure grin it's not gonna happen that way though is it
let's hope we all get lucky soon smile

MissLHoneychurch Sat 18-Jun-11 15:38:45

Hugs to you all! Thank you for the support and making me feel welcome.
It is difficult to disguise when it's the best time of the month since we are apart during the week and have to schedule to meet mid-week. However, I will try to remain positive, and I am planning something special for my BF...a little getaway - and I think it coincides with my most fertile days. Trying to breathe...relax...not stress to much...and a nice healthy cry now and again doesn't hurt. Sending lots of positive energy to you all. We all will get lucky soon!!!!!

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