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How early can you experience pregnancy signs?

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sunshinela Thu 02-Jun-11 02:47:22

Hi there, I'll make this short and sweet!
I am 30, mc'd first pregnancy at 9 wks in Feb.
I've had one heavy AF and one strange/light one since.
We have been TTC for a few weeks.
Next AF due next wednesday.
BUT I am experiencing pregnancy signs as I did the 1st time. Such as metallic taste/insomnia/day long headache/ lower backache.
Am I crazy and just imagining this or could I possibly be getting signs of pregnancy already? It would be super early considering my AF is due next week, so I haven't actually missed a cycle yet.
Please let if anyone knows if this is viable?
fingers crossed.

BlackSwan Thu 02-Jun-11 05:52:17

Good luck sunshine. Sounds plausible to me - you'll be able to torture yourself with testing in a few days... if you're like me you'll test as soon as the pack says you can...

IvyAndGold Thu 02-Jun-11 07:26:26

it could be! i was showing signs after just a couple of days! metallic taste in my mouth, my skin got hideously spotty for a couple of weeks, and i was mega emotional - one afternoon i was getting ready to go to work, and the trousers that i'd hung over the landing we still very slightly wet. DP found me sitting at the top of the stairs sobbing! blush

sunshinela Thu 02-Jun-11 16:37:00

Wow there is hope then! Did you both have successful pregnancies?
MY AF is meant to arrive on I am buying a test on Wed and will hold off and do it on thur am with the DH. Will try not to be utterly gutted if am negative.
Thanks for your insights smile

LoopyLoopsBettyBoops Thu 02-Jun-11 16:39:09

I had to stop breastfeeding about 2 days after conception as it suddenly became too painful (DD was 15 months). Signs can come very early. Good luck. smile

Ruggettee Fri 03-Jun-11 09:41:11

Oh wow! This has given me hope. I have just started a thread asking about insomnia as an early symptom. sunshinela looking at the time of your post, you and I were suffering the same thing last night!!!

I'm due on Mon or Wed (clomid gives me 32 or 34 day cycles) and refuse to test early, as it's never been positive before.

But can't sleep, so emotional (though could be cos i'm tired), feel sick (though argued with my DH which always unsettles me, blaming it on tiredness), and my boobs are not tender like they normally are before AF.

Just wanted to share the AAAHHHH-ness about TTC!!

happydaysahead Fri 03-Jun-11 09:57:03

With my previous pg's I started feeling very slightly sick on and off from a few days before af was due - with the last one started to get metallic taste about a week before af. I am due on Thurs/Fri of next week and I had slight metallic taste and feeling sick this morning but I'm worried it was actually the glass of wine last night and the coffee this morning.
I think you are very restrained to wait until thursday to test - I have always before got a very faint line 3/4 days before af due.
Good luck - keep us posted of whether you get a bfp! FC x

Continuum Fri 03-Jun-11 11:12:45

Had a mc in November so the symptoms were all fresh in my mind and so with this one I "knew" at 3 weeks mostly because of enormously sore boobs and sensitive nipples (after having ds I stopped getting sore boobs before period), but I was also ridiculously emotional. Tho it took until 5 weeks for the actual bfp, grrr!!

IvyAndGold Fri 03-Jun-11 17:01:12

yep, DD is 13months now grin

sunshinela Wed 08-Jun-11 02:03:02

Hi Ladies,
Well I was due for my AF tommorow and I was planning on doing a PG test then. But last Thursday I got a migraine, really bad cramps and then started bleeding. I thought it was my period that had come early so sad I couldn't be pregnant. Heavy bleeding continued so I went to the doc and had an ultrasound and turns out I mc'd and it wasn't a period at all.
So that's that. 2nd MC in 5 months. Going in for D&C tommorow. Can't beleive I am one of 'those' recurrent miscarriers. Seems like ever having a full term is impossible for me. xx

AmandaCooper Wed 08-Jun-11 07:11:12

Can't offer any advice just wanted to say sorry to hear such bad news.

shellmc Wed 08-Jun-11 08:47:40

Awwww sunshinela, im soo sorry to hear that. xxx

Imnotaslimjim Wed 08-Jun-11 09:06:26

Sunshinela, I'm so sorry to hear of your losses. But please, don't give up hope just yet. I suffered 6 mc's with no reason to them, over 5 years. I was tested and prodded and poked and was told there was nothing wrong, but to give up cos it obviously wasn't going to happen

6 months later I fell pregant unexpectedly, DS is now 5, and DD is 3! So it could still happen

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