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Bfn and no AF

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emmaloupolman Sun 15-May-11 15:18:46

Who wants 2 join this bus i am cd36 and had 3 bfn's already the latest af has been is cd34

MrsHY1 Sun 15-May-11 19:29:28

I'll join it!! Cycles are normally 30-35 days in length and today is day 45!! Two BFNs. Think it's just a long anovulatory cycle. Which is really annoing because I am waiting to start Clomid and can't take it until AF gets me! x

emmaloupolman Sun 15-May-11 21:06:34

Hi mrshy1 i am also on Clomid and have been for 3 months 1st 2 months was 50mg 3rd month was 100mg i have pcos x

KnittingKnots Mon 16-May-11 08:42:51

I'll join! BFN, no AF since 17th March. Think it may simply be that I came off the pill in Jan and haven't settled down yet. Going to see doctor this morning and fully expecting to be told to "go away and wait a bit longer"!

emmaloupolman Mon 16-May-11 09:21:52

They should do a test 2 c if your pregnant still no af 4 me!

herethereandeverywhere Mon 16-May-11 09:40:49

Can I join? my cycle is usually 30 days and I'm on CD 32 (14dpo). I've been seeing the GP as in past months I was spotting for about a week before my period came properly (I was worried about short luteal phase) and this month, no spotting until a tiny bit on CD 29 and 30. I thought I must be preggo but 3 tests say BFN. I'm now panicking about why my period isn't here, its usually so regular. I've had a bit of cramping but nothing else. At my last blood test the Dr said my oestrogen was a bit low but he didn't seem to concerned and said we could test it again once he'd ruled out other reasons for the spotting (I'm due to have a scan to look for fibroids or endometriosis). What is going on? Agghhh!!!

emmaloupolman Mon 16-May-11 10:08:08

It is so frustrating isn't it how long been ttc for mine is 20 months of trying

knitterati Mon 16-May-11 10:33:23

Can I join? I'm on CD34 and still no AF. Did a HPT on CD31 as my cycles are normally 28/29 days and really regular - but got a BFN. sad Not sure whether to test again as I'm feeling quite nauseous and a little constipated (sorry, tmi). My boobs are fine, so it could be that I'm symptom spotting as I know HPTs are normally right.

What's even more confusing is that this month we tried doing clear blue ovulation testing - I thought I was doing it at the right time and according to the instructions, but I didn't seem to ovulate (according to the sticks).
It's just so frustrating that AF hasn't appeared yet - means that I can't really plan for our next shot at it! That said, we've only really being trying since February, so I know I shouldn't moan or get anxious, but we still do, right?!

Knitting: do let us know how you got on at the doctors - I'm wondering myself if I should go to the docs as I'm normally so regular.

emmaloupolman Mon 16-May-11 10:56:31

My friend done 30 odd hpt and all came up bfn and then she done one from the pound shop and got a bfp she was 14 weeks gone so theres still hope 4 us all smile

KnittingKnots Tue 17-May-11 13:00:06

Bollocks to bloody doctor. impossible to get an appointment so I went to drop in surgery. After 2 hrs of waiting the doctor said "Well you're still young so there's no need to panic yet, if you haven't got back to normal in four or five months, come back." No tests, no nuffin. I must have been in the room for about 3 minutes, if that!

DH says that it's a good thing that they are so unconcerned, but I was a bit peed off to be honest!! I know missed and irregular periods are hardly breaking news, but you would have thought they'd be more aware how big a deal this sort of thing can seem. I'm sure they're right and everything will settle down, and I am only 29... But I've been planning when to start trying etc for the last 3 years – and now the time has finally come and nothing's happening and its just really really frustrating!!! I suppose it's not really the doctor's job to counsel me about this, but she could have seemed a bit more interested! I guess she just thoght I was wasting her time. Humph.

In other news, I just did an ovulation test for a laugh and it came back positive, so that both cheered me up and freaked me out! I was beginnning to think my whole system had shut down, been nothing going on for over 2 months. Only the second test i've done – I was planning to start doing them regularly after next AF (if she ever shows up!). SO very strange that it came back positive. Has anyone ever used them? It'sjust a cheap strip one I got online. Anyone had any false positives or are tehy fairly trustworthy? I know it's a bit weird to be this excited over OV test – it's not like I'm pregnant – just nice to know that there's SOMETHING going on!!

Apologies for long, slightly train-of-thought post. Any news from anyone else? Knitterati (great name by the way!) were you on the pill before – that seems to have made me miss periods, and I'm guessing i've only ovulated a couple of times since Jan. Just wondering if you were in the same boat?

emmaloupolman Tue 17-May-11 13:29:46

I am now on cd38 i have got an appointment to see the doctor tomorrow afternoon i am hoping for a bloodt test as i have had 4 bfn and i am never this late i am also on clomid which is meant 2 regulate periods confused

knitterati Tue 17-May-11 16:22:09

Thanks Knitting! I'm a young knitaholic so couldn't resist!

Sorry to hear you got dismissed by your doctor - I'm off there now and fully expecting to hear the same thing. Let's see... I will report back! Not looking hopeful as I did CB Digital HPT earlier today and still BFN. I was on the pill back in October/November, but AF regulated pretty quickly - or so I thought!

Will let you know how I get on!

helenlouisey Tue 17-May-11 17:01:55

knittingknots, you know that OPKS also show positive if you are pregnant? Have a look at there's lots of information on there. If I were you I'd try and get hold of a pregnancy test, to make sure, as sounds as if you're pregnant or about to ovulate.

Good luck

knitterati Tue 17-May-11 18:24:37


As promised, quick update after my visit to the doctors (my first visit to a new practice since moving house). The lady doctor was very nice and sympathetic and didn't make me feel like I was wasting her time - thankfully! Else I may have skulked off feeling like a complete fraud.

Anyhow, she said that all the signs are there, but just wait another week, do another test then, in the morning. If still no AF then go back for a blood test. I can't tell you how hopeful I am. I have my fingers and toes crossed and you never know KnittingKnots - you may have your BFP afterall! (I have my fingers and toes crossed for you too)!

Sorry for the brief response earlier - I was dashing out to the docs. I came off the pill (marvellon) after nearly 9yrs in October/November time and regulated back into 28/29 day cycle by January. Since Jan, I've had a couple of variations but only by 2 days at the most, which is why this late AF is baffling me. With regards to ovulating - I have no idea. Me and DH have been trying to take the relaxed, 'let's not get too scientific about it' approach. So I'm assuming that during all my regular periods that I've ovulated normally?!

We used the clear blue ovulation sticks for the first time from easter Sunday to the following Sunday with no spike to say I was at my most fertile, so I'm assuming ovulation happened after this point (which is odd because I was particularly unstressed around the time I was due to ovulate and I know that can affect things). So who know's what's going on! I wish I knew!

Let us know how you get on!

emmaloupolman Tue 17-May-11 19:39:20

That prob means i wont get a blood test when i go and see my doctor i dont think i can wait another week 10 days has been long enough.

I am also getting married 5 weeks saturday so need 2 know whether to get my dress altered or not

I will let you all know how i get on

knitterati Tue 17-May-11 22:35:07

Emmalou - hang on in there! I'm sure if I'd been further along in my cycle the Dr. may have offered a blood test, so you could get a blood test - you never know.

Maybe you can distract yourself with your forthcoming wedding plans? (congratulations btw!)

emmaloupolman Wed 18-May-11 07:43:31

Thank u Knitterati i got all tangled up in wedding plans but now everything is practicly done

Fuchzia Wed 18-May-11 08:43:52

Can I join? No AF on day 38. Tested Saturday when it was due and today - both bfn. Thing is I'm never even a day late ever so this is as confusing as hell! Not sure if I should go to GP or wait a week. Sounds like they might not be very helpful so I'm interested to hear your experiences.

KnittingKnots Wed 18-May-11 08:45:29

Hi girls, Knitterati I'm very glad to hear your doctor was a bit more useful than mine, I suppose the situation is a bit different. Keeping fingers tightly crossed for you. We were hoping to stay unscientific but I think I'm a bit too obsessive!! Also I'm off work at the moment so not enough other things to think about... What day are you on now? Are you going to test again? In a week? Eeeek! I would really struggle to wait that long!!

I did a pg test yesterday helen – becasue I had exactly the same thought as you! And it came back negative (obviously). I have also read somewhere (can't remember where – have read pretty much everything i can get my hands on online!) that a positive test can mean your period is due. But I'm not sure that that makes a lot of sense... Hey ho. Gonna do another OV test today and see where we are. We DTD last night and night before so if I am ovulating then fingers crossed... Where do you guys stand on the putting feet in the air after sex? DH says that it makes no difference and ruins the moment!! I don't think he quite understands that for me the moment was kind of ruined already – weeing in a cup dictating when you have sex? Mmm, romantic...

Let us know how you get on Emmalou. Many congrats on upcoming wedding. I know it's a bit of cliche, but we got married a year and a half ago and it was AMAZING. I've turned into one of those boring people who goes round telling everyone to get married! But I enjoyed it so much more than I expected to!! You spend so much time planning, and hoping other people enjoy it, and then on the day you have so much fun you just don't care! Just wish I had drunk a little less so I could remember a little more of it hmm

Fingers crossed you get your BFP – I wouldn't worry about your dress, I think you're unlikely to be showing by then? Is it really clingy? Mine was puffy enough that I would have been able to hide a little bump I think...

Oh, and just to make this post even longer, are you guys drinking still? While waiting to test? I have definitley cut down, but we have a big family wedding in a couple of weeks and i think people might notice if I don't drink anything. I guess I can slip the champagne to my DH and then stick to vodka and orange (without the vodka). But it does seem a shame to go to all that bother if I'm not actually PG.... Thoughts?

KnittingKnots Wed 18-May-11 08:50:21

Hi Fuchzia. Personally I would wait another week and test again – I think they might say that it's still too early to really tell. But you know your cycle best, so if you think there's something up then you may well be right!
Fingers crossed for you, let us know what you decide and how you got on x

Fuchzia Wed 18-May-11 09:00:51

Thanks I'll just have to wait a while I guess. Meant to say 34 not 38 anyway. I shouldn't worry about the dress Emmalou. It took me a good 15 weeks to start showing with DS. I am still drinking I can't face the assumptions if I wasn't. I also do social stuff with clients where it can't be avoided. I think I'm being very subtle at making half a glass of wine last all evening wink

emmaloupolman Wed 18-May-11 13:35:02

knittingknots my dress hasn't even got room 4 a bra not that i need it lol. My bum needs 2 loose a bit 2 lol it can be altered if need be could of done with an 8 not a 6 really. I will post late how i get on at doctors

emmaloupolman Wed 18-May-11 16:41:53

Well i went 2 the doctors and was told 2 re test in 2 weeks but act as if i am i'e folic acids no drinking or heavy lifting, i said well the thing is i have my hen night in 2 weeks can you not just send me 4 a blood test and she is got to go tomorrow results can take up 2 a week

MorningCoffee Wed 18-May-11 16:53:22

Me, I am in this boat it is driving me mad!! I have had no af since 23/3 all tests have been bfn and ov tests all neg too, i dont have a clue what is going on, this has never happened before does anyone have any idea?

KnittingKnots Wed 18-May-11 17:09:56

That's great Emmalou, good for you sticking to your guns. Results really take a week though? shock
Welcome Coffee. I'm no help at all really! Except to say that you're not alone on the weird cycles. Keep us updated and fingers crossed something starts happening soon! How long have you been TTC?

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