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Retained products question - probably working myself up over nothing

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Missgiraffe1 Mon 13-Jun-11 13:52:00

Just looking for a kick up the bum bit of advice/reassurance before POAS (have worked myself up about this, probably needlessly, as I bet if I actually POAS it would be bfn anyway! Still have to go out and buy )

I am wondering if anyone knows whether it is possible to have retained products after ERPC with no symptoms? My ERPC was exactly 4 weeks ago, but still no AF. Cycle usually 27/28days. I really don't think I'm pg, and know cylces can be messed up post-MC, but suppose I should test since we have been DTD.

Hardly any bleeding after EPRC, just very light spotting for 2 days. Am worried about POAS incase it is bfp but then turns out to be retained product. I never POAS after the EPRC (annoyed with myself now angry)to check if went to bfn, so am now worried about this.

If you tell me "no way, you'd definitely have pain/bleeding/smell if you had retained products" then I'll happily believe you smile smile smile, but if you have heard of this happening, then I think I'd rather know.


helenlouisey Mon 13-Jun-11 15:58:16

Hi, so sorry to hear about your loss. I had RPOC with no real symptoms, I was being carefully monitored by my gynae so a scan showed what was happening and I then had an ERPC. One of my friends had a missed miscarriage and was asked to do a pregnancy test two weeks after her medically managed miscarriage to check if the miscarriage was complete, which sadly it wasn't. She had no symptoms at all othher than the positive pregnancy test. Did the EPU not give you any guidance as to what to do? I think most advice a scan or a pregnancy test.

If it's been 4 weeks since your ERPC then the HCG should now be zero, so if I was you I'd do a test, if it's positive it could be RPOC or it could be you are pregnant again. If it's positive get yourself to the local EPU for a scan and if it's negative don't worry just yet, it can take 4-8 weeks to get your period back, it just depends how long your body takes to get your HCG levels back to zero.


mistlethrush Mon 13-Jun-11 16:02:51

Helenlouisey - I've had two early mc where my hcg didn't get back down to 0 for 3 months.

Missgiraffe1 Mon 13-Jun-11 18:38:18

Thank you so much for your responses. When I had an ectopic, I got methotrexate and it took 10 long weeks for my hcg to get to zero. Think I had just - niavely - assumed this time that after an ERPC it would drop to zero quickly. I kind of skimmed over the issue of RPOC until more recently

The only post-eprc advice I got this time was don't have sex until the bleeding stops! That was it! When discussing options, they said that if I opted for medical management, I'd be given a test home with me to check after a couple of weeks. But I chose surgery.

The early scans are so nerve-racking as I've had that "maybe its too early, come back in 2 weeks" wait for a second scan twice now, only for it all to go wrong.

Will try to hold out for the rest of the week, and hope af arrives (wierd, isn't it, how you are desperate to have a baby but post-MC your head's all over the place and you don't know if its better for af to arrive, so you know where you are at least, or get pg straight away)

Might all be fine in the end anyway, I am panicking about a theoretical thing at the moment, so appreciate the responses.

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