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when to have mirena coil removed ttc

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shavmcv Sun 12-Jun-11 21:26:44

hi all!!

i am getting married on 22nd October but i am also desperate to conceive !!

i would like to give myself the chance to get pregnant as soon as possible but i would not like to be pregnant (or at least be far enough along that i would know) on my wedding day, but nor would i like to end up having my period on my wedding day.

so, i am looking for some advice as to when to have my mirena coil removed??? my dr said sometime in september would be fine but i was hoping to do it a wee bit earlier that that.

any thoughts would be appreciated !!

Flojo1979 Mon 13-Jun-11 09:29:53

Up to u really, if u wonna risk having a period on your wedding day or being pregnant and sick as a dog all day on your wedding day then get it removed bout 3 months b4, otherwise wait and work out the best time to have a baby. Some like them born in spring so they have all summer pushing the pram round on sunny days, others have them sept/oct etc as research shows they do better at school etc. Tho u cant really plan these things anyway. Good luck x

notso Mon 13-Jun-11 09:43:11

I would wait until after the wedding if you don't want to be bleeding or pregnant on the day itself.
I had mine removed at the beginning of Feb last year I started bleeding a couple of days later and it carried on for over a fornight, it was very heavy and painful.
Then had a normal period at the beginning of March and 6 month old DS2 is sitting on my knee now!

shavmcv Tue 14-Jun-11 16:42:11

Thanx guys for ur thoughts !!

I Really don't know what to do I want to do it sooner rather than because as well as being broody as hell , my dd is 6 and really don't want any bigger an age gap .

I think I will just c how I feel nearer the time ! By the time September comes round I may b so busy I won't mid waiting another month or so ! smile

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