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Emmsys Weebles planting up the greenhouse for Spring...

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cupcakefairy Mon 14-Feb-11 14:19:22

...tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers... and more BFPs please!

Get comfy girls, the evenings are not so dark anymore so we'll be passing round the wine soon wine grin

cupcakefairy Mon 14-Feb-11 14:36:38

Ok and now to catch up...

Lol, 4ever I'm still giggling about the sausages and I love your comment about the nap times!! (For those who weren't here, when 4ever and Mr4ever were ttc Summer the moment took them at all sorts of unusual when 4ever was cooking sausages and one thing led to another in the kitchen!!! grin That barbecue season was never quite the same for any of us that year grin
I was totally shocked by the forceps delivery on OBEM too 4ever, I was going to dh 'whaaaaat!! was it really like that???'..apparently mine wasn't. It was only 2 short tugs, no feet against the bed or anything thankfully! I did see the topic on here though and I'm so glad I didn't read anything like that before the birth...horror stories! I had no idea forceps could be so horrible. But as one poster said, babies died during birth before they were invented...
Really hope your appointment has gone/goes well today my lovely. Will be amazing if you're covered now.

moon SOOOOO so glad you had such a lovely doctor! That really makes all the difference in my opinion. So excited to see your PLAN developing well done so much for taking that first step. How is df feeling about it all?

louey hugs to you for your crazy week. Will be thinking of you lots for the scan...sorry if I don't get on to post for tomorrow as bit of a busy day but here's my hand to hold! Do dts know about the baby yet?

Vjay I melted at Ajay chatting on the 'phone'- how cute!! We bought ds the gadget set in ELC but I think he knows it's not a real mobile phone/remote control as he's still after my phone all the time hmm
We love Harry Hill in this house too grin

qa I lol'd at your accidental attention seeking with the bold UCL grin baited breaths for the nasty 2ww... Spring is such a lovely time for new starts...we need some Spring BFPs!!
I really loved The King's Speech; I wanted to stand and clap at the end it was so brilliant.

monkey I smiled so much reading your post, you sound sooooo relaxed and happy. Definitely a recipe for a BFP methinks! Hope the holiday is absolutely lovely...and I like packing too! (But hate unpacking!)

barbie I would love to see that topic in aibu grin can't believe d's birthday is coming up so fast!!

lbm your party sounded mad, but in a good way well done!! I'm crazily planning my sister's hen do still...a million and one things to do yet, I look like this confused We're off for a long weekend to a cottage in mid Wales with our besties this weekend too so doesn't leave me much time confused

blue how were the pics? bet you all looked gorgeous! I really want more of us 3 together as dh or I always seem to be behind the camera... must try to get some this weekend.

neeko hope you are sitting back and breathing a sigh of relief now! How are the nights your end? Hope it's improving. For about 2 weeks Jude has slept through to 5 or 6am then got back to sleep for a couple of hours after a feed so I'm reeeally hoping he'll keep that up (or stretch it out even longer!) We're stopping bedtime bf this week so it'll just be mornings.

Well happy Valentine's Day all! Jude sent cards to his 2 girlfriends from our NCT group wink I just love Valentine's Day! Lots of love to all xxx

barbie1 Mon 14-Feb-11 15:23:30

Bravo cupcake i like this green house smile

Be back for a catch up soon x

SabsFabulous Mon 14-Feb-11 17:39:47

Hello, just marking my spot in our new home. The thought of lighter evenings made me smile I love springtime, especially as its my birthday in April!

Promise to be back soon xxx

QuestionableAntics Mon 14-Feb-11 18:02:35

thanks for the new thread cupcake Decided new thread, new name. <twirls> Kept it simple so you could keep it the same when you shorten it. smile This will hopefully be the thread for lots more BFP's (mine included hopefully)

cupcake Glad you enjoyed the Kings speech so much, I am going to arrange to go and see it next week now. Hope you have a fantastic weekend away and glad that J is sleeping so well, will help you to enjoy it all the more smile Thanks for explaining the 'sausage' incident! grin Will never think about sausages in the same way now. 4ever you will have to make sure you only cook them during nap times now wink

Barbie sorry, but I did smile at 'literally crapping myself' I have always loved the British sense of humour at difficult times smile Your AIBU made me laugh too. Your ginger bread teddies sound really cute too, hope D and all her friends appreciate them. Is the party Fri then?

Vjay Glad you are another Harry Hill viewer, have you noticed the brew image has changed to a mug now? i did read soem of the original thread agonising discussing what it should be, cup or mug. The mug brigade obviously beat MNHQ in to submission grin

LBM Your lego party sounds amazing, have noted those ideas for a later date! Did you put the cake pic on FB, pleeeeeeease put it on here too <add whining voice here>

monkey Hope your scan has gone well, did you get any info today or will you have to wait? Step 1 now complete smile

louey How are you feeling today? You didn't need your phone playing up today with such a busy week this week. Hope you got it sorted and can get back on here soon.

Had a lovely day with DS, he has been extra cuddly today and DH has made me feel very loved with some lovely valentines goodies smile

Happy Valentines day (aww at Jude and his NCT valentines) x

monkeybumsmum Mon 14-Feb-11 18:57:47

Lovely new thread smile

Another quick one from me, firstly to say that I hope it went well today 4ever - I completely forgot to say good luck this morning, and realised as soon as I'd left the house! Have been thinking of you!

Also, update on scan as promised - well, it was a bit of a nightmare actually. The scan itself went okay, but then she put a tube thing right into my uterus and squirted gel in to see if there were any adhesions. She said everything looked normal (yay!) but then halfway to the car park the pain got so bad I could hardly walk. Went back for painkillers and sat there crying for an hour blush while waiting for them to kick in. The doctor came in to see me, and inferred that it wasn't normal to have such bad pain, and now I'm really worried that I've messed up my chances to go straight onto the treatment and that they'll want to do a new laparoscopy instead sad

Anyway, still not feeling great, so off to quietly do the work I have to do for school tomorrow, and then am off to bed. Sorry for the me post, feel quite down now and think I might cry again blush

cupcakefairy Mon 14-Feb-11 19:07:56

Oh monkey please don't cry. Bless you, how rubbish after such a positive appointment for that to happen so sorry. Please don't start thinking the worst though- I always do that, let my mind run away to the worst place before anything has been confirmed. What is the next step then?
Just try to focus on the fact your uterus looked normal, and that lovely 'yay!' in the brackets.
Massive hugs for you.

qa love the new name grin that's what 4ever and her dh were up to in the kitchen gringrin haha! Yes it's fab about Jude sleeping but our friends' 3 month old is up all night so I'm worried it's going to really disturb Jude at the weekend...meh confused

QuestionableAntics Mon 14-Feb-11 19:42:20

Big hug for you monkey sad you are probably feeling so down as a result of building yourself up to today, the stress of having it done, with all the memories of previous scans as well as the pain you have had and now the worry. As cupcake said, try and focus on the positive that everything looked normal. smile They Doctor was probably inferring that it wasn't normal to have that much pain in an oh lets cover ourselves but perplexed way rather than something wrong way iyswim?

Have an early night, cuddle up with your Dh, some chocs and a brew , things will seem brighter in the morning and you will be able to focus more on the normal scan side of today xx

cupcake grin at my name and 4evers antics! You will have to position your Ds as far away from their DC;s room as possible!

littlebellsmum Mon 14-Feb-11 19:51:01

Oh monkey don't dwell on the negatives, remember the scan saud everything was OK. Post coil fitting hurt quite a lot and so, can't imagine how much the tube would hurt. And so, she might want to do another scan and check that everything is OK, that would be a good thing, right?

cupcake Funny girl and I love the new thread title. Spring really is on it's way, to be followed by a new crop of BFP's

bluesatinsash Mon 14-Feb-11 20:36:55

oh monkey sad, really hope you feel better tomorrow. Your uterus may just be sensitive to intrision and not like getting gel squirted at it!! Fingers crossed it doesn't mean they have to delay.

Cupcake thanks for starting our new 'roll on Spring' thread smile. Well done Jude on ^almost going all night, give him a few weeks and he will be there I'm sure smile. DH and me have been trying and failing for weeks to go and see TKS. I'm like you, often want to clap at good films grin.

QA - let the 2ww commence, drums fingers, symptom spots from afar...

LBM - your LeGO party rocks!! What a fantastic idea and a great way to hoover up random bits of LEGO that have been dotted round the house. I bow to your superior party making skills grin

Hi sabs! Getting excited about the big 3-0 yet?!

Vjay - forgot to say 'Hi' the other night. I can see Ajay in sales when he's older grinDon't watch HH but colleague at work raves about him... I put the boys in matching red/white/blue shirts for their photos smile. It was a bit of a challenge to say the least as Benjamin just wouldn't stay put, he was off crawling like a rat up a drainpipe grin. Emma is a great photographer though (we used her when I was 8 months pg with B) and her style is very relaxed. Boys also had their funky t-shirts on for the more relaxed shots and we even got one of just me and DH shock.

4ever will lurk later on DH's phone for news from you xx

louey - thinking of you tomorrow xx

SabsFabulous Mon 14-Feb-11 21:26:53

Tried to do a quick post in the last Glee break, but my laptop decided to crash, so here we go with take 2.

Sending a big hug to monkey I'm not the best with words but am very good with hugs.

4ever I was meaning to text you all day but never got round to it, sorry blush. But hope it went well today.

Had the best of intentions to post today but found a few maternity dresses in my wardrobes, which then turned into me organising the whole wardrobe! I'd also put all my lingerie away, mainly because it hardly fit blush, but now it does, because I've lost more than a stone, yay grin, but my, I've spent so much money on lingerie over the years, and it didnt even stay on for long! Sorry TMI blush grin

SabsFabulous Mon 14-Feb-11 22:41:27

Going to try to catch up now.

blue Will you be posting the photos on facebook when you have them? Would love to see them.

lbmsuperwoman How long to go to your trip down under?

QA Loved reading your post yesterday. Got everything crossed for your 2WW. I agree with cupcake, we are long overdue some BFP's!

cupcake Plans for the weekend sounds fun. Have a great time. <melt> at Jude with valentines for the laydees grin Have a great time on the weekend and hope J continues sleeping.

barbie Good to see you back. Really need to catch up with you on FB one day. Hope it all goes well on Wednesday.

vjay Saara is the same with phone, she walks around chatting away, and also sometime carries anything that has a handle (like her toy laptop) in the other hand too! I hate talking on the phone, I'm more of a texter, so have no idea where she got it from. BTW we took Saara for her 13 month jab this weekend. We put it off for a few months, like you advised.

monkey grin at your dream. I was born up North, but am a Londoner.

mermaid Lovely to see you posting again. I agree with curly about the what-if too smile

curly sorry I havent responded to your last email blush but excited about seeing you both again in less than 2 weeks! cupcake did you say you were coming to London in March? If its on a Monday or weekend, I might be able to meet up too.

moon good to hear the appointment went well. When are your next appointments?

louey Hope the scan goes well tomorrow. Sorry if you've already said, but are you finding out the flavour?

buddha How's work going? Hope you and E are well.

mls How's weaning going? Are you doing BLW? It seems so such a long time ago when I started weaning.

jools if you're lurking, hope you're well and not working too hard.

neeko Love the text you sent today. Kisses to the girls from me.

baking I dont think I came back on to say yay for bakingprince. Has he started moving yet? Thats what I miss most about being pregnant, being able to feel the baby inside you.

Waves to iggy pfj mrskate gracie and our other emmsys

Even though I'm only working 4 days a week, the week tires me out. I wake up at 6am, leave the house at 7.20am and dont get back home till around 5.30-6pm. And then weekends are always busy. My Mondays off (Sabs and Saara day) are coming to an end in April sad, but we've been making the most of our days together by doing as many activities as we can and having lots of fun smile

I hope no-one minds if I gush about S a bit, but she brings me so much joy and amazes me every day with something new. She loves nursery rhymes and can do the actions to Head Shoulders, Twinkle, Incy Wincy et al. She says "miaow" whenever she sees a dog grin and says "oh no!" whenever the phone beeps/rings/makes a noise. I could go on and on about her, but I'll shut up now. As for ttc again, that is on hold for now, as I think I've said before, we want to buy a house this year and then maybe also go part-time at work. But as soon as we decide to ttc, you ladies will be the first to know, as I'm sure I'll need all the support again.

Finally, yes I turn 30 this year in April. And seriously, all you ladies are invited to my birthday dinner. For those whose details I have, I've sent you the information, and would love it if you all could come. Thanks to those who have responded already. DH has other things planned too for the weekend, can't wait!

Sweet dreams

SabsFabulous Mon 14-Feb-11 23:17:15

Oh and I know this is a while back, but thanks to everyone who posted advice on S sleeping with us in bed and drinking milk from a bottle.

With the sleeping, I am blush to say that she still comes into our bed in the night, but now instead of standing there crying, waiting for us to pick her up, she just now climbs out of the cot and slides straight into our bed! (the drop of the cot is down at night and positioned right next to the bed). So me and DH are hanging on to the each end of the bed while lil madam takes over the majority of the bed! But as soon as we move out, she'll be in her own room. When is the right age for sleeping in her own bed, does anyone know?

Thanks for the reassurance about S still using a bottle for milk. She doesnt drink it so hot like she used to. Another question is what do people give their toddlers to drink? All I give Saara is milk or water. Should I be giving her something else to drink too?

I'm like the buses today grin

loueytb3 Tue 15-Feb-11 09:49:08

Lovely new thread cupcake grin

Just popping on to say phone fixed (yay!). Scan is this afternoon, will get back on later to update you. Will not be finding out flavour unless we accidentally see something.

Must just give lovely monkey some big hugs as it sounds as though you could really do with some. Could it have been a spasm caused by the fluid? I know when I had my hsg they wwarned me I could get cramping. I'm sure its nothing to worry about and its really good that they didn't seen anything untoward on the scan.

Back later x

4everhopeful Tue 15-Feb-11 12:16:34

Well done cupcake on lovely shiny new thread! Always feel full of hope in spring, new beginnings and all that! Must be something to do with a spring birthday too, my 36th is in 2 weeks! eek! confused

Must just say good luck Louey for todays scan, not that you need it Im sure, it will be lovely for you to see your lil baby, not so little anymore, its amazing how big they are by this stage, all wriggling around and waving! <melt>

Also good luck Barbie for tomorrows test, really feel for you, notnice at all, bet you're weebling lots, have totally lost track if DH is away or your mums there but I hope you get lots of tlc afterwards..

Lastly not leastly, a HUGE hug to Monkey, you poor love, I totally felt your angst, but as others have said, hold onto the positives, it all looked good otherwise, didnt it? Im very funny about even having a smear, i hate things like that and being tense can cause spasms and pain, everyones different, remember your bodies had quite enough trauma so some pain could be quite normal... I remember having an explarotory scan when ttc Summer and being told I was about to ovulate think it was Neeko who said I might of just seen my baby, and i did, that was the month we finally concieved! grin So what im saying is hold onto hope, you sounded so positive and upbeat in your previous post and it was lovely to hear...

4everhopeful Tue 15-Feb-11 12:47:03

Right, had to post that cos laptop acting funny, sorry not enough time to post to everyone but just wanted to say thanks so much for all the thoughts for yesterdays apt, its just a simple blood test for DH and I, but we wont find out til next week if we are still covered and need more treatment, so fingers crossed we are! We made a real day of it being valentines n all and was just amazing taking Summer with us after all those visits there full of desperation and hope! Sadly our lovely consultant wasnt there cos I wanted to express our deep thanks and show Summer off and give him a hug! grin Afterwards, we got a bacon roll and coffee and went for a lovely long walk round Regents park, we have done that evey visit previously, but as I said, whilst in limbo land of desperation to become parents, so having Summer with us made it sooo special grin it was a beautiful sunny day too! Finished it off with a yummy late lunch in pizza express before we drove home through the heart of London, a very romantic day!

So, we are all set now to think seriously about ttc again shock I actually had a smear the other day, it was clear, which was a relief as I had bad cells removed a few years back so always worry. Also went to my GPs well woman clinic for 1st check since prolapse diagnosed, id had head in sand about that, so was relieved to be told that actually prolapse is very mild, and very common after forceps and episiotomy as the muscles been cut, mine is just a tiny buldge at entrance/bottom of my fanjo (tmi, sorry! blush) but apparently the rest of my fanjo has'nt been damaged at all, is completely normal, and the tone and pelvic floor is very good! Phew! Was such a relief to be told that as had been seretly worrying! They said future births totally unaffected and basically not to worry! So, despite not being on contraception and an incy bit excited each month blush there were all these other issues I did need to deal with first! However, now my AF has gone awry! confused On friday im 2wks late, Im not preg as have done 4 bfnsconfused my cycle has been more like 34 days, Im thinking its due to still b'f'ing and Summer being a guzzle guts for it, I am gonna try and stop soon but i love the way she loves it iyswim?! hmm

Anyway written far more than intended as Summer now napping, but this week crazy, sis down tomorrow at mums for a few days so have to catch up with her, DH on lates, and its his birthday on Friday! grin I will endevour to get back on to do a proper post to each of you my lovelies, and as always will lurk from my phone for updates about you all! Love ya lots x x x x x

VJay Tue 15-Feb-11 18:32:54

Lovely new 'spring is on it's way' thread, thankyou cupcake smile

Firstly monkey another hug for you, hope you are feeling better and a little more positive today smile

sabs I've still not got Ajays MMR done, his nut allergy has thrown us all off course, in fact your message just reminded me about it smile. I wish I lived closer, I would love to come to your party grin, I think we should have one on here too grin Also gusg away about lil Saara, she is ace grin

blue the photos sound lovely, will I have to join fb to see them? I've had a couple of photo sessions done like that now, all relaxed, music playing, and as I hate having my photo taken at the best of times, they worked out quite well smile

4ever I was hoping to hear your results today, well I will wait here with you sipping wine and planting the tomatoes smile

mls and neeko how are you both? Is it having 2 dd's that keep you both soooooo busy? smile

qa loving the new name, I wish I could change mine so I didn't remind myself, and everyone else, of a sparkly shiny fanjo blush

Big waves to everyone, I'm going to settle myself down in the corner here next to the watering can filled with wine

VJay Tue 15-Feb-11 18:34:07

What is gusg I meant gush, hic, see it's the wine

loueytb3 Tue 15-Feb-11 21:12:11

Sorry for the delay in posting - had stacks of work to do once we got home. Scan went well, bit of a hairy moment when the sonographer took ages to check the heart and we both thought there was a problem but she just couldn't see one of the vessels properly. Very weird to see the baby kicking and feel it at the same time! And we resisted finding out the flavour and no clues at all from the scan so you can start guessing now grin

Right, I'm going to catch up properly and do a nice long post smile

loueytb3 Tue 15-Feb-11 21:52:39

vjay are you enjoying the wine grin I know what you mean about Ajays allergy throwing you off balance - took me ages to get DTs MMR booster done. So many other appointments with Isaac that it was just too much to organise.

4ever have my fx that you get good results from your bloods next week. Very good news about your smear and that your fanjo is all ok for No 2 grin Can I have a little eeeek of excitement that you are ttc again wink Your day out sounded blissful - it was a really lovely day yesterday wasn't it.

sabs love the idea of Saara pushing you and DH out of bed grin. We are now getting 4 in a bed some mornings and its nice but not very restful! I don't think there is a set age for moving to beds - we left it very late because we knew with 2 of them in the same room they would just run riot. I know friends with better behaved little girls moved them at 18 months which isn't far off Saara's age. When are you moving out? Re drinks - if all she wants is milk or water I wouldn't try her with anything else. That is all that Isaac drinks. Luke refused to drink water and was getting dehydrated and we gave in in the end and gave him juice. Lovely to hear Saara is doing all the actions - its so sweet <melt>

blue am envy at your photo shoot. I bet you get some gorgeous shots of you all. Even with Ben trying to do a disappearing act.

monkey how are you feeling today - hope things seem a bit brighter and you haven't had any more pain. I'm so glad you have a lovely holiday planned, think its just what you need. A bit of sun, sea and R&R. Have a wonderful time.

lbm love the lego cake - I'm in awe of anyone who can make creative stuff like that cos I'm useless. DTs are probably always going to have a shop-made one blush (which reminds me, I need to sort theirs out soon) It sounds as though DS had a fantastic pparty too - loved all the lego-themed games.

QA fab new name for a new round of TTC grin Bless your DS giving you valentines cuddles and lucky you getting lovely pressies from your DH too. <jealous emoticon>

cupcake Jude is clearly quite a ladies man grin. I hope you have a good weekend away - you will probably find that Jude sleeps through the 3-month old waking up. Tis amazing what babies can sleep through. I haven't seen the OBEM forceps episode yet but I did read part of that thread. Eek.

moon I don't think I've properly posted to say how glad I am you had a lovely sympathetic GP and you now have a PLAN.

mermaid well done to your superfast DS. You must be a very proud mum.

Last but by no means least barbie lots and lots of luck for tomorrow - hope operation clean out is going ok and we will be there for hand-holding and support. Coming back to your AIBU to fake tan my bum (um yes) - I've been reading a hilarious old thread about tending to ladygardens before giving birth. I literally wet myself and then vowed to make sure that mine was well in hand and not leave it til the last minute...

No news on meetings re Isaac - will hopefully hear something tomorrow or if not, Thursday. My long complaint to speech therapy got me absolutely nowhere. They sent a letter back last week apologising but basically giving us nothing extra. It was just a arse-covering exercise. So am a bit angry about that but ultimately if he gets into the school he wants he will get it on site and we won't have to deal with the useless people at the hospital. Thank god we have a good private speech therapist.

loueytb3 Tue 15-Feb-11 21:53:40

Forgot to say that I'm going out with my little sis tomorrow night - she's got her follow-up appt at the IVF clinic tomorrow so will find out what they want to do next.

CurlyLikesShortShorts Tue 15-Feb-11 22:43:12

Hey all. Just a really quick one from me to wish the lovely barbie luck tomorrow and check in on monkey and 4evers appointments yesterday. I'm so glad that you got to do that walk in regents park with your gorgeous girl 4ever Massive hugs to monkey you poor love, try not to get too worried. I had so many horrible internal scans after my MCs and most were totally fine - just uncomfortable. One was so painful, and I was sore for ages after. There must be nerves there that they can scrape and it depends on the skill of the person maybe Anyway you have done so well to get through this and this is the start of getting you up the duff. Onwards and upwards to the next stage lovely xxx

Here's my hand for barbie tomorrow. I'll try and lurk on my phone at work. I am back this week. I'm missing my baby girl during the day but she gets the most massive hugs from me every evening

Hope your news arrives soon louey

Sorry for the lack of personals but I'm totally wrecked so I'm off to bed. Back soon to catch up properly with all of you lovely ladies xxx

monkeybumsmum Wed 16-Feb-11 05:58:24

Thanks girls, you are wonderful {smile]

Barbie huge amounts of good luck for today, I will be thinking of you...

Will be back later xxx

Neeko Wed 16-Feb-11 10:12:22

Hello. Very sorry that I've not been back to my posting best as promised. Struggling a bit to cope with all my jobs at the moment but wanted to mark my place on thread, apologise for not being there for those who need the emotional support right now (feel really bad about that as you've all been there for me) and say hi to everyone else.

Maybe next week things will be less manichmm Take care all.

QuestionableAntics Wed 16-Feb-11 10:20:46

lbm nw crop of BFP's sounds like just what we need.

blue glad the photo shoot went well even if B didn't make it the easiest!

sabs Yay to losing 1 stone and Lol to lovely lingerie not staying on long grin Gush away about S, she sounds so sweet and it's great you are enjoying your day together and making the most of it while it lasts smile With the milk and water, I would stick to that. It was long time before Ds even tasted juice, it is so much better for them if you can get away with just milk or water.

4ever What a lovely day you made out of going tot he hospital, shame you have to wait but hopefully the news will be worth it. Your post reminded me I should get my smear done actually, well done you for getting everything in order for TTC and good news about the prolapse not affecting any future births and not being as serious as you had worried smile Does this mean you need to be on the saggy pants bench and the small pants bench too? grin

Vjay bad sign when you are hiding your wine in the watering can wink It's no wonder that you haven't got Ajay MMR's sorted, you have had enough worry on with his nut allergy. Have you got a date yet to see the allergy specialist?

louey Fantastic news about the scan smile smile What a relief. You can get on with enjoying the rest of your pregnancy now smile Grr and wave of fist to speech therapy dept. But as you say if your Ds gets a place in the unit attached to school, you should have much better access and support from then on. Fingers still crossed for good news from the panel.

curly Is this your 1st week back after mat leave? If so it's no wonder you are worn out. Hope it's going ok and you got a good nights sleep smile

monkey Hope you're feeling a bit more settled after Monday, been thinking of you x

barbie Hope today goes well as well for you as it can. Will lurk later to see how you got on.

Need to do some ironing, I hate ironing with a vengeance so am putting it off by being on here grin The 2ww is going sooooo slow this time.

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