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Coffee lounge and bar for MI5 interviewees, little friends and other CM studiers post MC – Part II

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wombatinwaiting Sun 13-Mar-11 04:01:18

Here is part II of our intrepid journey through the minefield that is TTC post MC. You can find part I on this thread.

Wormshuffler Sun 13-Mar-11 07:44:49

Ohhh this is all very swish in here wombat I love what you have done with the place...... I'll bag this cumfy corner sofa on the far right......

Hello to everyone including you peeping toms lurkers wink grin

wombatinwaiting Sun 13-Mar-11 09:14:36

Why thank you worm. And as it's opening day, it's complimentary mini cup-cakes to go with morning lattes and complimentary tapas (including chorizo flamed in vodka, patatas bravas and garlic prawns plus all your other faves) to go with lunchtime bubbles - welcome all! grin

yellowtomato Sun 13-Mar-11 10:20:16

Ooh wombat you are really spoiling us. Cupcakes for breakfast, lovely.

harassed have you done some more wee for us this morning?

pecka33 Sun 13-Mar-11 10:36:21

ahhh thanks wombat, its very plush over here isnt it, i second yellow, get on it harrassed we need somemore positive vibes soon!!!
As the original person, wonder how nurse is doing, anyone???

wombatinwaiting Sun 13-Mar-11 10:38:13

Yes - I've been thinking about nurse too pecka.... and how are you and DH doing these days? And when are you planning to test next? Hope you've had a relaxing weekend so far x

pecka33 Sun 13-Mar-11 10:51:31

me and dh really arent good, were now not speaking at all, got called selfish yesterday and thats probably the worst thing someone could call me....
Feel like were just going round in circles, the same arguement,different day!!

My system is really messed up this month, im due on between the 16-18th so im just going to wait and see, can almost feel it anyway so think its nother bpn again for me this month.

pecka33 Sun 13-Mar-11 10:53:29

worm, love your peeping tom slip, i find it very strange, that people luirk and dont join, do you think we put people off??? Im facinated!

yellowtomato Sun 13-Mar-11 11:13:33

Ah pecka really sorry to hear things are so tough with your DH, maybe you need to do something to break the cycle. Not really sure what but something different to what you normally do which might give some new perspective?

Re lurking, when I first discovered MN I lurked quite a bit and didn't post much cos I just didn't feel quite comfortable. And even at the start of our first thread I was always a bit nervous about posting but then got to know everyone and totally addicted. I don't really post elsewhere. I dipped my toe into the recurrent mc thread and they were all lovely but I felt that they all already had so much history together that it wasn't really poss to catch up.

And so if it helps people to lurk I'm fine with that.

Right, I am going to be very cultured today and go to an art exhibition. Hope you ladies are having a good day.

avro how you doing?

pecka33 Sun 13-Mar-11 11:24:10

ye i suppose your right yellow, i dipped in on the charters thread but didnt quite fit in there so jumped off again, admitingly i do still lurk occasionally to see if anyones doing anything different, im terribly nosey and hate to miss out on things!! Lol

were both on holiday in 2 weeks as my sister comes over to visit for three weeks, not sure we will get to spend any quality time togther though to be honest, ill see what mood his in today, as of yet were not spoken.
yellow enjoy ur day of culture.

Waved to all {including lurkers} x

Sparklywine Sun 13-Mar-11 12:09:45

Have any of you been to the ladies yet, Molton Brown toiletries, very swish Wombat! We shall do well here.
I've just been reclining on the Chesterfield, soaking up the jazz. Nice. Someone fetch me over a mini cupcake would you? grin Typical Wombat opening up shop before the last thread finished, sooo impatient. Have you tested yet? What about now? grin
Yellow, you're proper clever, an art exhibition eh? Anyone remember the Athena shops, now that was art!
Went bimbling in town yesterday to treat ourselves, one of those quite unsuccessful shops where we had money burning holes in our pockets but nothing quite caught our eye. Ended up with some edible glitter for baking, and bags of tealights. Party on Wayne! Still in that mode of not buying clothes unless they are made of jersey with a ruched waist, to see me through the early stages of pregnancy, and out the other side into floaty motherhood. Should have gone to Ann Summers for a nurses outfit and a little friend grin
Hope you all have a lovely day and the sun is shining where you are. Got to go and felt the shed roof now, eeeeeh it's grim oop north.
Do you think we've shaken off Janey yet grin <waves at all the voyeurs lurkers>
<wipes crumbs from mouth, reluctantly hauls fat arse out of Chesterfield>

pecka33 Sun 13-Mar-11 12:14:14

ooooohhhh sparkly you dont half make me laugh!!! Mid-me me cry too..

wombatinwaiting Sun 13-Mar-11 13:11:34

Well merci buckets sparkly - one does try and maintain some levels of sophistication round these parts, don't you know? Well, until the tequila slammers come out at 1am and then it's anyone's game! Perhaps we should get one of the back catalogue of the B&W Athena posters with the sexy naked man holding the cute naked baby - now that's cultcha for yer! hmm Anyway, impatient? moi? You must have me confused for a different nocturnal marsupial grin. Enjoy the felting hmm and I am so with you on the clothes front sparkly other than having to replace some essentials that are still stuck in Christchurch - ooh, talking of which, my employer has just agreed to an NZ$1,000 donation to the run yesterday and with everyone's Dubai contributions, I reckon we're up to around 2000 quid - am super-pleased.

Yes yellow - most impressed with your arty farty day - I miss London - sigh..... hope it was enjoyable - looks as if you're getting some Spring sunshine which is great. I am real lurker on the newly updiffed post mc thread which I am soooo keen to join so I really shouldn't mind a few lurkers here - after all it is a public forum!

Sorry to read that things aren't so good with you and DH pecka - do you think having your sister to stay will be a welcome change? They say a change is as good as a rest.... I do hope so. x

Anyone got any Sunday roasts planned? We have moroccan spiced fish on ginger sweet potato mash tonight - yum!

yellowtomato Sun 13-Mar-11 15:26:53

Me, me, me am doing roast chicken yum yum. Art was good, went to Tate modern. The exhibition was a mix of photos and 'installations' one was and empty shoe box, not sure what that was all about.

wombat well done on the fundraising, v impressive.

Oh sparkly you do make mr laugh, how was the felting?

And where is harassed hiding?

Wormshuffler Sun 13-Mar-11 16:43:20

Good afternoon everyone.
Is this place licenced (sp) wombat..... it's wine o'clock.
Well I am feeling rather chuffed with myself today. I have been out on the sunshine gardening all day, We chopped down 6 huge trees, one of them was a comedy "TIMBER" moment when DH and the (nosy) neighbour had to sprint out of the way. Now I have glorious sunshine bathing on the bottom of my garden ready for my raised beds to go in. I know very "the good life" grin Trying not to think about the huge pile crap I now have to get rid of though....maybe if I just leave it all there the fairies will deal with it?

My stance on the whole lurking subject, is that when we have been on a thread like this where we have um shared blush secrets, I feel a little exposed. As sharing is only fun if you are all doing it. I realise this is an open forum so it's not the lurkers fault as the OP's title did say "anyone want to join me". I do hope our OP is ok.......
I only really lurk on that southsea thread where the ladies waters broke in america. I often look at active threads, but have stopped "putting my 2 peneth in" since I got totally flamed a couple of times for suggesting people make a go of their marriages. And was told I was "way out of my depth" by some apparent royalty. In hindsight some of the things I said, were said in a tactless way to people who don't know that that is just me.....

Hope you are ok pecka summer will soon be here.... xxx

Yoohooo harassed anything to tell us??

wombatinwaiting Sun 13-Mar-11 16:52:55

worm - I am disappointed you felt you had to ask..... Absolutely! We are permitted to serve alcohol from 11am until the early hours (define as you wish), and if you take that as Dubai time, then that's starting at 7am in the winter for you lot.... bucks fizz for brekkie anyone?! grin

How lovely to do a spot of real gardening like that and to get a decent spot of sunshine - would have loved to see the comedy "timbaaaaaaaaar" moment..... do we start calling you Felicity from now on? smile

oooooh - roast chicken yellow - please lob any leftover roasties in this direction please.

Is it just me, or does "felting" sound a bit rude? blush

emmaandthestar Sun 13-Mar-11 17:40:37

Hello - i feel like a serial lurker - i have followed you to this board and would like to offer up a full roast dinner and a bottle red wine!
I had my ERPC on the 25th Jan - I was 11.5 weeks.
I have since had a chemical pregnacy and have just finished my first period so we are back on the obsessive date and EWCM watch (even though i promised DH i wouldn't).

You have really encouraged me as you have several successes and I have learnt a lot as well as having some smiles from the posts!
I hope to be welcome

yellowtomato Sun 13-Mar-11 18:00:58

Of course you are welcome Emma especially as you brought food and drink. Sorry you've been having such a tough time and hope you get your bfp soon.

wombat you have a filthy mind! Go to the top of the class. By the way shouldn't you be telling us all about your symptoms by now?

I am fretting cos ap man forgot to order new herbs for me and now I've run out and worry what impact that might have? Answers on a postcard. Right gonna start work on the chicken, it's a big one.

Sparklywine Sun 13-Mar-11 18:17:22

Felting Wombat, there's no arses, fists or gerbils involved. You are, like, soo impatient, by the way, and have actually moved to a country specifically so that you can start the weekend a day early. J'accuse! I think you'll find if you check the coffee shop larder, that we are out of Hendricks by the way.
Felicitations Emma, your roast and wine is delicious! I love 'I hope to be welcome' by the way, it's humble with a threatening undertone grin
<refills glass>
Yellow, I've been to Tate Modern, had an interview up the road (not across the water at your new top secret gaff) so needed to use the facilities <weak bladder emoticon>. Didn't actually see any art, unless you class tea-towels as art of course. Indeed, perhaps tea towels are the epitome of modern art. Discuss. I imagine the shoebox was just left behind by an excited shopper who wanted to wear their new Converse there and then, I do that.
<Wonders if cluttered wardrobe is an 'installation'>

Wormshuffler Sun 13-Mar-11 19:05:57

Well hello Emma ! with a roast you are talking my language!! you are officially not allowed to lurk now you are here, so we need saucy secrets to join our thread ! wink grin only kiddin....... much hugs.
yellow In the absence of herbs I suggest a witch dance, go down the garden in the nude and dance in the moonlight wink phew that wine is strong! afternoon drinking does it every time!
sparkly you make me PSML "gergils" [raises eyebrows]
wombat I love those opening hours!

emmaandthestar Sun 13-Mar-11 20:29:47

Yum, i have also just added a crumble - oh dear it's like i'm eating for 3 in preparation!
Other than having to schedule in dates with DH (how romantic) i have been giggling that I am not the only one who lies with legs in the air for ages, while DH says unromantic thigs such as 'start peddling'.
Anyway - it's nice to be welcomed, having lurked for long enough...
Enjoy whats left of the weekend - we will be having lots of 'early nights' next week whilst TTC again

emmaandthestar Sun 13-Mar-11 21:31:05

BTW I seem to have read a lot about you all so heres me:
I have one daughter already who is 3 1/2, she has been asking for a baby brother/sister for over a year but we were not ready. We planned to be pregnant over Christmas and it happened just as planned.
All seemed good and we told lots of people (not work) so we had a lot of unwinding to do after which was hard.

I am trying not to get hopes up but DH has just looked over my shoulder and said 'tell them how you really nice to me and don't shout about having to do laundry and cleaning etc to get me into bed' I said romance wasn't dead...

wellieboots Mon 14-Mar-11 00:28:29

hello ladies smile
love the new thread title and the new plush surroundings - I can offer some TimTams (lovely Aussie chocolate biscuits) and fruit cake to enjoy with your post roast dinner tea or coffee.

We are supposed to be trying the SMEP plan this month but it's not really happening wink, I'm still not working since we came over here and DH has just started working and is really tired (and I'm really jealous as I'm desperate to be working, so it's all a bit tense sad.

Maybe we should wait a while, but I'm not overly keen on that either - just can't decide grin

welcome emma and hello to any other lurkers! Does anyone know what's happened to nurse?


wombatinwaiting Mon 14-Mar-11 05:33:29

WElcome, welcome Emma and thanks for the super-delish roast and crumble to boot! Sorry to hear about your MC and CP and I hope that you're now "back on track" with your cycle and as you know, we're here to hand-hold, be wailed at, and on the odd ocassion be fish-slapped for being impatient (or maybe that's just me blush ). Love the fact that your DH is having some input too! (into this thread I mean, obviously he has to have some input into the TTC process unless you're a turkey basting kind of gal.... grin and even then, some input is still required!)

wellie - I'm a big fan of tim-tams so if you'd like to arrange them artfully on a plate next to the date scones, that would be perfect -thank you smile Sorry to hear that SMEP not going so well this month but like you say, there are a few factors conspiring against you this cycle.....

Bummer re: the herbs yellow - you did say they looked like something scraped off the forest floor didn't you? Any forests near to your part of London....?! Seriously though, how long might you be without them for? I believe that once you start taking something regularly, you build up an internal "supply" and so a couple of days without may not make any difference <hopeful emoticon>

Oops - running low on supplies of Hendricks already sparkly -oops.... may I offer up some Bombay Sapphire instead? And as for mentioning gerbils and arses, am suddenly a little concerned about what you might consider doing to a wombat shock grin and worm - could you possibly tell us what "gergils" might be? grin

pecka - how are you doing today?

So symptom spotting for me include the following: slight lower tummy cramps (tend not to get any AF symptoms other than low back pain), 2 x spots on my face (am generally lucky and tend not to get any) and the pooch being really weird around me at the moment sooooo desperately trying not to read too much into any of those but will test on Thurs - seems aaaaaages away though.

Having a bit of a frustrating time with immigration here right now - my residence visa is in my old passport which of course is still stuck in Christchurch.... they have said they want a police report to re-issue. I think the police down there are a bit busy with things that are just a teeny bit more important than a lost passpport form - grrr.... our brilliant HR dept said to go to the police here and ask for a report, but don't mention where I lost it. Erm... so what do I say then? No sensible answers so we're trying some "local connections" <taps nose furtively> to see if they can smooth things along better....

wombatinwaiting Mon 14-Mar-11 05:34:28

Oooh - just thought - if yellow gets her head of MI5 job, maybe she can use her international contacts to sort out my residence visa grin

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