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Awful mid-cycle pain

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redflagsahoy Sat 04-Jun-11 18:02:52

Hi All,
I am a regular reader of threads on here but this is my first one. I am 27 DH is 39,we have been ttc #1 for 8months my average cycle is 27days. I do not take my temperature but I do look out for other signs eg EWCM and I also get middle of the month pains. I also get extra amorous (sorry if tmi) around my fertile period. The past two months I have had crippling pains in the middle of the month, I know approx 20% of wome get mid cycle pains but these are so awful that I cannot sleep/eat let alone bd. They usually last 4 days but the worst pain is usually 24 hrs. Does anyone else have any experience of this at all. Maybe its something really obvious and I'm just being stupid.
Thanks in advance for any replies

Fedupteach Sat 04-Jun-11 18:14:32

Personally, its sounds to me like ovulation pains as I usually get them for a day or two mid-cycle also. I know that they can be quite painful too. The last time I had them, one attack was so strong it stopped me in my tracks for a couple of seconds! What's worse is that I was driving at the time, so it was lucky I didn't cause an accident!

What I find ironic about these such pains is that they are supposed to be your body's way of telling you you are fertile/ovulating ie. its a good time to BD, but who in their right mind wants to get down to it when they are in such agony???

I just take painkillers (paracetamol) when the pain gets too much, but nothing stronger in case it interferes with ttc.

redflagsahoy Sat 04-Jun-11 18:29:46

Thanks fedupteach, I guess just bear with it. I know, how ironic when bd'ng is the last thing on your mind. They have been much worse than period pain too and was just concerned in case there was something I missed.

Fedupteach Sat 04-Jun-11 18:46:38

There are other possibilities, but I would only consider them if you have those pains at other times during your cycle: a UTI or ovarian cyst. I have had both of these before and they are also quite painful.

In the case of a UTI, you may need to wee more often and find your urine is a bit cloudy looking or bad smelling. The cyst doesn't have any symptoms except pain on one side near your ovary.

My cycle is also quite short, averaging around 27 days over the past 5 months since I stopped the pill. And I also haven't been temping or using OPKs (yet). Just checking my CM for the EWCM (which I haven't actually been getting every month unfortunately). If the pain IS due to ovulation, then in theory, you should get the EWCM just after the pain has stopped (which means you have ovulated). Maybe you could observe this next cycle?

Most of my friends are surprised when I say I can feel ovulation from the pain I get mid-cycle as they often don't notice a thing, but I'm sure there are others out there who also get this unwelcome warning!

If you are really concerned, you could always get it checked out at the GPs in the name of ttc and it not posing a threat etc.

redflagsahoy Sat 04-Jun-11 18:53:53

Thanks fedupteach, I may in fact go to the GP if it happens next month just to rule anything else out. I get pain for a about 2 days prior to the onslaught of agony, then 24 hours of deep stabbing pains. I do get the CM after the pain so I'm more or less convinced this is what it is. I just thought I'd post because there is always someone who may have an experience that was similar.
I read its 20% of women who get this pain, its good in a way (if it wasn't so intense) because its a natural sign, hopefully it was just bad these past 2 months and it will settle down now.
Good luck TTC Fedup smile

eurochick Sat 04-Jun-11 21:04:40

I'd get it checked out if I were you. I've never heard of ov pains being that severe. I am one of the 20% who get ov pains but mine are not really painful, just a feeling that something is happening in that region really. Obviously it will vary from person to person, but what you are describing should be checked out.

redflagsahoy Sat 04-Jun-11 21:11:08

Hi Eurochick, thats why I posted on here, just to see what others experience to see if its normal or not. If it is as bad next month I'll go to my doctor

thighslapper Sat 04-Jun-11 21:16:42

Hi, my mid cycle pains are like you describe.
I find it painful to walk and to sit down. My whole undercarriage and lower abdomen is very very tender and painful. I take brufen & paracetamol for it.
It also builds in intensity over the few days leading up to it.

Lasts exactly 24 hours.

So we time bding around this.......have done for 18 months now, and still nothing.

Ive had scans and all sorts and everything os normal as far as they can tell. Its very unpleasant

matildawormwood Sat 04-Jun-11 21:16:56

I have exactly the same thing. Usually lasts on and off for four days in the middle of my cycle. Sometimes the pain is so bad it makes me feel sick and I break out in a sweat. I have had scans and spoken to several doctors and all have assured me that it is just ovulation pain and some people do get it quite acutely. Apparently some people are very sensitive to the hormones released around the time of ovulation and they can act as an irritant. But perhaps worth just getting it checked out for peace of mind? I find I find a hot water bottle or heated bean bag on the area really helps.

eurochick Sat 04-Jun-11 21:34:09

thighslapper I thought ibruprofen was one of the things that can hinder conception? I've only been taking paracetamol since I started TTC.

thighslapper Sat 04-Jun-11 21:40:21

OMG something ELSE that hinders conception.


so cutting out alcohol, sugar, sweetners, articifial colours/preservatives, fats, cafinated fluids, and eating healthily is not enough, now i have to endure pain as well for the cause!!!

Paracetamol just isnt enough for the pain.

Im wondering if its all really worth it after nearly 4 years of ttc.

Why oh why do folk just "fall pregnant" and HOW?????

redflagsahoy Sat 04-Jun-11 21:50:04

thanks everyone for your input, I'm sorry that others get the pain so intensely too. Sometimes my period pains are so bad I also take nurofen, I can't not take them, I can't bear the pain, I get really bad palpitations with the pain and I need to curb it, while I'm TTC and I am only 8 months in, I won't sacrifice everything because as thighslapper said some folks just fall pregnant and they use all the above.
Matildawormwood (I love your name)I break out in that sweat too, its awful. When/if I get pregnant I'm afraid what the labour will be like...even though I'd go through it over and over to get pg smile

eurochick Sat 04-Jun-11 22:15:01

I recently stopped taking mefemanic acid for period pains because apparently it can hinder TTC. And then found out I can't even take Nurofen! I've had one really bad month with paracetemol only and was not impressed!

Sometimes too much knowledge can be a bad thing.

redflagsahoy Sat 04-Jun-11 22:21:14

I find heat helps somewhat Eurochick, as matildawormwood advised, but sometimes I just have to take Nurofen. I always take a lot of the ttc advice with a grain of salt because others get pregnany easily whilst not eliminating any of those things. I definitely eat healthier now, have lost some weight, take folic acid, Vit B. I am only 8 months in though, maybe I will start paying more attention to 'the rules' if I am still ttc in 2years
Good luck ttc smile

ShowOfHands Sat 04-Jun-11 22:25:45

I get ovulation pain. It follows a very distinct pattern. Starts as an achy, bruised feeling and then builds up to a sharper one-sided pain. Once I've actually ovulated it feels much more painful (according to a gynae I saw, it's blood in the pelvic cavity apparently from the egg release, it's an irritant), it's like a red hot poker up the bottom type feeling. I feel sore and constipated (even though I'm not) and really bloody tetchy. Oddly, I rarely get period pains. Lasts a day for me and then feel tender and sore for a day or so afterwards.

redflagsahoy Sat 04-Jun-11 22:42:31

Thanks for sharing showofhands, I'm not alone in the pain then. Sorry you suffer so much, glad that the gynae could explain what it was to you. Do you get that every month?

ShowOfHands Sat 04-Jun-11 22:51:20

As soon as I came off the pill to ttc dd I started to get ovulation pain. Obviously when pg/bfing it isn't there but yes, it's otherwise like clockwork. It's not that painful that I can't get on with day to day things but a hot water bottle and a duvet helps enormously some days if time allows.

AttilaTheMeerkat Sun 05-Jun-11 08:05:09


If this is consistently happening mid cycle I would also start to keep a pain and symptom diary. GPs are not always aware of endo and do not think of it as a possible cause for such pain. Ovulation pain should not last that long and be that intense.

Mid cycle pain like you describe particularly as it goes on for 4 days (you also describe deep stabbing pains which again is another possible indicator) could well be related to endometriosis.

I would read up on endometriosis is a good website and see if any of its other symptoms apply to you.

Unfortunately endometriosis if it is there cannot be detected on an ultrasound scan or blood test; it is usually only diagnosed through a keyhole surgery op called a laparoscopy. This is also perhaps why in thighslapper's case nothing has been discovered (I hope she also reads this message).

redflagsahoy Sun 05-Jun-11 16:03:47

Thanks Attila, I will certainly mention it to my GP if I get it so bad again this month, I'd prefer to find out if it was anything that will hinder ttc so that I can address it.
Thanks for the info

thighslapper Tue 07-Jun-11 14:18:39

Hello, thanks showy thats really helpful actually. I had considered endo as my mother had a hysterectomy becuase of it so there is a chance that i could have it.

Trouble is, what treatment will they offer? They wont offer it to me at 40 will they???
I am at "end stage ttc" now. Nearly at the "accept that i am infertile and get on with life" stage.
I think that a laparoscopy will confirm this for me once and for all. There can never ever be even a faint possibility of pregnancy which means that we can make plans.
I believe it is a cycle, and i have come round to the fact blatent and obvious that i am never going to have another child.
I spent my entire 20's trying not to get pregnant and then my entire 30's obsesively ttc, having mcs and obsessing about periods and symptoms.
I refuse to be a slave to this in my 40's. I need a happy & healthy family life with my gorgeous dh and my miracle ds.
Thats what matters now.
I shall carry on with my brufen & paracetamol with the occasional original feminax for a treat (siesta always goes after taking a feminax and i just LOVE an afternoon siesta grin
So thats it, thats the end of my very very long journey ttc.
Good luck to you all in your quests, i hope that you all get what you are wishing for.

Emmajane1978 Wed 21-Jan-15 11:56:42

I get mid cycle pains too and it's agony,it's only ever my left side and the pain is so concentrated in that area it's horrendous,having an attack as we speak,currently le ld on the sofa with a hot water bottle

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