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Has anyone had tests for blood clotting/ autoimmune issues?

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eurochick Thu 02-Jun-11 13:32:22

If so, what were the tests (i.e. what do I have to ask for) and did you get them done on the NHS or privately?

Also, any recommendations generally for private clinics?

eurochick Thu 02-Jun-11 13:48:13

PS - I am in London

Sheepasaurus Sun 05-Jun-11 21:48:22

I work in a labs and I can tell you what tests are commonly requested:

Clotting screen
Lupus anticoagulant
Thrombophilia screen
Cardiolipin antibodies

Hope this helps.

pommedechocolat Mon 06-Jun-11 00:56:05

Hi eurochick. I have Hughes/APS syndrome. I was kinda lucky in a way as had a bad clotting incident before ttc so always knew what I was up against when ttc/had dd. I had no issues when pregnant and was monitored and cared for brilliantly - all on NHS.
It is the lupus anticoagulant issue that I have iirc.
Privately the tests cost approx £600 and I have heard that they will only do them on the NHS if you have a clotting incident or 3 miscarriages in a row.
I have had a mixture of NHS and private treatment ironically in the same department at my nearest hospital.

4childrenonboard Mon 06-Jun-11 01:21:59

my brother and best mate had there baby delivered by c sec last tues at 33 weeks pregnant, it started off as preclampsia but tests later revealed she had clots and large varicus veins, shes got to have blood thinning injections every day for a week to clear it and wearing flight socks, last one on tues or weds i think but baby ruby is doing so well already and mum is almost back to herself (with the exception of a deep c sec wound) nhs is brilliant and look after pregnant mums, i dont think u should worry too much, if in doubt, speak to your midwife about your concerns, they should listen! xxx

orangehead Mon 06-Jun-11 07:53:08

Yes but a long long time ago. So cant quite remember, but a lot of blood taken. What Sheepasaurus said rings a bell. I had them done on nhs after my 2nd mc. At first they said they would only do them after I had had 3. But I was so distraught at the prospect of having another they agreed to do the tests. Everything came back ok. They then redid the tests after my 3rd mc. Again everythig came back ok. Cosultant said that it doesnt always show up so might be worth taking aspirn next time pregnant anyway. I did with next two pregnancies and gave birth to two healthy boys.

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