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Just MC and ready to try again? Pack your cake, wine and tightie whities and join us for more ranting, weeping and most of all laughing! All welcome! (Part 16)

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olismum23 Sun 15-May-11 23:24:25

Hello! If you have recently miscarried and are thinking of or actively trying again come and join us! We offer plenty of cake, tea and wine if needed! Come in and laugh, cry and rant as needed, and don't be afraid of asking whatever questions you need answers to and we'll try our best to answer them.

Add yourself to the stats list whenever you are ready.

wttc = waiting to try to conceive
ucl = usual cycle length
wtf cycle = the time after your mc when you have no idea whats going on with your normal cycle

Lets hope this is a lucky thread and we all get our bfps!

stats to follow

Part 15 here

olismum23 Sun 15-May-11 23:35:16

Tokyotwist ttc #2 cycle 1 cd 54 ucl unknown
Stitchinline ttc#1 cycle 3 cd 36 ucl 33
Lily06 ttc#1 cycle 4 BFP
Olismum23 ttc#2 cycle 3 cd 28 ucl 30-33
Loup23 ttc#1 cycle 4 cd 27 ucl 33ish
Meliesmummy ttc #2 cycle 4 cd 8 ucl 28

Sorry if i have these all wrong the first time of me doing them feel free to add and amend blush

never made a bfp list as did not want to move anyone that did not want to be moved

meliesmummy Mon 16-May-11 07:30:16

Thanks olis for the shiny new thread!

piglet it's near Southampton. We're about 3 hours away so camped nearby. Is it far for you?

lily06 Mon 16-May-11 07:44:06

Ok, here goes, will make the bfp list. I'm determined that what will be, will be. In other words, adding myself to the bfp list will not jinx things. Do I sound convinced? Any other recent bfps still lurking/posting want to add themselvses in?

Monday's list


Tokyotwist ttc #2 cycle 1 cd 55 ucl unknown
Stitchinline ttc#1 cycle 3 cd 37 ucl 33
Olismum23 ttc#2 cycle 3 cd 29 ucl 30-33
Loup23 ttc#1 cycle 4 cd 28 ucl 33ish
Meliesmummy ttc #2 cycle 4 cd 9 ucl 28



Recent BFPs

Lily06 ttc#1 BFP 13/05/11

Loup23 Mon 16-May-11 10:26:23

Thanks for the new thread oli how are you feeling today?

Lovely to see your name on the BFP list lily hope we're all with you soon!

My internet cheapies arrived at the weekend and i caved . BFN today but will remain hopeful so long as AF stays away!

Waves hello to all and hope this week goes well whatever stage you're at! x

olismum23 Mon 16-May-11 11:21:48

I still have af type cramps loup heres hoping its a lucky thread for us all!

lily you go girl like to see a positive mental attitude!

melies no worries has af calmed her way down yet?

I had already amended the CD to monday sorry never put it at top of list was getting late blush

Monday's list


Tokyotwist ttc #2 cycle 1 cd 54 ucl unknown
Stitchinline ttc#1 cycle 3 cd 36 ucl 33
Olismum23 ttc#2 cycle 3 cd 28 ucl 30-33
Loup23 ttc#1 cycle 4 cd 27 ucl 33ish
Meliesmummy ttc #2 cycle 4 cd 8 ucl 28



Recent BFPs

Lily06 ttc#1 BFP 13/05/11

Loup23 Mon 16-May-11 11:53:44

I have fx for you olis and all others on the 2ww. I had pink cm after DTD this morning (sorry tmi). I am 9 or 10dpo so a little early for AF although my LP is only 11 or 12 days so either AF is on her way or not getting hopes up hopes already high it's maybe related to implantation (maybe too late...) who knows...

stitchinline Mon 16-May-11 13:27:21

Well done on the new thread olis, fx it’s a luck one for you.
CD 36 here and still no sign of AF, i did OV later than normal so guessing that it will be about in a day or so. Really just want it over and done with so we can get on with things so to speak. Did anyone else have funny cycles after a CP?
Congratulations lily
melies hope AF has calmed down, am lucky that although mine are horribly painful they only stick around about 4 days and not much spotting before /after
Fx for everyone on 2WW

meliesmummy Mon 16-May-11 17:17:21

loup fx for implantation bleed then!

Well done for moving to the bfp list lily!

Hope your af gets a move on stitch.

I'm still spotting (ok af, it's boring now!) but it should have stopped by tomorrow so time to get cracking again! I'm off out to the cinema tonight, haven't been to a non animated film for ages so looking forward to it!

Waves to all x

Bumpwanted Mon 16-May-11 18:03:23

oooh Loup that does sound promising!!!

Stich hope the AF comes soon. A friend said her cycle took a while to settle down after - I think one you have one AF it gets better but sometimes it can take a little longer than the norm for the first one to start again.

Melies glad you are coming to the end of AF - FINALLY!

Olis cramps sound good. When are you testing?

Not a lot to report here. The pain in the day is much less than before and I haven't had anything bad at night for the last two days which is good. Of course, now I just think something is wrong as the pain has stopped...there is no win to this situation!

Next scan is in 2 weeks 2 days. I guess I'll know where I stand by then if nothing goes wrong before...


Loup23 Mon 16-May-11 18:19:04

stitch hope AF shows her face so you can crack on again! Glad to hear yours is nearly at the end melies have a good time at the cinema, hope AF stops soon as well and O day comes around again soon.

bump glad to hear the pain is getting better of sorts, hope the next 2 weeks and 2 days fly by pain free and you get a pic of your sticky bean at the next scan!

How many dpos are you now olis?

I shall continue using my IC like a woman possessed...... blush

pigletmania Mon 16-May-11 18:20:57

hi melismummy yes it is a bit far, I am in sunny MK lol

olismum23 Mon 16-May-11 22:08:46

I am 4dpo at the moment af due thursday giving me a measly 7 day leutal phase loup hoping everything is going to be late so i can get at least 10 day LP and a chance of being pregnant. FX af stays away for you! smile

Glad your af is calming down and you can get cracking melies

piglet do you want to add your bfp to the list.

stich hope you AF comes soon.

Damm mother nature it has us over the place eh!

Hoping luck will come im running out of patience!

pigletmania Mon 16-May-11 22:23:59

ok *olliesmumP smile

lily06 Tue 17-May-11 08:05:59

Olis keeping fx for either no af or at least a late af so your lp is longer. Are you holding out til Thurs to test?
Piglet definately add yourself to the bfp list, will make me feel better!
Mel sounds like a lovely trip. Glad to hear af is nearly over for you. Fx this is your lucky month.
Stitch I think the cp could definately make your cycle different this time. Are you planning on testing?
Loup sounds promising, keeping fx for you.
Bump glad your pains are better but sorry that's making you worry.
No news here, other than panicing because I no longer feel pg, and I did for the last few days. Since Friday have used up the other cd digi, and made the mistake of using an asda cheapie this morn which didn't show anything. Fished it out the bin 1/2 hour later and faintish line again. Grrrrr these things are evil.

meliesmummy Tue 17-May-11 08:51:02

Morning ladies!

Fx af stays away olis x

Glad the pains have settled bump. No bleeding is a good sign remember!

Stay strong loup!

Any bleeding yet stitch?

How many dpo are you lily? if the cb is a bfp i would ignore the asda one.

I've made a opks this month. Even though I've got 10 digital ones left. I just want to chill out about it and dtd on my nights off without thinking about what cd I'm on or stressing that I'm working on the 'right' nights. So no poas. No counting. No symptom spotting. I'll still come on here because it's lovely to chat to all of you but I need to chill out, I will not be working out edds. I will however have to keep taking the pg vits gor the colic acid, but no conceive plus (it clearly doesn't work!). I think I'll take a step back and if it's meant to happen it will.

meliesmummy Tue 17-May-11 08:52:35

For the folic acid obvs! Stupid iphone, folic is a word it doesn't need correcting! Grrr!

laylasmummy09 Tue 17-May-11 09:03:50

hi ladies sorry i havent been on for a while, the whole ttc thing was getting me down and we all got ill so i just decided to take a break not that i had any choice as AF has been AWOL for 3 months all -ve tests so im off to the docs again, congratulations to the recent bfp's grin fingers xd itll be the rest of us soon xxx

stitchinline Tue 17-May-11 09:38:29

morning ladies

nothing yet here - did crack and do a cheapie and of course BFP. not that it could be anything else this month as no DH to DTD at the 'right' time

If i work on AF being 12dpo then should arrive today / tomorrow, only real sympton is slight nausea but that could be all food I've been stuffing myself with smile

Piglet added you to the list! sorry not sure of any details
Mel good on you for taking it easy this month. FX it's a lucky one

Loup and Olis everything crossed for you grin

Bump is good that you are feeling better, very hard not to worry though. After MC cycle went back to 'normal' pretty much straight away so this has just thrown me a bit. Although it is hard for me to tell what is normal as only been having AF since TTC (July last year). Was on different endo treatments for last 15 years that essentially suppressed most of my AF. Huge learning curve here confused

Tuesday's list


Tokyotwist ttc #2 cycle 1 cd 55 ucl unknown
Stitchinline ttc#1 cycle 3 cd 37 ucl 33ish
Olismum23 ttc#2 cycle 3 cd 29 ucl 30-33
Loup23 ttc#1 cycle 4 cd 28 ucl 33ish
Meliesmummy ttc #2 cycle 4 cd 9 ucl 28



Recent BFPs

Lily06 ttc#1 BFP 13/05/11

meliesmummy Tue 17-May-11 10:18:44

Hi laylas, it's lovely to hear from you, I was worried about you after you had positive then negative tests sad. Have you not had a period since then then? I hope you get some answers from your gp.

stitch I'm assuming you meant a bfn?!

stitchinline Tue 17-May-11 10:32:15

oops - yes BFN - wishful thinking typing there grin

olismum23 Tue 17-May-11 11:50:24

sorry for the BFN stitch

lily stick to the same tests as otherwise you might be worrying for nothing if it makes you feel any better i think they have changed manufacturer on the asda ones and they are no longer as sensitive as the claim to be.

laylas hope you get all the answers you need from the gp I think all of us at some point feel like giving up trying i think people who dont go through it dont understand quite how heartbreaking things can be.

melies i admire your resole to relax i just dont seem to be able too as much as i try its awful sad

loup have my fingers crossed for you!

piglet yey for going on the bfp list!

bump glad you are feeling better exciting waiting for your scan!

tokyo hope your ok?

Loup23 Tue 17-May-11 12:41:02

lily hope all goes well for you, agree with olis the different tests might produce confusing results.

melies good luck for you this month, I really wish I could switch off and relax. I think having a boring job particularly at the moment is making me spend my days obsessing about pg! Hope it works and a BFP is round the corner for you.

bump hope things are getting better for you. Look forward to the update in 2 weeks and 1 day!

olis hope AF stays away and you have a longer LP this month, or even better a BFP - Fx either way.

Caved and did a FRER this morning (am either 10 or 11dpo) BFN sad, temps still high but had spotting yesterday morning which often happens before AF shows her face... only have one FRER left so must wait until the end of the week and see if AF arrives - nearly cried this morning on the way to work, just keep thinking I could have been 16 weeks along - I know you are all in the same position too........

laylasmummy09 Tue 17-May-11 14:50:37

oh my gosh this is all too much i just got back and im pregnant grin i feel like a massive fraud coming back to the thread and finding out im pregnant on the same day, melies no i havent had a period but i must have concieved after i took my last test a few weeks ago because i just did a cb digi and it said 2-3 weeks since conception, i must have had a strange v. long cycle, olis i know what you mean but ive just shown that you shouldnt give up because it will happen!!!!

Loup23 Tue 17-May-11 14:55:23

WOW Laylas fab news! Did you find out at the drs? That's fantastic news, wishing you lots of luck for a sticky bean and uneventful 9 months! Go on the BFP list when you're ready grin x

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