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Anyone with knowledge needed!!!! seocndary infertility/ endemetriosis?

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Ozziesmom Wed 08-Jun-11 15:06:04

Hi guys

I would really appreciate some advice if anyone can help. I fell naturally with DS (4) but have so called secondary infertility.

I am diagnosed underactive thyroid (I have no idea if this has any bearing on it- I am medicated and thyroid under control)

Initial tests showed I wasn't ovulating, I lost a bit of weight and it would appear I am ovulating again- I have an unpreductable cycle (17-27 days) which does not help as DH works away!

I had a bad reaction to Clomid last year (seizure) and so am prescribed Tamoxifen as a replacement. I have had no probs with this but I do feel pretty rubbish when I ovulate. I have debilitating monthly mentstrual migraines which I have suffered with for about 18 months (prior to Tamoxifen)

Anyway- I had a tube dye test (thing) today which shows one of my tubes is blocked and have a scan booked for 1st July to find out why.
Has anyone had similar experiences or medical knowledge in this field? Is it possible I have Endemetriosis? My mum had a Ceasarian at 37 as she suffered badly although I have no idea if it is hereditary? My periods are very painful and heavy.

We would dearly love another child (but not at the cost of my health as we have our lovely DS to think about- we cannot afford IVF or IUI) am I being unrealistic do you think? Is it time for me to give up trying? I am 39. The whole thing has been very emotional sad

Many thanks in advance.

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