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advice on non-NHS route in London please

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againagain Sat 11-Jun-11 10:35:28

Morning. Have been TTC for 9 months for a much-wanted 3rd baby. We had 1 mc, I'm 38 and feel we're running out of time. Due to 2 ds both conceived with no intervention I know we've had it good but we'd love a 3rd and we're willing to take a chance with the assisted conception route. Thing is I don't know where to start with tests / pills / consultants / ob and gyn etc. We're totally assuming private due to having 2 already so can anyone recommend someone in London or at least explain what kind of happens from here on in. I have fairly regular cycles, always get a clearblue happy smile at some point in the month but very little 'wetness' i think! Sorry if that's tmi.

Gardenpixie Sat 11-Jun-11 10:43:12

Hi again you can try arranging an initial consultation with a gynae consultant who will take your medical history and arrange tests etc. On the back of the tests, he or she will then make a treatment plan for you.

FWIW I looked on the London bridge hospital website as LBH is easy for me to get to and just called them to make an appt. It cost £200 for the first consultation.

Good luck and I hope you get your BFP soon smile

Scrummybumb Sat 11-Jun-11 11:15:47

I suggest you go and see your GP first. He can run some initial blood tests for you and you should also test your DH and his swimmers. considering you already have two, there would be nothing to suggest something is wrong. 9 months feels a long time (I know, Ive been trying for that long myself) but I can't see them getting worried until you've tried for couple of years because of your background.

If they do find something from the initial tests you can still have further tests on NHS, but you are correct in thinking that you would not get treatment. Private clinics accept tests done in NHS provided they have been completed within 6 months.

There are plenty of clinics in London. Treatment is expensive, an IVF cycle can cost £8-10,000, so you need to make sure you choose one that you feel comfortable with. You can find a list and comparisons on HFEA website. Some clinics also run open evenings, so you can visit before you commit.

So, see your GP first. Have the initial bloods (day 2/3 and day 18-21 of your cycle) and semen analysis completed and then discuss other options.

In the meanwhile, have plenty of SWi and keep it fun. You can improve your fertile CM by drinking grapefruit juice (not from concentrate), taking evening primrose oil from CD1 to ovulation and even cough medicine - Robitussin. Don't take others. It's the active ingredient that helps. And you can use sperm friendly lubricants. There are now a few around, although pre-seed is still the most popular. You can get it online.

Hope that helps. Good luck with your journey!

highlove Sat 11-Jun-11 12:35:47

I'd second what scrummy says. Your history suggests no problems so if you are worried see your GP first. Even if you already have kids they'll run tests and even some treatments if needed.

My own experience of private clinics in this field is that although very good, ultimately they make money by providing a service and that service is what they will offer you withou discussing other options available to you. My experience was being pushed straight for IVF before really looking at other options available to me. I then went back to the NHS and realised there were lots of things we could try before going down the IVF route.

It's in the interest of private clinics to get you to have big invasive (read: expensive) treatments rather than trying other stuff first. Basicially IVF is more of a money maker than clomid!! You may decide that you don't want to spend a year or two trying other things but you do need to know the range of options. So my advice is give it some thought first and don't allow yourself to be pushed into thinking you've got to go straight for IVF unless you are sure that's what you want.

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