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Long time on the pill, no periods so when do I test?

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Pipbin Mon 02-May-11 13:33:49

Hi, I'm new here. waves offers cake

So, hubby and I have decided to take the plunge after deciding that if we waited until we could afford it it would never happen!
Anyway, I stopped taking the pill about a week ago. Now, I haven't had a period since November. So my question is when should I test? I have no idea when my period should start.
I am a realist and am not expecting a 'first time of trying' miracle, however I might not get a period for a month or so anyway.

Thanks for your help and advice.

buggerlugs82 Mon 02-May-11 13:38:48

Hi pippin - If you havent had a period since November i'd say the first thing to do is go see your Dr. Were you meant to have periods? I.e was it the combined pill?

Start doingthe deed asap but there is no point testing i'd say for 4-6 weeks. You ideally need to know your pattern first.

I came off the pill in Sept and my cycles have been all over the place.

<takes cake and stuffs it in mouth, in 1 go!>

buggerlugs82 Mon 02-May-11 13:39:26

p.s not pippin, meant PipBin - sorry smile

Pipbin Mon 02-May-11 13:54:40

Thanks for the reply.
The doctor said that this pill would mean that I would have no periods so all is normal with that. I changed over to the one I've just stopped about July last year, so they got lighter until I had the last one in November.

I guess I'll just test in four weeks if nothing has happened.

buggerlugs82 Mon 02-May-11 15:41:58

mmm, interesting. It sounds to me like it stops you ovulating like the combined pill but without the breakthrough bleed.

I'd try to relax and not get caught up on testing. Wait and see when your period arrives. It should do soon. My first period after finishing the pill i can remember as just before i felt like one of those birds that puffs its chest out to get a mate. I was VERY fruity and felt very womanly!! I was like some obsessed nutter!!

Luckily that feeling only lasted one cycle. Think my husband would have needed therapy if not smile

melliebobs Mon 02-May-11 16:31:05

lol buggerlugs i was exactly the same! I was on the pill for 7 years and came off it in february/march and that first cycle i'd turned into a woman possessed overnight! ashock to mine and my husbands system but neither party grumbled!

Pipbin Mon 02-May-11 17:22:38

I can't remember what kind of pill it was but I know I took it back to back; i.e. no 7 day break.
I too am now feeling proper saucy, but I don't know if that is the pill or because there is now a point to doing it!

buggerlugs82 Mon 02-May-11 18:10:16

It is probably both. You are probably ovulating or about to, your hormones are on overdrive the 1st cycle.

Get at it girl!! smile

Pipbin Mon 02-May-11 23:07:50

Thanks for the help guys.
And of course as I don't really want it until after August you just know what is going to happen!

UpthenDown Tue 03-May-11 07:21:39

Hi Pipbin, just wanted to add, I came off a pill called Cerazette back in February, I never had a period on it, just came straight off and started TTC. I didn't have a period for 55days, thought I might have got lucky until I came on. Thought I was on my 2nd cycle but then about 8 days in had massive pains and bleeding etc and ended up with an ectopic pregnancy.

Turned out I was about 5 weeks pregnant so I had got pregnant straight away...however after doing some research on the pill I'd been on it turned out it was linked quite a lot with ectopic pregnancies and it would have been a much better idea to wait a cycle or two before TTC.

I'm sure you will be fine but just thought I would say as I wish someone had told me, I didn't even think about it before it happened as in the past I'd come off Microgynon twice and fallen pregnant straight away and both had been healthy pregnancies. Good luck with the TTC. smile

Pipbin Tue 03-May-11 11:58:43

Cerazette, that's the chap.
I said to the doctor when I started it that I was wanting to try for a baby soon but he didn't give me any advice with regards to waiting a cycle.

To be honest I am 36 and overweight, if I manage to get pg in the first cycle it'll be nothing short of a miracle.
I couldn't tell hubby to hold on either, he's loving all the attention!

Superunknown Mon 30-May-11 21:37:41

It took me 18 months to get normal periods after coming off the pill. I had 9 or 10 week cycles during that time.

Pipbin Tue 31-May-11 12:47:35

I got my first period 28 days after coming off the pill. Lets see when the next one comes.

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