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Mucus / Egg-White

(15 Posts)
twiglett Tue 02-Sep-03 13:59:29

message withdrawn

quackers Tue 02-Sep-03 14:02:17

Twiggy, you never cease to amaze me! My Doc just told me I was obsessed but you;re just as bad as me!! Worth a thought though! I'll have a look and see if I can find it!!!

twiglett Tue 02-Sep-03 14:02:49

message withdrawn

twiglett Tue 02-Sep-03 14:04:09

message withdrawn

twiglett Tue 02-Sep-03 14:06:08

message withdrawn

quackers Tue 02-Sep-03 16:08:40

Oh Twigs, link didn't work, I'll try it anyway!! You make me laugh!! Your're great!

quackers Tue 02-Sep-03 16:11:25

I looked!! Wow, maybe worth a try!

twiglett Tue 02-Sep-03 21:13:36

message withdrawn

quackers Tue 02-Sep-03 21:23:03

God knows Twigs, I always have loads of trouble doing them myself, surprised actually!!! hey hey!!

twiglett Tue 02-Sep-03 21:26:15

message withdrawn

bunny2 Tue 02-Sep-03 22:24:56

Oh my God, thought I knew it all. . Pls let me know if you try it. You can use the yolks on your hair - excellent for conditioning.

quackers Wed 03-Sep-03 08:48:11

Don;t know yet as I've not had trouble yet in that area. I have conceived ok so far, it's just keeping them!!! Will u???

twiglett Wed 03-Sep-03 11:00:39

message withdrawn

twiglett Wed 03-Sep-03 11:01:40

message withdrawn

bunny2 Wed 03-Sep-03 20:36:38

Honestly, it really works. I discoved it when a boy I fancied at school cracked half a dozen eggs over my head before running away with his mates laughing. He must've liked me too then.

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