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Cycle / TTC Buddy

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jazzy283 Thu 19-May-11 18:42:20

Hi i was wondering if anyone wanted to have a cycle / TTC buddy i know there is lots of support on here but i wondered if someone fancied go through the waiting to Ov, testing and general how you doing today stress of ttc in a smaller group as i seem to keep eother getting myself lost or cant keep up with everyone, im kinda new to these forums blush

Stats :

TTC #1 Cycle 8 CD 12 / using CBFM 2nd day High reading also currently on fertilaid

smile grin smile smile

melliebobs Fri 20-May-11 07:56:20

hey there i'll join you! I'm ttc#1, on cycle 3 cd 8 and just using those cheapie ovulation cardboardie strip things off ebay. fx for this month!

jazzy283 Fri 20-May-11 09:08:21

how do you find them i never got a peak with them i POAS today for my clear ble fertility mointor and got another High day im just waiting for my peak eeekkk i also tried that conceive plus last night he he he that was fun blush smile smile how long are your normal cycles ?

melliebobs Fri 20-May-11 18:28:22

cycles have been 27 and 29 days so far. The info that came with the tests said not to start them till cycle day 9, but i wanted to get to grips with them just in case . Wouldn't expect to be ovulating until next week so obiously it hasn't come up with a positive test so we will just have to wait n see with how good they are

catinhell Fri 20-May-11 19:16:49

i'd love to join smile
i am cd 17 which i know sounds really late, but am sure i havent ovulated yet. i have a theory that i conceived my dds about day 19. i did POAS 48 hours ago and it was neg. since then i've kept an eye on <boak> and am sure i cant poss be fertile based on the.. er...evidence. maybe i should pop upstairs and POAS again.

it'll be annoying if i've missed the boat this month, but dh and i had a massive row so didnt bother to POAS yesterday as i knew i wouldnt want him near me, lol!

anyone know if ov on cd 19 sounds likely??

jazzy283 Fri 20-May-11 19:42:03

Mellie - keep me updated my cycles are 28 / 29 days

Hey Cat smile how many days is your normal cycle if you on 33 / 34 days you can ov @ cd 19/20 there is nothing wrong with it smile

CM is to hard to judge as i dont always have a lot hence why i started to use conceive plus which is great lol lol

jazzy283 Fri 20-May-11 19:48:49

oppps pressed post to early lol

I hate POAS i never got any decent readings from any of the shop brought ones cheap & expensive i now have a CDFM and i love it on my 3rd high day reading lol so im FX for this month or im gonna scream angry

catinhell Fri 20-May-11 20:23:58

jazzy, hi.

actually my cycle is 29 days i think.

i just did POAS again. well, in a cup actually, but forgot i had asparagus for dinner. mmm....i think there was a darker line today.

i just cant believe i ov anyearlier as i still have... er... <sorry TMI alert> post period bloody mucus till about day 14, so just doesnt seem poss to be fertile till things 'clear up' a bit... sorry much TMI. does that sound abnormal??

<awards self boak of the year medal>

jazzy283 Fri 20-May-11 21:45:39

it dont sound abnormal cause everyone is different like i said before dont trust them pos as they are not always right i never got a second line but knew i was ov so really i wouldnt worry, but if you really are check with your dr to be 100% sure smile im using the \clear blue monitor now and getting high readings so just waiting to ov i think next couple of days

melliebobs Sat 21-May-11 18:04:23

definatly will do jazzy they are definatly very good ad giving negatives! lol but just started a thread in the conception forum about one part of how you use them! lol time will tell

jazzy283 Mon 23-May-11 09:19:14

Morning ladies well i am at CD16 with my CBFM and still no peak however TMI here my boobs are hurting and my cervix is really high so im FX that i am at peak now so myself & DH have been DTD all weekend desperate for that BFP this month hope you are both ok x

melliebobs Mon 23-May-11 11:59:41

CD11. The test gave me something different yday. Still a negative test but 2 lines! So maybe I'm getting there. DH is off out tonight so he best not be late back!!!!!!

jazzy283 Mon 23-May-11 12:24:54

ohhhhhhhhhhh yes he better not lol lol sounds like you are in your fertile time fx

jazzy283 Tue 24-May-11 10:43:14

i have been having high readings since CD11 now on 17 but my cycle is only 28/29 days so im some what worried now i think i have been worse this month than other other month TTC i now convinced myself there is something wrong my cervix feels high but i dont really get EWCM so i cant judge on that and i have has no real pains or anything this month sad sad i have been DtD nearly evet night if not every other during my high but i so desperatly wanted a peak and now im worried if it comes to late mt LP is too short for implantation ohhhh how we torture ourselves with all this

Ok moan over sorry ladies i know we are all going through

jazzy283 Tue 24-May-11 10:43:53

melliebobs did DH come back in time lol ;)

melliebobs Tue 24-May-11 10:55:08

he didn't even end up going out at all ;) Still no positive on the ovulation tests though. Can't be far off though. Or i'm hoping not n e way

jazzy283 Tue 24-May-11 11:07:12

wooo hooo FX

melliebobs Tue 24-May-11 19:39:02

Stll no positive on these bloody ovulation tests

jazzy283 Tue 24-May-11 20:12:31

rrr dont worry too much i never got any not even on this bloody monitor that cost £100 lol lol

jazzy283 Thu 26-May-11 09:31:53

hey ok so update im on CD 19 with a high again still no peak AF due on CD 28 woke up today with dull ache in lower tummy and keep getting sharp pains again last night do come and go feel like af pains so i dont know whats going on this month has got me so confused sad sad

melliebobs Thu 26-May-11 09:46:03

Cycle day 14 out of 28. Still no positive on these ovulation tests. If it's not today I give up! Just glad I only spent a couple of quid on the
Swi every other day like everyone says. If I suggested it n e more to dh he may need therapy!!!

jazzy283 Thu 26-May-11 09:58:43

i think mine does need therapy lol its really hard aint it lol im just soooo stressed bout this month but hey its not over till AF arrives lol

jazzy283 Fri 27-May-11 09:39:18

ok check in so im on on CD20 still no peak but still high confused if going by previous cycles AF due in 8 / 9 days have very strange cramping through the night again ???? my body is a cruel thing

melliebobs Fri 27-May-11 10:52:30

Cd 15 still no positive on the opk. Do one today and if it's negative again I might throw the rest away!!!!! If it's positive I'm stuck in limbo as After yday I don't think dh can take n e more!

jazzy283 Fri 27-May-11 11:10:09

Well for the first time ever i have EWCM this morning yet still no positive and AF is due is 8 days i dont kn ow whats going on i wish there really was a baby stalk lol lol i know how you feel its so frustrating my DH thinks his TMI - willy is broken lol lol lol lol i was on the floor crying with laughter

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