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Ibuprofen reduces chance of becoming pregnant apparently!!!

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kay157 Thu 09-Jun-11 18:19:55

Have found out that taking Ibuprofen can reduce you concieving and mess with fertility. I take this most months esp for period pain or ovulation pain. I've had countless tests and all fine so maybe this is the cause. I didn't hear this from a doctor either surprise surprise but from my mum who was randomly reading through the leaflet.

Has anyone else heard of this????

no1childminder Thu 09-Jun-11 18:25:51

hi, ive read FEMINAX can act as a temporary contraceptive, but its instantly reversed once you've stopped using it. i read it in the leaflet in the box. i use it for my period pains as obviously im not TTC at that point, but use paracetamol at other times throughout my cycle. Feminax can also be used for aches, pains, headaches etc.

kay157 Thu 09-Jun-11 18:38:49

I never take paracetomol but seeing as i've been trying for a few years i'm gonna not take Ibuprofen anymore

eurochick Thu 09-Jun-11 19:50:29

I have read that too. I had been taking Ponstan (mefemanic acid) for period pains for years. Bored in an airport a couple of months ago, I read the leaflet in the box for the first time in many years and it says not to take if you are TTC. I googled when I got home to find out why (wanted to know if e.g. it caused deformities so I should stop TTC for a while - thankfully not) and noticed that ibruprofen is also not advised if TTC as it can make conception more difficult. So I am just down to paracetemol now!

helenlouisey Thu 09-Jun-11 20:46:36

Hi, I just discovered this as well, I was given a type of ibuprofen for pain relief during a recent miscarriage and was distressed when I read it could cause fertility problems. I then checked on a packet of Nurofen plus and it had the same printed on the leaflet. This was the first time I'd ever read this and was panicking, I did some research and it seems that once you stop taking it then the effect is reversed, so I think a good plan would be to take paracetamol for pain relief throughout your cycle, apart from period pain when I'm guessing it should be ok as you know you're definitely not pregnant at that point. Best of luck TTC


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