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TTC after loss at 20 wks, newly diagnosed PCO and on metformin

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shiningstar79 Sun 12-Jun-11 19:09:08


Was wondering if anyone out there had any of the above in common with me? We lost our first baby at 20 wks in November. She had a rare heart defect but was otherwise perfect. Since then my cycles, which were previously on the long side, have been all over the place. Was diagnosed wth polycystic ovaries after scan in Feb. Don't suffer badly from symptoms other than very long cycles and perhaps an extra stone of weight that has proved very stubborn to efforts to shift.

Only felt ready to try again last month and started on metformin to try and help regulate hormones and cycles 3 wks ago. Trying to stay patient but it's hard. After what happened last time I just want to be pregnany again quickly. We got lucky last time and I fell within two months (despite long cycles).

Anyone else in similar position?

shellmc Sun 12-Jun-11 19:21:59

Not in same position, but just want to say im really sorry to hear about your loss sad FX for you that it will happen soon for you both xxx

shiningstar79 Sun 12-Jun-11 21:44:14

Thanks shell

LaraMi Mon 13-Jun-11 15:08:55

Hello Shell - sorry to hear about your loss. If it helps, I had two early MCs. I was then diagnosed with PCOS and put on to Metformin by my GP(1500mg per day). I was on that dosage for less than two months before getting my BFP. I am now 16.5 weeks pregnant. (Note that I remained on Metformin on a low dosage for the first 12 weeks of my pg).

shiningstar79 Mon 13-Jun-11 17:32:22

Thanks Lara, hope everything is going ok for you. I too have been told to keep taking metformin for first 12 weeks once I get pregnant, although last time we had no problems early on. Now I know the links with PCOS and miscarriage I couldn't risk not taking it. Have only been on 500mg a day, working up to 1000mg.

Looks like period has started today - first since beginning of April. Hopefully this is a sign the pills are working as it's almost a month since I started taking them.

LaraMi Tue 14-Jun-11 10:31:39

Sorry Shining - realised that in my enthusiasm to type, I called you the wrong name!

Keep on with the Metformin. Coincidentally or otherwise, I did achieve my desired objective - to become pg and to remain pg (so far so good!) My periods did stabilise and I did obviously ovulate properly (whereas I can't be sure that was happening before). If you increase the dose slowly you also minimise any nasty side-effects. I felt absolutely fine after a couple of weeks. Try to lower your sugar intake too while you're on Metformin. I put myself on a low GI diet before I became pregnant. Again, can't be sure if it worked but mission was accomplished!

shiningstar79 Wed 15-Jun-11 17:16:09

Thanks Lara. I was fine on 500mg a day but when I tried to double it turned into a zombie. Now trying to increase dose more slowly, doing 1 day of taking at breakfast and dinner then the next just at lunchtime then back again. So far so good. Hopefully will be able to get back up to two soon but without feeling like complete crap!

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