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TTC a 2012 baby, this is our year !!!

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weimy Thu 24-Mar-11 13:22:20

I am about to start cycle 5 and wondered if there were any fellow sex pests out there who wanted to join me in regular swi, not so regular poas and plenty of wine, biscuit, brew and [chocolate emoticon].

MickyLee Thu 24-Mar-11 13:56:54

Hello Weimy <<waves>> So is is just us two then?

maybebabyR Thu 24-Mar-11 14:00:37

Can I join??!! Just in case the December bus throws me off?

MickyLee Thu 24-Mar-11 14:08:50

Are we all warming our seats up grin

maybebabyR Thu 24-Mar-11 14:15:21

I am going to make mine nice and comfy smile

2520IsAMagicNumber Thu 24-Mar-11 14:18:22

i would love to have a january baby! we got married this year on Jan 21st and started trying straight away! imagine if our baby was born on our one year anniversary!! eep! I never even thought about it before now but I have tears in my eyes! that would be amazing! count me in xxxxxx

MickyLee Thu 24-Mar-11 14:26:08

Hi magic That would be a perfect anniversary present. Good luck

whitegold Thu 24-Mar-11 14:32:18

Also reserving my seat! grin

weimy Thu 24-Mar-11 15:06:54

good to see you all! I've got dvds and a quiz for later!!!

MickyLee Thu 24-Mar-11 15:13:36

Ooo.. Lovely but BE-WARNED if we team up for the quiz, I have the most crap general knowledge known to man! grin

maybebabyR Thu 24-Mar-11 15:15:24

Ooooh, I love a quiz. Not that I am competitive mind you...

eeyore2 Thu 24-Mar-11 15:17:59

Hi there, can I join? Have been holding off the 'buses' but think it's time for me to be lured in now... TTC No2, CD5, cycle 3. Loooong cycles so not likely to have a due date until jan if we were lucky this time. Anyone else have annoyingly and boringly long cycles to endure together?

whitegold Thu 24-Mar-11 16:10:59

Hi eeyore, I do usually have longish cycles so would have probably been due in January myself should I get lucky this time... however due to a strange shorter-than-normal cycle this time round I would still have an end of December due date! Hope this makes sense!! How long are your cycles usually? Mine tend to be around 36 days, which doesn't seem like that long, but its still an extra week to drive myself crazy until af arrives smile

whitegold Thu 24-Mar-11 16:12:18

ps I'm up for the quiz as long as we get to have wine grin

weimy Thu 24-Mar-11 18:02:30

oh yeah I've got loads stashed in the back here wine wine wine!

SlightlyBabyCrazed Thu 24-Mar-11 18:51:36

Hi all <waving bashfully>

Can I join this bus, am determined to be a 2012 mother - seems Auntie didn't want me to have the pre-Christmas joy I was hoping for until today!

Never been on a bus before, so go easy on me!!


weimy Thu 24-Mar-11 19:29:48

Hey SBC welcome!

I prefer to think of this as a coach, we've got toilets and a tea trolley and a dvd and everything grin.

maybebabyR Thu 24-Mar-11 20:08:55

Welcome eeyore and SBC

I'll provide the baked goods weimy I make mean lemon drizzle and brownies grin

SlightlyBabyCrazed Thu 24-Mar-11 20:19:43

Can we stop for KFC? grin I promise not to get any grease on the upholstery!

fragglerocks Thu 24-Mar-11 20:32:47

Ooooh new thread!!

Hi weimy and maybe and also hi to all the new names

My story is as follows:
I have stupid 33 day cycles which annoy the crap out of me!!
I am also 12 days late with AF
Have had a zillion BFNs
Off to doctors tomorrow

Pretty sure i'm not PG so if we are lucky next cycle then it will be a 2012 baby! Woo hoo!

Good luck sex pests

weimy Thu 24-Mar-11 21:46:35

Hi fraggle ! Fx for tomorrow!

oops forgot to welcome eeyore !!

mmmmm baked goods I think I love you maybe!

TreacleChops Thu 24-Mar-11 22:33:14

Hello i'm jumping aboard

makes her seat lovely and cosey with a aran knitted throw

New around here so i'll give u my stats

TTC #1
i have boardering on rediculous cycles, arranging from 31 days to 92, which like most of your lovely ladies on here, annoys the life out of me too!!!
AF just caught me so i am CD 3 of my second cycle, been TTCing since January, and i would LOVE a 2012 baby :D

I love red wine, cakes, chocolate, naughty foods and pub quizes!! I used to go one regularly with my old work mates until i moved towns!!! miss it now when i think about it!

Good luck to all you lovely ladies passes White chocolate muffins around coach

trope Fri 25-Mar-11 09:17:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

2520IsAMagicNumber Fri 25-Mar-11 10:03:32

glad most people have long and/or annoying cycles! so do I! Mines are anywhere between 25 and 35 days! WTF!

Anyway im a youngun! The grand ol ae of 20! Married (met him at 15!) (awwww!) And TTC no1.

Im prob stopping myself from ovulating as im so stressed out with doubts that hubby wants children :S he keeps saying he does but we've had "it" about 5 times in 2 months.... hmmm.... duno im just stressed today we've been arguing the past 2 days

So basically im just waiting for my P to start in 10 days or so, so i can start charting as i know how to do it properly!

Levana Fri 25-Mar-11 13:07:15

Hi, can I join. Am trying to conceive #1. Have been trying 2 cycles, December was a bad month and nothing has gone right so a 2012 baby it is smile

Cycle wise am 28 - 33 days. Trying to shorten this a bit, at the moment am taking Maca which is suppose to help regulate cycle - I hope!

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