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Want to start TTC but should I wait? Is this the right time?

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rosebyanothername Thu 09-Jun-11 13:40:29

We want to start TTC DC2 but I'm wondering whether we should wait - I'm still BF DC1 on demand (13 months), about 3 feeds during the day and he still wakes for 2 - 3 feeds at night.

I'm totally exhausted from the night feeds, he's hasn't slept through the night yet!

I'm ashamed to admit it but my diet isn't great, DH and I are both so knackered that we eat out a couple of times a week and we get takeaway a couple of times a week too. As a result I'm about a stone heavier than I was before I conceived last time, still in the healthy range for my height but it really is just an extra stone of flab.

I'm also getting zero exercise. When I take DS out I drive us to the park and we walk so slowly that I'll be getting no benefit healthwise from it at all.

We had quite a lot of problems during my pregnancy with DS, various anomalies, a birth defect that occured early on in the pregnancy which we're due in for surgery to correct soon and then pre-eclampsia to top it all off so DS was IUGR too.

Because I was really healthy when I conceived DS and despite this we had all the problems, I'm concerned that the fact that I'm far from my physical best right now - exhausted, flabby, still breast feeding - that TTC is the worst possible thing I could be thinking of doing and would be totally unfair on a new baby. But I'm desperate to have another little one, I always dreamt of having a big family with my babies close together in age and I'm conscious that time isn't on my side (early thirties).

Sorry for the rambling post, I'm not sure what to do for the best. I want to be healthier and we have cut down on takeaway recently but it'll take ages to lose the weight and if I'm honest I really don't know when I'll get the time (I'm back working too, I work from home which is making it tricky to even go on the exercise bike as any spare moment I get I try and get work done).

I don't know what to do! Would it be ok to start TTC now or would I be jepordising my chances of a healthy pregnancy?

Aworryingtrend Thu 09-Jun-11 13:58:21

Why not give yourself 6 months to get in shape- eating healthier, lose some weight, and then TTC? That way you will be in better shape than you currently are, but won't have delayed too much.

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