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Nimbleminx Sat 04-Jun-11 23:05:25

Hi there. This is my first post on Mumsnet, so I hope I'm not breaking any rules by posting this. Apologies if so.

Anyway - I had a baby last month, and today started tidying up the house. I have two full packets of Pregnacare tablets and a handful of pregnancy tests (the dipstick ones you can get from Ebay) that I'm happy to post out if anyone would like them. I bought loads of both, thinking I was in for the long haul, but was lucky and fell pregnant straight away. I'm not planning another just yet, so they will only go into the bin otherwise.

If anyone would like them, please drop me an email and I'll post them out (free, as promised).


redflagsahoy Sat 04-Jun-11 23:55:15

I mailed u nimbleminx I'll re-imburse you for them though

redflagsahoy Sat 04-Jun-11 23:55:42

and congratulations too!

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