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First fertility appointment at Doctor's - what to expect?

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NervousNelly Tue 07-Jun-11 17:52:59

I'm 36 (soon to be 37 sad) and OH and I have been TTC since August last year. We've had not a sniff of a BFP, so have decided now is the time to get science to intervene.

As far as I know, I ovulate most months (EWCM and lower-abdomen pains mid-cycle) and have fairly regular cycles and LP length etc. My cycle tends to be 25-28 days long. Neither of us have any children though, so no idea whether we have working parts or not! I've not been temping or using OPKs, the best we've managed is a) to use an iphone app to track my periods and b) have sex hmm.

So what would be the likely course of action from the doctor at this stage? Is it naive to assume that because tomorrow is CD3 it'd be worth getting down there tomorrow to have a progesterone (?) test done? Or will they suggest OH gets tested first?

Any advice as to what to expect would be much appreciated!

Scrummybumb Tue 07-Jun-11 18:45:42

Hi nelly. nothing to be nervous about. Your GP will ask you both questions ( yes, you should both attend together) and most likely suggest the following: CD2-4 and CD 18-21 blood tests for you. Potentially also test for your thyroid function and a chlamydia test, all standard. It's the CD18-21 that will test progesterone. CD 2-4 will test LH, FSH, oestrogen and prolactin. He will also ask your OH to provide a sample. He/she may also refer you to a gynea, who will refer you for an ultrasound to check your egg reserve and general health of your uterus and ovaries and an x-ray (also known as HSG) for any blockages.

I'm just going through this and was surprised that the process takes up to 6 months with NHS, so you must stay patient. Or decide to go private.

Hope it goes well and that you get your little bundle of fun!

NervousNelly Tue 07-Jun-11 19:21:37

Thanks scrummybumb (great name!). Very clear and informative! OK I'll see if I can manage to get an appointment asap to see if they will do the CD2-4 tests straight away <naive>

Not sure I can be bothered waiting for them to take 6 months though, or have the luxury of that much time! I might see what they say tomorrow then go private if it's all a bit slow.

Hope it all goes well for you too smile

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