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How early you taking prenatal vitamins?

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ColleenEatsVeg Sun 29-May-11 18:26:35

Hi All,

Thinking about pickup up some prenatal vitamins this week after I keep reading about the benefits of taking them pre-conception. How many months have you lot been taking them.. I am thinking realistically it will probably be three-ish - four months if not longer seeing we are continuing to TTC without luck.

You cant overdo the length you take them right?

LilQueenie Sun 29-May-11 18:31:56

if you take pregnacare you can take them before conception, during pregnancy and afterwards. Its also thought folic acid helps before and during pregnancy. After 12 weeks of pregnancy no real benefit to the baby of taking folic acid but it may help teh placenta. At least I was told that at the ivf clinic. If you are ttc now would be a good time to start taking them. BTW folic acid is in pregnacare so yhou only need one tablet per day. And good luck.

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