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Vasectomy Reversal-best clinics/surgeons?

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Vickyfrance Wed 06-Apr-11 20:21:06

Hi there,we are looking at a reversal for for my husband, there are an awful lot of adverts, links all claiming the best success rates and so on. Can anyone suggest anywhere to start for reliable information? Or can anyone who's been through this recommend their own clinic/surgeon? Thanks!

AlbaDeTamble Wed 06-Apr-11 21:51:33

When I researched this it was a case of lots of googling and checking out each surgeon's own statistics for success rate. They seemed to vary widely, from what I found out at the time (although cost doesn't vary a great deal), and you need someone who uses microsurgery, and who does the procedure a lot.

We went with Mr Swinn, Spire Gatwick Park, details here and it was successful. Very best of luck!

Vickyfrance Thu 07-Apr-11 13:40:11

Thank you, we have been looking at Mr Swinn's website- he's one of the more expensive, we'll keep goggling but I think that success rate will outweigh costs (up to a point!).

JulieMay Fri 08-Apr-11 10:33:36

We had a friend who went to Duncan Harriss, I think his site is - she said she went there because of all the testimonials and pregnancies

Jgreg09 Wed 07-Jun-17 18:50:33

Hi ladies,
I appreciate it's been a few years but I was wondering if you could tell me of how your experiences went, if they have been successful and which surgeon you went with.

Me an my oh are looking into getting his versectomy reversed any any information you could give me would be greatly received.

We have been looking at mr Duncan harriss. X

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