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trying to put on weight whilst TTC

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dontcarehow Fri 03-Jun-11 12:39:03

I'm sorry, I know people will hate me, but I am in the position where I think I need to put on weight. I have/ had hyperthyroidism (test results normal for a month or so now, yay!!) but it means I have lost quite a bit of weight. I'm also very active. I'm not super skinny, my BMI is healthy, 20 ish I think. but I am quite muscle-y, and I've recently weighed myself on one of those body fat percentage thingys and am about 19% fat. I read somewhere that 20% is healthy for women, and that possibly my percentage might be responsible for me not having had a period in 9 months sad

Anyone else in this position? does putting on weight help at all?

eurochick Fri 03-Jun-11 13:59:42

I have found in the past that losing weight does affect my periods. Doing it sensibly makes them a bit lighter and getting silly about it (as I did once as a teenager) makes them next to non-existent.

So it might help. I have a BMI of around 21 and have normal monthly periods. I think my body fat is considerably higher than yours though (but I haven't had it tested in ages).

Teds77 Fri 03-Jun-11 14:16:10

You ask so nicely so am sure no one will mind smile

I'm relatively short so smallish differences in weight have a big impact on my bmi.

My bmi is currently 25 which I think makes me 'overweight'. At my very lightest - around bmi 19.5/20 I stop having periods. Though I've never been that small long enough to know whether it would just mean 6 month cycles or no period at all grin

When I have periods - say with a bmi of 21 or 21 or 23 etc. then they are regular and not noticebly different in light/heaviness. So maybe with just a bit of weight/fat gain could make a difference.

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