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Just needed a good cry!

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rmm Sun 12-Jun-11 14:13:37

After a very long an emotional year DH finally agreed to try for dc3. Obviously i was over the moon, this was a sign! 2010 was going to be my year!

A year later, very fustrated I saw my obygn. I had a cervical erosion which meant that my chances of conceiving were next to impossible. I was put on provera for 3 month, to regulated my cycle and help heal the eriosion. OMG i never thought i could feel so ill on something i was voluntarily taking. Sore boobs, gaining weight, acne like you wouldn't believe and mood swings that make me behave like an absolute loon!

So fastforward to my appointment on friday and my wonderful supportive obygn has taken me off the dreaded provera and put me on letrozole, which he says gives me a 60% chance of ovulating.

Hopefully the side effects wont be as bad and my cycle has returned to a somewhat normal routine.
So I'm thrilled to have the medical support, but dh the one person i really needed support from is completely disinterested. He barely listens to anything i have to say about the new medication, he was completely unsympathetic to how awful the provera made me feel and every month when af turns up he completely shuts me out.
I feel awful, its as though he has endless patience with everyone else and he will make time for other people/issues, but as far as ttc is concerned he just doesnt want to make the emotional investment

I know we all have our own coping mechanisms, and the very fact that he has compromised to try for dc3 is amazing. He is a wonderful dad to our other 2 dc, and in ever other aspect a great dh.

How do i get over feeling so sorry for myself and start celebrating that i might just be making progress? Even if dh isnt so excited?

Hunterswish Sun 12-Jun-11 20:03:45

Hi smile
You yourself have said it's been a tough year sad You don't know if you are coming or going and your hormones I am sure are not helping smile Give yourself sometime smile
DH he will come round smile
Have you got a good group of friends or family you can rag things through with?
I know it's easier said than done, try though and just relax and let nature and life takes its course and of course your body adjust to all the changes..fingers crossed in the near future you will 2 lines on your test!
For now though just try and take a step back and enjoy your family and that wonderful husband of yours might just do the trick !!
All the best smile

rmm Mon 13-Jun-11 18:02:45

thanks!! Today has been so much better, i feel more in control, so maybe i need to enjoy the good days and just get thru the bad ones!!

I know that i am very lucky, but i just cant help but wonder why its so easy for some and yet not for me?!

You'd think round 3 would be easy!!

Hunterswish Tue 14-Jun-11 06:46:23

you will get there I am sure smile you have had a better day so thats a good sign! lets get some more good times and lets push the boat out and get some "fun" back into yours and DH lives too grinp now thats a goal !!!!!! :0p-- smile
Take care

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