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Can someone talk me through ovulation testing...novice needs advice.

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wideawakenurse Wed 25-May-11 08:56:28

I have posted another thread yesterday about timing of OPK's, so sorry for any bombardment.

I am CD7 today, my cycles vary from 23 days to 29 days so have found it difficult to pin point ovulation. I seem to get EWDC a couple of times in the cycle, no pattern to it and it only lasts for a few hours.

Have bought clearblue digital ovulation sticks and have used since CD6. The instruction say to use them with a FMU, although I thought you needed to test in the pm to detect the LH surge.

So, my questions are: given my irregular cycles and irregular EWDC apperances, should I be testing am and pm? Or just stick with one time? I have a box of 20 at the moment.

Any help and advice would be gratefully taken!

melliebobs Wed 25-May-11 11:15:40

ah i've got the cheap ones off ebay and they say urine anytime from midday to 8pm and make sure you haven't drunk too much before hand as it dilutes your unrine.So for consistency i've always picked the same time mid afternoon. Not sure why the CB ones say fmu though

Claralou436 Thu 02-Jun-11 01:18:43

I have only got my smiley face in the afternoons around 4-5 o'clock so try that, also try to track your temp as it will rise when you ovulate, I do this every afternoon after AF smile

wideawakenurse Thu 02-Jun-11 07:26:40

Well, I finally got a smiley at CD 11 on a FMU.

Fingers crossed.

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