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Quick Question, I Promise

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Jemma7 Tue 30-Sep-03 16:57:30

Does Folic Acid actually help in the TTC process?

Would you recommend it?

When should it be taken?

Where do you get it from?

i know it's 4 questions but you wouldn't have come in if i'd names the thread 4 quick questions

Thanks Guys (Feel really conscious about saying thanks now cos of the other thread )

Bogwoppit Tue 30-Sep-03 17:13:18

I am takig it.
don't know about ttc, but is does help prevent neural tube defects
can get it from supermarket/boots etc

quackers Tue 30-Sep-03 17:14:47

It doesn't help conception Jems. If you take it asap,ie before conception it helps prevent certain deformities in the baby by giving protection to the egg before and after fertilisation. It should 'ideally' be taken 3 months before, but start straight away. You can get it from boots, or from your GP, but boots would work out cheaper. Just folic on its own is fine, no need for pregnacare etc.. really until actually pg.
Hope this helps!!!!

pidge Tue 30-Sep-03 17:15:44

Well, it protects against birth defects and I think the rationale behind taking when you're trying to conceive is that it can have an impact in the very very early days of pregnancy when you might not know you're pregnant. Someone more enlightened might be able to put me straight there.

I didn't think it had any impact on your likely success of getting pregnant. But I may be wrong.

I got Folic Acid from the pharmacy and did take it when TTC and through the first 3 months of pregnancy.

Now you can see I've been reading the Conception thread, which I shouldn't be reading cos I'm not ttc, but am every so impatient to get started on pidge junior no 2, so I keep having a browse through and following your story. I guess since you've been trying to conceive for a while now, taking folic acid all the while could get pretty expensive, so I'd get some advice from your GP or a midwife.

By the way, really sorry it didn't work for you this month ... am rooting for you and all the others on these threads.

gingernut Tue 30-Sep-03 22:56:33

You can get Folic Acid very cheaply in Tesco.

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