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Competitive POAS

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onadietcokebreak Fri 14-Jan-11 11:10:26

Just felt compelled to test after reading GOMLs poas thread- 3 days earlier than "allowed"!

And now my punishment is two unclear results.

Serves me right I suppose- Internet cheapies and I don't really get along.

So I have a line on both near the x of max. What does this mean?

Where should a positive appear on these strips?

KnackeredCow Fri 14-Jan-11 11:26:21

grin I was lurking on the GOML's thread last night too.

Actually I wanted to go and POAS, but I hadn't quite ovulated, so a +ve would have been a bit of a shcok! Maybe I should have POA ovulation S so I didn't feel left out?

Haven't used the strips myself, so don't know. I always use the internet cheapy mid-stream sticks, which have a T and a C for test and control end.

Sorry, am being very unhelpful so will go away and hopefully someone can come along and tell you what your result means.

Japers Fri 14-Jan-11 11:58:36

If you've only got one line then the test is either negative or invalid. Two lines mean mean +ve. Sorry. I've been POAS for two days consecutively and only getting one line but still no AF so am assuming it's too early to tell or my period will arrive in a couple of days.

Trying really hard not to go and POAS today as well because it'll be a waste but am sorely tempted!! Not working today either so have little (except housework) to occupy my mind.

onadietcokebreak Fri 14-Jan-11 13:08:23

Sorry meant got two lines.

the control one and then the other by the x where there is a bump on the stick IYKWIM

Japers Fri 14-Jan-11 14:21:46

I'm going upstairs to the bathroom to have a look on the tests to see what you mean.

Japers Fri 14-Jan-11 14:41:00

I've looked and I see where you mean, there's an absorbent bit that you stink in the pee and where that ends you get a darker bit? I don't think any colour there means a +ve, it's not within the control window. Sorry sad

Three days early is pretty early though. Leave it until Saturday or Sunday and test again.

onadietcokebreak Fri 14-Jan-11 14:53:49

Thanks Japers. Its too early to test really anyway!

Will wait til Friday and retest as then its likely to be more conclusive!

onadietcokebreak Sun 16-Jan-11 20:23:47

"Will wait til Friday and retest as then its likely to be more conclusive!"

Bollocks I will.....Ive just tested and of course my eyes have done the "ooh theres a tiny faint line" to which my DP (whose eyesight is poor at the best of time) said nothing there except a faint line.

Got all excited...he could see it he meant the bold strong control line.

<note in diary to book him into specsavers!>

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