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When does a pregnancy test work?

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judetheobscure Fri 05-Sep-03 20:47:24

Asking for a friend here - what is the earliest you can do a pregnancy test - does it have to be after the date the next period is due or can you do them before?

twiglett Fri 05-Sep-03 20:49:41

message withdrawn

bunny2 Fri 05-Sep-03 22:00:34

Generally I think from 12 days after conception ie several days before a period is due. I got negs at that point and waited till my period was a couple of days late before getting a positive. I think First Response is good for early testing.

prufrock Fri 05-Sep-03 22:28:16

First response says it works up to three days before period s due. And it did for me.

judetheobscure Fri 05-Sep-03 23:18:00

Thanks for the replies everyone. I'll tell her to try First Response then.

BeckiF Mon 08-Sep-03 15:47:38

Both of my gynae docs told me that Predictor can give a false positive, and they all suggest Clearblue. I've also been told that Boots own brand is very good too.

madgirl Wed 10-Sep-03 20:50:28

twiglett you get everywhere!!

twiglett Wed 10-Sep-03 21:24:15

message withdrawn

wiltshire Thu 11-Sep-03 09:43:32

I used a pg test called early bird from boots. I was only 3 weeks from conception and it was positive. Sadly I also bought clear blue and boots own make about 5 minutes after I done the test to double check but didn't get a reading of either of them so had to go back and get another early bird one to make sure I hadn't lost the plot. spent 40 quid in the end. Silly woman that I am

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