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CBFM vs blood test results (confused!)

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cookiemonster100 Sun 12-Jun-11 17:55:28

Hi all,

I am a bit confused, and if anyone can help then I would be grateful.

I have been using ClearBlue Fertility Mointor for a few months and each month it says I have high and peak days, indicating that I am ovulating.
However as we have been TTC for a long time, the GP sent me for a blood test. It came back with low progestrone level indicating that I am not ovulating.
I am more likely to believe the docs result over a machine, but how can one test tell me I am ovulating and one tell me I am not. I know the CBFM picks your LH levels (?) and the blood test is progestrone, but don't really understand the difference.
Is anyone able to offer some explanation?!!

PinkCustard Sun 12-Jun-11 20:33:22


The CBFM shows a Peak when you have a LH surge which usually indicates ovulation is imminent, but doesn't actually guarantee that it will definitely happen. The progesterone levels are more definite, as levels would stay low if no ovulation, but a certain level indicates ov.

Hope that makes sense. Your doc should do another day21 test just incase you had a one-off annovulatory month. You also need to make sure it's done at the right time, not necessarily day 21 but 7 days after ovulation.

cookiemonster100 Mon 13-Jun-11 20:55:31

Hi Pink - thanks for your reply. Ah ha now I understand. This medical malarky is beyond me sometimes! Thanks for the tip re the blood test, yes I will got 7 days post ovulation.
Thanks again smile

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