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early signs of pregnancy????

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liandme Thu 20-Oct-05 20:43:26

me and dp have been ttc for 20 months with no luck my af was due on monday but has not arrived, i have had a banging headache since yesterday my nipples are rock hard and sore and i have been having cramping pains, i have everythiong crossed for positive result so i brought a test and was shaking so much when i did it i did the sample on the window and it didnt work, the only reason i am asking is i get married in 9 days and i have a hen night on sat dp has told me not to buy any tests cos usually that is when i get af but i dont want to drink if i am

Laura032004 Thu 20-Oct-05 20:49:48

If you are going to be drinking on your hen night, and you could be pg, then you need to do another test. Testing won't bring on af if you are pg (although I know it seems to if you aren't )

If you buy another test, try doing the sample into a cup or something so that you don't spoil the test (make sure you check how long you need to leave it in though as it is different usually).

I had exactly the same symptoms as you when I fell pg with DS, so good luck Let us know how you get on.

liandme Thu 20-Oct-05 23:40:54

did u have lower back pain as well

Kidstrack2 Fri 21-Oct-05 10:17:11

Nipples sore, breasts tender to touch, cramping like period pains, feeling light headed, off your food, sore back the list goes on.....

LilacBump Fri 21-Oct-05 10:20:28

it sounds like you might be pregnant, liandme. i would definitely test again. and as laura said, do the sample in a cup, it's so much easier.

liandme Mon 24-Oct-05 21:20:29

I tested the day after the hen night, my friend said i should enjoy it and enjoy i did, the test was negative but still no sign of af but have now put it down to stress over the wedding although still have all the symptoms. i was gutted with result but i cant have it all and at least i have one beautiful daughter and a beautiful step daughter which is more than most xx

beckyjamie1 Wed 15-Oct-08 13:27:01

hi im new to this but here goes for the past few months me and my bf have been trying for a baby, ive always had this feeling since a young ag that i will have difficulty conceiving, this month im late for my period and have not been sleeping well i also have sore nipples and sometimes back ache as tho im goin to come on soon. the thing is every month ive got my hopes up thinking i could be pregnant but when doing a test its always negative now im trying to convince myself that this month will be no different when deep down i think it is im just too scared to do a test now because i dont want to feel down again, ive heard something about phantom pregnancys where u want it so much u convince your body you are, could anyone give me any info on this thanx

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