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alcohol while TTC??? !!!

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smk84 Sat 21-May-11 21:40:15

I just opened some wine and it had a label on it saying 'avoid alcohol if pregnant or trying to conceive.' I have never seen a label like this before. We have been TTC for about 5 months, and I have the odd glass of wine here and there. When I was pregnant with DS, I didn't drink a thing once I found out. Was just wondering what everyone else thinks about this? Is there any evidence that drinking a small amount harms your chance of conceiving?

Ariesgirl Sat 21-May-11 22:12:24

Think how many people have got pregnant whilst wasted. While I am not condoning getting wasted, labels like this treat women as morons who are incapable of deciding how much is too much.

A small amount won't hurt anything if all is functioning as it should.

Bexamundo Sun 22-May-11 11:09:31

I think the idea is if you're in tww you could do harm but as ariesgirl says many haven't known and done no harm.
If you're struggling with ttc moat fertility 'gurus' eg Zita West, Toni Weschler say not to.drink, can affect fertility and a bloke's sperm count. I'd say if you're only having the odd glass you should be ok.

jkklpu Sun 22-May-11 21:25:19

As well as sperm count, drinking can affect sperm quality

LoveInAColdClimate Mon 23-May-11 17:45:58

I must confess that I am carrying on as normal outside of TWW - wine with meals, after work drinks, boozy hen dos, etc (but not drinking, or hardly at all, during TWW). However, we have been trying since January and are not yet up diffed so am considering stopping drinking full stop or at least cutting right down and getting DH to do the same.

Ariesgirl Mon 23-May-11 18:24:46

Some alcohol in the 2ww won't do any harm - the BOC isn't even connected to your bloodstream yet. I know that it's a controversial topic, but opinion is really divided on how much alcohol can "harm" a baby.

On the other hand, like others have said, there is loads of evidence to show that men who have stopped drinking have really improved a low sperm count.

LoveInAColdClimate, I'm the opposite of you I'm afraid. After a year spent TTC, my good intentions are diminishing and I'm starting to think oh well, what the hell sad

MiniModee Mon 23-May-11 20:15:35

Whilst we were TTC I cut down how much I drank, never drank much anyway though to be honest. The first time I saw my fertility specialist though the first thing he said was that we both needed to stop drinking, it was the kick I needed and I stopped. I doubt that it had anything to do with our unsuccessful TTC but I guess every little helps?

chelstonmum Mon 23-May-11 21:18:41

Whilst DH and I were TTC we both cut out alcohol..... 10mths later (with only a few glasses here and there inbetween) we were still no further forward.

Over the festive season we decided to relax stop thinking about TTC as it was getting quite stressful. A bottle of vintage port nd a contra-ban cheese board later we had a rather early night....... Baby bump is due in September! x

cheesecakeandchips Mon 23-May-11 21:32:34

Evidence seems inconclusive from what I've read. As I understand it there is no evidence that drinking small amounts while TTC has any affect whatsoever. However, the authorities think women won't understand what "moderate" drinking is, so its best just to pat us on the head and tell us not to drink at all.

I don't think a couple of glasses of wine a week is going to have any affect to be honest.

TandTandTTC Mon 23-May-11 21:52:56

Love that Chelstonmum!

Bexamundo Mon 23-May-11 22:01:10

I've reduced mostly because it's empty calories and I need to lose some weight. Persuaded Dh it'd help him too! (That's nothing short of the miracle!)

smk84 Thu 02-Jun-11 16:21:07

Thanks everyone - very helpful . Still having one or two glasses from time to time, but considering none at all during 2ww. Just about to start the wait !!

crazyhead Thu 02-Jun-11 17:18:00

I drank quite a few glasses because it was my first month trying and I am 34 and assumed it would take ages. Of course, I got straight up the stick, typical. I guess it is always worth doing something a bit naughty, just to see if Sod's Law kicks in for you .....c

MockCroc Thu 02-Jun-11 19:26:21

TWW / 2WW? Can someone help me out with the acronyms? I am catching up but every so often get stumped grin

brettgirl2 Thu 02-Jun-11 19:33:43

I think that the reason that you are less likely to get pregnant is that drinking sends you to sleep - therefore you are less likely to have sex!

mrsb33 Thu 02-Jun-11 19:58:07

I've just given up during the 2ww,after 10 months of trying so let's see if it helps!
2ww two week wait, after ovulation to next period
Af period aunty flow
Ttc trying to conceive
Swi shagging with intent
Pg preggers, which I hope to be next month
Ucl usual cycle length
Cd cycle day
Dh dear husband, dd dear daughter ds dear son.

Hope that helps. X

TerrysNo2 Thu 02-Jun-11 20:01:21

I didn't drink much during SWI but after ov I did drink a bit, in fact got quite drunk the night before PG test even though we were trying. I read that it won't affect the Baby before 6 weeks as your blood supplies aren't connected. I did TTC for a few months and abstain from drinking but I was getting stressed so I decided to act as normal. And it worked for me!

Good luck with TTC!

RhinestoneCowgirl Thu 02-Jun-11 20:05:23

First time round I still drank as normal, the odd glass of wine, plus the odd night out with friends where the odd glass turned into the odd bottle.

I can remember getting my period on a Friday the month before I got pg and thinking 'what the hell' and having a great night out. Then a couple of weeks later I was at a friend's birthday party and really didn't feel like drinking (spent the night quietly pouring my drink into a pot plant). A week later I got BFP grin.

Second time around we were rarely drinking anything as even a small drink made us so dozy that sex was the last thing on the cards...

modernvickyp Thu 02-Jun-11 21:39:01

I am currently on the 2ww - have had annoying news this week - tenants have handed in their notice and business partner has decided she wants out! So last night and tonight (AF due today) I have thought bugger it and had a couple of glasses of wine - partly in a vain attempt to get AF to appear!!

LoveInAColdClimate Fri 03-Jun-11 06:58:10

As mentioned above, I have been trying not to drink at all during 2WW but this month am now on the wait and have races this weekend and a wedding the next, both of which would be much more fun with a bottle a few glasses of champagne. My resolve is weakening...

Next month may try not boozing at all (except for a hen do where I don't think I'll be able to stand it if I don't) and see if that works - assuming this month hasn't worked!

eurochick Fri 03-Jun-11 11:09:49

I have been avoiding drinking in the 2ww and drinking v little at other times for the last few months. But this month I thought stuff it. If by some miracle, I am preggers, it is going to have a taste for rosé....

MockCroc Fri 03-Jun-11 12:23:02

Birthday today. Hen weekend this weekend. What can you do? A nice bottle glass of champagne it is then thank you very much. If it all comes to the good next week then it will have expensive tastes.
Seriously, it's a difficult one isn't it, but when you don't know how long it's all going to take it's hard putting your life completely on hold. I guess it's a matter of personal choice, but I have decided that for me, moderation in all things is the way forward...

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