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A Question About Consent Forms For IVF.

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woopsidaisy Mon 06-Jun-11 11:48:25

Hi. Not sure if this is the right place for this but it seems many people here are going through this so here goes.
My best friend has just started the actual process of ICSI. She hasn't told anyone outside family and me,so she vents/talks to me about all that is going on. I am a nurse.
They are going through a private clinic.
They were given three consent forms,two were quite basic ones about the procedure itself,the third had a section in it that said something along the lines of any embryos which had been kept for X years,and no longer required by the couple they belonged to,could then be used by the clinic for other couples,ie,donor embryos.
Now,my friend mentioned to the nurse at last appointment this section. She said that they were not happy to do that,so what happened re:the consent form. The nurse seemed oblivious to this section of the form,read it,then said,"Ah,don't worry about that. I don't think that ever actually happens"!
My friend was shock at this seemingly blase attitude to any future embryos. And TBH it has really upset her.As a nurse I was very surprised that they were just given the forms to sign themselves,and that no body went through it with them. What if some other couples just signed the forms without reading all the details?
There have been other small areas where they have seemed a bit "ah,well,it will sort itself out",and my friend feels that they are paying thousands of pounds,they want to have the maximum chance and care.
It has really thrown her,right as she is starting her daily injection treatment.
Has anyone else come across this?
Obviously I have told her to forget all that for now,try to stay positive etc.But she feels the clinic is like a conveyor belt,there is no sense of every case is special...
Any advice?

deedar Mon 06-Jun-11 14:00:30

She's not at ARG by any chance is she? If so, yes it's very much a conveyor belt system; and no, every case definitely isn't treated as special. But they do treat hundreds (thousands?) of women a year, and simply can't spend the time that smaller clinics can. However, the results are amazing, and that's what really counts. I'd suggest you just keep reassuring her - it's a terribly worrying time, but she should just try to get through it as best she can.

Maybe suggest acupuncture to help reduce stress/increase chances of implantation?

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