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Day 5 Oestrogen Levels?

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MiniH Mon 06-Jun-11 11:38:02

I had my Day 3 tests done on Day 5, as my GP was adamant they could be done any time between day 2 and 5, and that was the only day the surgery could give me an appointment on. Anyway, results are back and they are as follows:

Oestrogen 171!

From what I can see, the LH and FSH levels are o.k., but the only numbers i can find for Oestrogen are on day 3 and they are supposed to be under 50 for then, but I have no idea how quickly they are supposed to rise after that, so whether this could still be remotely normal.
I do have an appointment with GP but not till the end of next week, and I think i may slowly drive myself bonkers with google self diagnosis searches until then, so if anyone can shed any light on what's 'normal' that would be very helpful.

Gardenpixie Tue 07-Jun-11 13:56:21

Hi MiniH I'm not an expert but I've just had loads of tests done at an IVF clinic and they were very clear that Day 3 tests really should be on CD 2 or 3, and, at a push, CD4. From Day 2 or 3, oestrogen starts to surge so you might find that 171 is OK confused

Hope you get answers soon!


PS FSH / LH results look good - so at least you can have a quick hurrah for that!

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