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Assisted Conception (and all the bits in between) volume 7

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Italiangreyhound Wed 13-Apr-11 01:23:33

Hi ladies Pumplinjoy, Shirley, Lissy, Keziah, Womanly,*Val*, Late*, monkeybumsmum, tametortie and Rowing - hugs to you all.

woowa of course you can join us.

Choco and Horton and londonlottie do you still look in on us?

Can you all find us?

Italiangreyhound Wed 13-Apr-11 01:25:08

Well I think I need to do a test tomorrow because period still not come on but I know it is not anything to get excited about. Last year it went missing for 6 months!

By the way, I've started a new thread about eating problems and posted some stuff. If you are interested, feel free to read it. It's mostly about impulsive eating.


NookNook Thu 14-Apr-11 16:49:45

Hello All!

Exciting new thread. The lucky thread for all of us!

Thanks for the message Italian.

I am still lurking - I started Gonal F on Monday and have a scan this coming Monday. All going well so far. I've started to feel a few ovary-related twinges today.

Love to all! xxx

LissySilver Thu 14-Apr-11 18:17:19

Hi everyone!

DH and I just got back from Hawaii on Monday. It was wonderful, and we're nicely tan and rested. Except for the jetlag, of course.

Am officially starting my cycle in a couple of weeks. On the long protocol, so start down regging on Day 21. Will stay at ARGC, although while we were away we got a letter from the borough about our NHS cycle. They said that they were going to try and get through everyone in the next couple of months, but I know that's not going to happen, so we're going to use that as our backup plan. In addition, we got a call from the charity we applied to, and they're going to give us some money towards the cycle.

Sorry not to name check, but still have unpacking and other nonsense to take care of.

Keep the faith, girls!!

tametortie Thu 14-Apr-11 20:13:57

Hello all!!!

Monkeyarse- any news on the line????

Glad to see some others injecting as well!!

I finally have my period after an intense acupuncture session- only 5 days late hmm what a tease!!

Love to all xxx

Italiangreyhound Thu 14-Apr-11 22:05:56

Nooknook great news. Good luck. I am not quite a cycle buddy, still a couple of months to go. Hope all goes well for you.

Is anyone else looking at treatment for May/June?

Lissy yay, starting soon, all the very best miss suntan superstar!

Tametortie all the best, lots of action on here!

No AF for 16 days, just over 2 weeks, so cracked and tested!

BFN. Not disappointed, just a fact, I knew it would be.

So come on period, roll on. At least, I can get my dental X-rays!

womanlytales Fri 15-Apr-11 21:41:29

Sorry about the bfn Italian I have been traveling in the US last week. Am glad for itmy first iui cycle did not work. Onwards and upwards from here. am perhaps going to be slotted for treatment in may.

Italiangreyhound Fri 15-Apr-11 23:30:17

Womanlytales thanks, I really did not expect it to. It really was not very likely.

I got pregnant with my lovely DD 7 years ago b my second IUI. I have just one egg and I saw her on the scan looking like a little snowman. May you get your little blessing soon.

Italiangreyhound Sat 16-Apr-11 09:29:19

It genuinely sounds like we are getting closer to the top of the list. We may or may not get a choice between altruistic donor and egg sharer (altruistic donors donate their eggs for nothing and the eggs are shared between two recipients, egg sharers are women who are having treatment for themselves but are willing to share their eggs with a woman like me and in return they get a reduction in the fees they pay). We will probably not be given a choice in the sense that if we want the treatment as soon as possible we will need to take the first suitable match. Excited, nervous, almost ready!

Hugs to *all!

Keziahhopes Sat 16-Apr-11 18:15:47

thanks for link Italian.

Had horrible week: collapse, ambulance, resus, HDU, acute stroke ward. Found out not stroke but still suffering physical symptoms just getting better quicker! Sight and speech back, nearly normal. Gone from not move off bed to have 2 people to take me to the toilet and shower me!! Hours of ot and physio means am now home but wobbly.

Not got review of bfn until end May but the scanned my vessels in head to check this not the cause - thankfully not!

Italian - great that not far till get eggs!!

Italiangreyhound Sat 16-Apr-11 21:59:35

Keziah so sorry to hear about your experience. Will keep you in my prayers.

With all.

rowingboat Sun 17-Apr-11 18:19:19

Hi all,

Keziah that sounds awful. Are you feeling any better today. What a shock for you! Do you know what the cause was yet?

Italian hope that list gets shorter soon.

Hang on need to dash...

Keziahhopes Sun 17-Apr-11 18:35:35

Hi - see stroke consultant in 6 weeks. It is a physical problem, they said stroke like a hardware problem this is a software problem. Each day part of my weak side is getting better, but can't walk very far or even make a meal yet so very dependent on dh. Thankfully he has holiday booked now.

am totally confused where people are on Assisted Conception - know Italian waiting for eggs, monkey how are things going? How about everyone else?

think May is a month of medical appointments for me - and Level 1 and Level 2 blood tests for Immune issues, which everyone has recommended after 6yrs ttc naturally and one failed ICSI - partly due to age and not able to keep funding ICSI if it not work as not got too many eggs and partly as I have 2 autoimmune diseases already. See Consultant in July for results. Am so glad now we gone down this route, otherwise could have had private cycle in June/July and physically not able to now, so feel time is used for something.

monkeybumsmum Sun 17-Apr-11 21:22:46

Keziah my goodness me, you poor thing! It sounds like you have been through a very worrying and scary time. I'm glad your dh is there to look after you. Has anything like this happened before?
Is it normal to have to wait to see someone after an IVF cycle? I haven't a clue how things work in the UK. I don't even know how I thought it worked blush

Italian Well done for starting the thread, how are you doing with your eating issues? I had a quick lurk on your other thread, and it looked like there were lots of supportive ladies there, so I hope they've managed to help you in some way? I think being aware of the problem is halfway towards solving it, and it sounds like you've done a lot of thinking about it. It's great that you are attacking it head on so to speak.
I'm glad to hear you are getting closer to the top of the waiting list - do you have any idea how long it might be now? Hope it hurries up for you!

Tortie I am so confused as to how IVF works - how come you have your period? I really don't know the first thing about it, so am looking forward to being enlightened please grin Hope you're feeling okay x

Nook Good luck with the Gonal-f - is that in a pen type thing? I saw it advertised at my FC and didn't know what it was - is it FSH? I hope your scan goes well tomorrow, good luck!

Lissy Ooh lovely, Hawaii! Lucky you! Have you been through IVF before?

Womanly So sorry that your first try didn't work, it's sh*t isn't it sad How are you feeling about trying again in May?

Things here are quite depressing really, I'm now 13dpiui, and just don't feel pg. I've been testing like a lunatic blush and some of the tests have been quite dodgy, so I feel like I've been on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster over the last couple of days. However, my blood test is on Tuesday, so we'll know for certain then. I've also been getting loads of period type cramps, so am convinced it's wanting to start, but the progesterone pessaries are holding it off for the time being.
Once we know for certain that it hasn't worked this month, I think we'll just crack straight on and try again immediately, providing the scan says we can. Fingers crossed we don't have to wait...

Must go as it's nearly bedtime here, but need to say hi to rowing and anyone else I've forgotten, hope you're all okay xxx

Italiangreyhound Sun 17-Apr-11 22:57:45

Keziah I really hope you will be better soon.

Womanly thinking of you.

monkey Hope all is well with you, hope it will work out.

Choco are you still there?

Shirley How is it going?

Tortie how are you doing now? Period, I am confused where you are in treatment.

Nook all the best.

Lissy hugs for you in Hawaii!

Late and Val and Horton - are you around, still?

It is hard to keep track of where everyone is so if you want to (anyone) we can do a roll call! Basically, if you look on other threads it gives an idea of what to say if you are a numbie!

How much informtaion you give is up to you but most people might say their age, any kids/step kids they have, any mcs they have had if they wish to (sounds weird when I write it like that but some people might feel they want to share this) along with any treatment they have had and any they will have - e.g.
Italiangreyhound 46 DD aged 6 (from IUI), MC 2006, IUI/failed IVF, awaiting IVF donor eggs May 2011

If you want to coninue it you can put your details in alongside mine and copy and paste into a new message. If we do it - alphabetical is easier to read. If you do not want to do it then no worries at all.

Italiangreyhound Sun 17-Apr-11 23:20:43

I feel happy that I'm making progress with food. My mother-in-law made me a packed lunch 2day (hubby was doing the London Marathon and I went to watch with my father-in-law). The packed lunch came with THREE chocolate bisuits bars! I only ate one of the bars. Quite proud of myself! A while ago I feel sure I would have eaten all 3 of them!

Now I am getting somewhere!

monkeybumsmum Mon 18-Apr-11 08:38:35

Brilliant Italian, both on the biscuit front and the info smile

Italiangreyhound 46 DD aged 6 (from IUI), MC 2006, IUI/failed IVF, awaiting IVF donor eggs May 2011
Monkeybumsmum 36 DS aged 4, 2 MC's 2008, 2nd trim. loss 2010, 1st cycle IUI (failed I think)

NookNook Mon 18-Apr-11 09:54:56

Hi All!

Thank you Monkey and Italian!

Scan went ok. Only 7 folicules which I'm a little disapointed by. I was hoping for more but with my low amh doc was not surprised. And it only takes 1 right??! Another scan on Friday and possible egg collection Monday.

Monkey fingers crossed for you.

Italian well done on the choc biscuits!


tametortie Mon 18-Apr-11 18:50:26

Oh god- should I not have a period??? I'm worried now!!!

I started buserelin on day 21, bled on day 28 which has been like a normal period (still taking buserelin) and carry on till 2nd may (baseline scan) add in the menopur then egg collection about mid may.

I'm scared- What if they don't know what they are doing???!!!!!!!

NookNook Mon 18-Apr-11 19:38:22

Hi Tortie I didn't have the buserelin but started on suprecur and had a normal period. I imagine your cycle is similar?

Try not to worry - call them if you are concerned.


Italiangreyhound Mon 18-Apr-11 21:24:39

Nook 7 is great, well done. It only takes one. It really does. Good luck!

Tamtortie tell the clinic exactly what is happening. I don't know what it all means but it may be that you were or were not meant to have a bleed then. Only the clinic knows what is in your protocol (and you if they have explained it but that sounds as if they have not). Get hold of them and tell them all. Get back to us and let us know how you are going. I am sure it will all be ok but do give them all the details.

All the best,

monkeybumsmum Mon 18-Apr-11 21:56:22

Oh tortie I do hope I haven't inadvertently worried you blush When I said I know nothing about IVF, I absolutely meant it. From reading NookNook's post though, it does seem as though having a period can be the norm, I'm so sorry if I got you worried, I feel really bad now blush I'm such a dipstick!

Really hope you're okay...

Better go, have just made a chocolate truffle torte (much easier than it sounds grin) for a girly lunch tomorrow and I still have to clear up before bed. Blood test for me in the morning, and results probably sometime during the lunch, so that should be fun hmm I know already that it hasn't worked though, so there's nothing much to get stressed about tomorrow.

Night all x

lateatwork Mon 18-Apr-11 22:50:30

hi all... just checking in... all ok with bubs. few minor hiccups (5 trips to hospital in 7 days... sounds worse than it was...) and all ok now...

big waves to all- can't keep up!! good luck italian would it be mean to hope a few fall out of the queue so you get bumped up quicker??

tortie i took the b drug... had period same as ever... and ivf worked for me so am guessing ok? but if i were you, i would give the clinic a call... you should really know what to expect - and as most of us have either waited an age or paid a fortune, think decent info is the least they can provide...

Italiangreyhound 46 DD aged 6 (from IUI), MC 2006, IUI/failed IVF, awaiting IVF donor eggs May 2011
Monkeybumsmum 36 DS aged 4, 2 MC's 2008, 2nd trim. loss 2010, 1st cycle IUI (failed I think)
lateatwork 40 DD aged 2.5 3 MC, frozen eggs 2006, IVF at ARGC twins due October (using fresh ingredients...)

lateatwork Mon 18-Apr-11 23:05:02

eta... tortie the period isnt actually a period per se... more like break through bleeding but i think its totally normal...

Italiangreyhound Tue 19-Apr-11 11:04:31

If anyone wants to follow my findings about over eating, please do take a look at and feel free to add your comments.

I am off to Spring Harvest for a few days back next week. Please do continue to post if you have any good suggestions and all the best.

Happy Easter.

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