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Experience with Chemical PG. Still no bleeding.

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GilbertsGrapes Wed 25-May-11 11:03:01

So I took an IC on Friday morning and got a faint but clear positive. I then went on to a CB digi that evening which gave me "Pregnant 1-2 weeks". The following morning I did another cb digi which was negative along with a FRER and Superdrug. So I figured it was a chemical pregnancy.

Did a few ICs yesterday and an OPK (just for the hell of it) which was dark but not quite positive. The ICs yesterday I believe gave me some evaps.

Did an OPK this AM and it was out of this world positive (very dark. So how can this be, surely I can't be ovulating? Also as the title states, I'm still not bleeding, cramping or anything.

Soooo confused! Anyone with experience of this?


GenericDietCola Wed 25-May-11 11:48:01

It sounds to me like you could be pregnant - perhaps on Fri/Sat you still didn't have enough HCG to give a strong +ve result, but now you do. Could you do a preg test today? I am having similar worries with a faint positive on Sat, Sun and again today, so not quite sure whether I am or not. Hope this is resolved soon and good luck!

stitchinline Wed 25-May-11 13:46:59

Just in case it helps this is my story of a CP I had in April - faint postives from the wed (CD 33 of a 35 day cycle) and 1-2 weeks on a cb digi. tested everyday and still faint until came up negative on the sunday morning, started to bleed on the sunday night.

The CP (like a MC) can throw your cycles out and you could have OV'd very early this month?

GilbertsGrapes Wed 25-May-11 17:22:59

Thanks for the replies.

GenericDietCola, so sorry you're going through a confusing time also sad Have done a few IC's today which had evaps on them, so I am not convinced I'm still PG. Just done a diff brand OV test and again it's super dark, so definitly having an LH surge.

Ahhh I dunno. Think I am going to go see the Docs just to see what's going on, but I doubt they'll help much.

So sorry about your CP stitch. I just didn't expect to OV when I've not bled yet and it was only 4 days ago since BFP.

helenlouisey Wed 25-May-11 18:51:50

Gilberts, you know that OPKs also come up positive when it detects HCG? Have a look on wishing you lots of luck and hopefully you're still pregnant. When was your period due?

GilbertsGrapes Wed 25-May-11 18:56:57

Thanks for the reply helen smile

LOL I love that site. Fab for us POASaholics!

My last period was in Feb due to be on contraceptive, but came of that in April so no idea when i'm due, although I did have a titchy bit of spotting on the 7th of May.

RE the OPKs I wonder how they would pick up HCG so strongly when HPTs aren't.... Strange...

Going to get in with the GP first thing tomorrow to see whats going on with this stoopid body of mine.

YesterdaysPants Wed 25-May-11 19:00:21

You're pregnant, congratulations!

Early on you can get false negatives but not false positives so you're def pg if you haven't bled.


GilbertsGrapes Thu 26-May-11 08:03:50

Thanks YP smile I honestly don't think I am though. Did another CBdigi last night and neg. Did two OPK (diff brands now and they're still pos.

Calling GP's as soon as it opens.

fatbottomgirl Thu 26-May-11 19:30:38

I got positives on OPKs very dark, was pregnant. I think you are pregnant, wait till 2morrow morning do another test with FMU.

Good luck

GilbertsGrapes Sat 28-May-11 10:14:35

Thanks FBG smile

I've been testing every day with HPTs and still all BFN although last night I had a tinge of a line on tescos own and again this morning - but seriously faint, it could actually be a shadow.

Still testing pos on OPKS and still not bleeding. Off to get bloods done on Tues.

no1childminder Wed 01-Jun-11 11:33:54

Hi, what was the outcome GilbertsGrapes ?

GilbertsGrapes Wed 01-Jun-11 15:11:45

Sorry haven't been online for a bit, but thats a whole other thread.

Still no bleeding and it's been over a week since the positive tests. OPKs no longer pos but still darkish. Taken a few more PG tests since which have been neg.

Couldn't get to the docs (don't think theres much point now anyhoo)

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